53 boys enjoyed hunting with Operation Orphans, Inc. December 5th and harvested 70 animals. Animals taken during the hunt were 49 whitetail does, 5 spikes, 11 bucks, 3 feral hogs, 1 axis and 1 sika. Homes bringing boys to hunt were Sweeten Home, Brownwood; Gulf Coast Trade Center, New Waverly; Cox Foster Home, Orange; West Texas Boys Ranch, San Angelo; Ramirez Foster Home, Converse; Acuna Foster Home, La Porte; Araujo Foster Home, Elmendorf; Methodist Boys Ranch, Waco; and Lawrence Foster Home, Beaumont. The boys and their guides spent the day on 14 area ranches. Ranches hosting the hunting groups were Bar 7 Ranch, Gillespie county; Brady Lake, McCulloch; Burkhalter Ranch, Mason; Craft Alaca, Blanco; Crooked E Ranch, Blanco; Fallen Oaks, Mason; Indian Springs Ranch, Kerr; IX Ranch, Mason; Karl Ransleben, Gillespie; Lov Kuykendall, San Saba; Northcutt Ranch, Mason; Pfueffer Land Ltd., Schleicher; Smith Ranch, Mason; and Stone Throw Ranch, Mason.

The final hunt of the Operation Orphans, Inc. 2015-16 season will take place January 9, 2016. During the 3 hunts held earlier this season, 29 girls and 100 boys harvested 177 animals. In the 56 years of the program, 18,250 youngsters have participated.
Individuals who prepared the sack lunches during the hunts were Mary Lisa Stulty, Barbara Collard, June Durst, Erin Lehmberg, Sherry Lehmberg, Della Osbourn, Bentley Whinham, and Christy and Lex Lehmberg. Mason Bottling Company supplied soft drinks for the lunches.
Individuals who desire additional information about the Operation Orphans, Inc. hunting and fishing programs should refer to the website: operationorphans.org or contact camp supervisors, Jerry or Lyla Crouch, phone: 325.347.6745. Operation Orphans, Inc. accepts gently used camouflage clothing and boots, warm gloves and toboggans.