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Grumpy Old Me!
Wednesday, September 4, 2013 • Posted September 5, 2013

Is terminal grumpiness one of the symptoms of getting older? I used to laugh at the old men sitting around at the Katemcy Store and Post Office, esepecially when I would hear them complaining and carping about everything.

Not every old person I have known in my life was grumpy, so much like arthritis or high blood pressure, I can only assume that grumpiness is something that affects the few, not the many. Sadly, it would seem that I may be one of those so afflicted.

Now, in order to guage my grumpiness, my general disposition would need to be measured. However, it's imperative that my temprament on Tuesdays not be included in this examination, as that is press day and I can't remember a Tuesday when I wasn't grumpy or irritable. That is simply a condition of the job, going back through all the editors who have preceded me in this chair over the years.

Monday's can only be included for part of the time. If it's one of my Mondays that include both County and City meetings, my mood goes south quickly. If it's a Monday with only the School Board, I'm on a bit more of an even keel, and if it's the first or fifth Monday of the month with absolutely no meetings, then I'm just downright chipper!

Wednesdays are good, depending upon when you catch me. I usually get to the office between 5:30 and 6:00 in the morning. By the time people really start parading in and out to get their papers, I'm usually still working on Post Office paperwork; but, in a good mood about having finished another week. Unless, of course, something happened overnight at the press and the paper doesn't arrive until after 9:00 a.m...... you really don't want to be around on those days.

Thursdays and Fridays are good days. I have time to run mailing labels for the upcoming weeks, get all the billing and subscription tasks completed, and work on articles for upcoming papers. Unfortunately, most folks think of these two days as the time when I'm not actually doing anything and that's when they bring some of the most involved issues by for me to take a look at for them. By the time the third or fourth person has brought by their camera for picture downloads, I might start to get a bit testy!

Saturdays and Sundays.... well, they are what they are. If I'm grumpy on Saturday, it usually means we played out of town the night before and I didn't get home until late... or I sat with the hunters a bit later than I should have the night before. Sundays are always an up day. I attend the early service at FUMC at 8:30, then to the Sunday school class I teach, and then a day to myself to do.... well, whatever.

The grumpiness seems to creep in when I've not had enough sleep. Or, sometimes, if I've slept far too much, I have the same reaction. If my allergies are acting up, I might seem grumpy; but, it is usually just a case of me being unable to hear you very well and not wanting to keep asking you to repeat yourself.

If it's raining, you can probably be quite sure there will be no grumpiness. I've found that, after the last few years of drought, any amount of rainfall can life my spirits. Far from being depressed by a gray and overcast sky, I am absolutely ebullient! I'm not the only one in the county that has that reaction, and good cheer seems to be contagious.

Maybe the grumpiness is just a lack of patience, which I've always had, becoming more pronounced over the years. I don't like waiting, I don't like being late, I don't like getting stuck behind someone who takes too long in the line ahead of me... As time flies by even faster for me these days, I value it even more and find little solace in wasting it.

My final conclusion? I'm not really any grumpier than I've ever been. What I do see is that I no longer feel quite so obligated to pretend that I'm not grumpy.

Age has its privleges.

It’s all just my opinion.

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