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Letters to the Editor: A Public Forum
An Allegory?
Wednesday, April 24, 2013 • Posted April 24, 2013

Letter to the Editor

The story of the Kingdom of Mason continues….

While the citizens enjoy a safe environment due to continued efforts of the underfunded Sheriff and his small band of merry men (and women), greater taxes are brought in to the King’s counting house. However, those are distributed to see the Royal Knights of the Air Current can continue to hang banners proclaiming the next jousting match or baking event and cut down trees to make sure the banners can be seen. It is fair to say the RKAC have the highest reaching battering rams in the realm which serves them well to perform this feat. Add the Royal Knights of the Earth who continue to search the realm for any potholes that could render transport useless. Funds from our citizens also contribute greatly to the Royal Knights of the Water who make sure each citizen can drink pure, radiated water from his/her public well. When not doing this, the RKW provide direct support to the King of Mason by helping him construct his future Hall of Antiquity for all Masonites to see, and be a part of (for a small nominal fee). It does my heart good when, on a spring afternoon, I see the Royal Knights of the Water in their shiny armor arrive at the yet constructed Hall on their shiny mounts and, as a well oiled team, help our King transfer materials into the Hall for something that will truly show what Mason was, is, and will be about. When I realize that our citizens have paid to have this done I am further elated. When I also realize how many local businesses have graciously given up their talents to do this work and let the Royal Knights of the Water do what they seem to do best (teamwork) I am at a loss for words. We are truly a Kingdom of wonders

As good as I feel, however, when I have walked up and down the sidewalk of Mason Square over these past years, I have grave concern about subjects who have tripped, stumbled, slipped, fallen, and almost been killed trying to navigate the stairs from the street to that sidewalk. I am concerned about the old Court Counselor I see who works so hard to get from the street to the sidewalk on a single step that has not been changed since he was a small boy. I am concerned about visitors from other kingdoms who try to navigate on unfamiliar territory better designed as a rock quarry.

I do know that each month the Court Jesters and the King meet to make things right in the kingdom. I find out now they are very busy with more pressing issues. For example The wife of one of the jesters wants to behead the Royal Animal Catcher because she accidentally caused the premature death of one of her favorite pets. Given the gravity of that issue I understand why they would have to ignore, at least for the moment, something as trivial as the safety of our Royal Subjects.

I must add, on a good note however, that word comes to me our King had just stated at the last Kingdom of Mason Historical Commission Meeting, there was a plan afoot (note the pun here) to correct this horrible issue, at least on the North side of our square where it is worse and of course the King has his Hall of Antiquity. My heart is once again lifted as I remember many years ago when I was the Royal Water Meter Reader I asked the King the same question. I was informed by him there was “a plan afoot” to correct this starting on the North Side of the square.

This news means to me his resolve continues to remain steadfast and will hopefully last throughout this, and many more, of his reelections to the throne. Maybe he will put up portraits in our Hall of Antiquity showing before and after portraits of our sidewalks. Of course that means the Court Jesters and He will have to appoint a Royal Court Artist or, since the Royal Sorceress as not been casting many spells lately, maybe she would consider multi-skilling. After all, I hear she can paint quite a picture. Mason, you gotta love it.

John JC Copeland

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