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All I Lack Is a Spinning Propeller Beanie Cap!
Wednesday, January 28, 2009 • Posted January 28, 2009

Let's ignore the fact that I worked marketing software for years. Ignore, also, the years I spent with my own technology company. Strip all that away, and the sad picture that remains is that I'm a big old nerd.

In Sunday school two weeks ago, we learned that we were short several of the study Bibles we were using because response to the class had been so good. Several people remarked that they had checked on, and that the version we wanted was out of print and unavailable. I offered to do some nerdy sleuthing and see what I could find.

This Sunday, there were the five copies of the aforementioned study Bible, at the low rate we had hoped for, from a small warehouse operation dealing with religious texts. The nerd prevailed!

This last weekend, Leslie showed me her new Blackberry Storm, a phone that I've been drooling over; but, can not have yet since it is only supported on the Verizon wireless network. But, Leslie needed Uncle Nerd to show her some of the features. We didn't get nearly as far as we would have liked; but, chalk that up to Verizon network problems that prevented working on some of the features.

If there's a gadget, I've got to at least try it. Oddly enough, I've never been much for Ipods or MP3 music players. I love having all my music; but, just never quite got into walking around with headphones all day. Though, I've got to admit, I do think that the Iphone is pretty darn neat, and have enjoyed watching previous technophobes becoming enamored of their little rectangular gizmos!

When friends or family purchase something new, rather than reading the manuals, they usually just end up calling me and asking if I'll show them how it works. All well and good, but I often don't have the device myself and have to quickly learn it so that I can become an instructor.

Of course, sometimes I have to get in my own digs when someone asks my help. A friend had gotten a new Ipod from his family. He asked if I would load it up with music. I gave him plenty of the songs I knew he would like; but, snuck in some classical, and the soundtrack to Brokeback Mountain just to confuse his world.

I have three different GPS devices, a personal digital assistant, a Blackberry smartphone, an XM radio with MP3 player, and a digital camera that kicks! I have more software than most people would ever want (and I actually use most of it), and I can rebuild a PC using spare parts from old machines that have been abandoned for newer models.

In the big scheme of things, these are not stellar skills. They are the nerdy things that make it easier for me to do my job, and make it easier for my friends and family to keep their lives organized. I know plenty of folks that know more than I do, and I call on them quickly when I go beyond my own skill sets.

But, as a personal hobby, being a nerd is pretty darn fun. I get to be geeky and dorky, and no one cares because they benefit from the knowledge I possess.

And now, if I could just figure out how to make my phone complete a call, I'd have it made!

It’s all just my opinion, but it’s what I wish would happen.

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