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2014 Mason County Jr. Livestock Show Exhibitors
Wednesday, January 1, 2014 • Posted December 31, 2013

The 2014 Livestock show is on January 10 & 11, 2014. The show will begin on Friday, January 10th, at 3:00 p.m. Market Goats, Angora and market hogs will be shown on Friday. On Saturday, January 11th, the show begins at 9:00 a.m. with the market lamb show followed by heifers and market steers at 12:00 noon. The concession stand will be open for supper on Friday and for breakfast and lunch on Saturday. There will be a community bbq at 5:00 p.m. Saturday afternoon, followed at 6:30 with the premium sale. We have approximately 100 exhibitors this year.

Jay Ahlschwede - 4H: Cattle

Kirsten Allen - 4H: Sheep

John Benefield - 4H: Meat Goats

Frankie Bolley III - 4H: Meat Goats

Tara Bolley - 4H: Meat Goats

Fisher Bradley - 4H: Meat Goats

Hunter Bradley - 4H: Meat Goats

Quaid Brandenberger - 4H: Swine

Avery Brooks - 4H: Sheep, Meat Goats, Swine

Grace Chapman - Jr. FFA: Swine

Jackson Chapman - FFA: Swine

Linden Chapman - Jr. FFA: Swine

Brody Comey - Jr. FFA: Swine

Jake Comey - Jr. FFA: Swine

Shelby Comey - Jr. FFA: Swine

Alexandra Cope - 4H: Swine

Eliza Cope - 4H: Swine

Brayden Davis - 4H: Swine

Alyssa Del Toro - 4H: Swine

Sandy Duarte - 4H: Meat Goats

Reegan Evans - Jr. FFA: Swine

John Finn - Jr. FFA: Cattle

Mathew Finn - Jr. FFA: Cattle

Avery Gibbs - Jr. FFA: Swine

Cason Gibbs - 4H: Swine

Cooper Gibbs - 4H: Swine

Maci Gibbs - 4H: Swine

Miley Gibbs - 4H: Swine

Reagan Gibbs - FFA: Swine

Madison Gomez - 4H: Meat Goats

Raudell Gomez Jr. - 4H: Sheep

Vivianna Gomez - 4H: Sheep

Jacob Harris - FFA: Sheep

Mason Hatfield - 4H: Meat Goats

Larin Hoksbergen - 4H: Meat Goats

Ty Hoksbergen - 4H: Meat Goats

Walker Ince - 4H: Meat Goats

Will Ince - 4H: Meat Goats

Cheyenne Ivey - 4H: Swine

Karson Johnson - FFA: Swine

Keltan Jordan - 4H: Swine

Kinsley Jordan - 4H: Swine

Rylan Jordan - 4H: Swine

Kaden Kimbriel - 4H: Swine

Tad Kirby - Jr. FFA: Swine

Kalen Langehennig - 4H: Swine

Dakota Lee - FFA: Cattle

Dawson Lee - FFA: Cattle

Aspen Martin - 4H: Meat Goats, Swine

Dakota Martin - 4H: Swine

Lucas Martin - 4H: Sheep

Nicholas Martin - 4H/FFA: Swine

Sierra Martin - 4H: Sheep, Cattle

Emanuel Martinez - FFA: Sheep

Hugo Martinez - 4H: Meat Goats

Isis Martinez - 4H: Meat Goats

Sada Martinez - 4H: Meat Goats

Samuel Martinez - FFA: Sheep

Soyla Martinez - FFA: Sheep

Leaird McClellan - FFA: Swine

Emma McCrea - 4H: Swine

Emma Morris - 4H (Mixon): Meat Goats

Taryn Morris - 4H (Mixon): Meat Goats

Breanna Nail - 4H

Mickey Nail - 4H

Lauren Olson - 4H: Meat Goats

Baylee Owen - FFA: Sheep, Meat Goats

Rylee Owen - FFA: Sheep, Meat Goats

Makenna Palacio - 4H: Sheep

Raegan Palacio - 4H: Sheep

Riley Pape - 4H: Sheep

John Preston Parrish - 4H: Sheep

Alexandria Row - 4H: Cattle

Rayder Row - 4H: Cattle

Wyatt Row - 4H: Cattle

Price Ruffin - FFA: Sheep

Ryle Ruffin - Jr. FFA: Sheep

Camille Schmidt - 4H: Meat Goats

Carlton Schmidt - 4H: Meat Goats

Monaco Schmidt - 4H: Sheep, Meat Goats

T. Ranger Schmidt - 4H: Sheep, Meat Goats

Heather Shaw - 4H: Meat Goats, Heifers

Kirsten Shaw - 4H: Meat Goats, Heifers

Brily Sizemore - 4H: Meat Goats

Drake Sizemore - 4H: Meat Goats

Steeley Smith - 4H: Meat Goats

Sterling Smith - 4H: Meat Goats

Slone Stultz - 4H: Sheep

Stran Stultz - 4H: Sheep

Brooke Stockbridge - 4H: Sheep

Grant Stockbridge - FFA: Swine

Kenley Stockbridge - 4H: Sheep

Kameron Torres - 4H: Meat Goats

Nicholas Torres - 4H: Meat Goats

Andon Usener - Jr. FFA: Swine

Audie Usener - Jr. FFA: Swine

Madelyn Williams - Jr. FFA: Meat Goats, Cattle

Sarah Williams - FFA: Cattle

Jade Witt - 4H

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