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Sheriff's 9/11 Report
Wednesday, March 12, 2014 • Posted March 12, 2014

01/01/14@0107 - EMS –RR 386- EMS responded to a man with low blood sugar

01/01/14@0157 - Trespass – Sharla St.-Deputy Jones responded to a trespass complaint

01/01/14@0224 - Fireworks –Post Oak St.- Deputy Jones responded to a call on illegal fireworks

01/01/14@0227 -Possible Poacher– Hwy 377-Warden Hatfield responded

01/01/14@1336 - Reckless driver –Hwy 87 S Chief Deputy Herrington responded to a call regarding a reckless driver

01/02/14@0355 - Suspicious activity –Sabine St.- Deputy Jones responded

01/02/14@0909 - EMS –Mason Clinic- EMS responded to a call regarding a male with chest pains

01/02/14@1447 - Civil matter – Mason Law Enforcement Center (walk in) Sgt Zapata advised a woman about a civil matter

01/02/14@1623 - Vehicle Accident – Hwy 29 E- Trooper Griffith, Deputy Jones, Sgt Zapata, EMS, and the fire dept responded

01/02/14@1918 - Injured Deer- 87S (Near Loyal Valley) – Deputy Jones responded to a call regarding an injured deer

01/02/14@2102 - Suspicious activity –Mebus St.- Deputy Jones investigated gun shots heard in the neighborhood

01/02/14@2120 - Traffic hazard – Hwy 377 -Deputy Jones responded to a report of a towed trailer throwing sparks

01/02/14@2222 - EMS – Mesquite St -EMS responded for a female experiencing back and chest pain

01/03/14@0303 - Single Vehicle Roll Over– Hwy 71-Trooper Griffith, Deputy Jones, EMS, and Mason Fire Department and Air Evac responded

01/03/14@0816 - Funeral Escort – To Church of Christ and Gooch Cemetery- Sgt Zapata responded

01/03/14@1442 - Theft – Nu Way- Sgt Zapata investigated

01/04/14@0032 - Burglary of a Vehicle – Austin St.-Deputy Jones investigated the burglary of a vehicle on Austin St

01/04/14@0421 - EMS –N. Robin St-. EMS responded for female patient in cardiac arrest with CPR in progress-- transported to Heart of Texas Memorial Hospital in Brady

01/04/14@1054 - Animal Control– Ave F @ Centennial Springs Rd.-Sgt Zapata assisted City Animal Control Officer

01/04/14@1056 - Shots fired – Broad St.-Sgt Zapata investigated

01/04/14@1929 - EMS – Moody St.-EMS transported a baby experiencing seizures— to Hill Country Memorial Hospital in Fredericksburg

01/05/14@1348 - Vehicle unlock –Forsythia St- Sgt Zapata responded

01/05/14@1535 - Loose livestock – RR 386-Sgt Zapata put up a cow

01/05/14@1704 - 2 Vehicle Collision–Westmoreland- one vehicle flipped-- Trooper Griffith, Deputy Jones, EMS, and the Mason Fire Department responded- one transported to Hill Country Memorial Hospital in Fredericksburg

01/05/14@1855 - Loose livestock –RR 386 Deputy Jones put up a cow

01/06/14@1436 - Civil standby – Sharla St. Chief Deputy Herrington responded

01/06/14@1615 - Injured deer –Ft. McKavitt St.- Warden Hatfield took care of an injured deer

01/06/14@1656 - Loose livestock – RR 886 Deputy Jones put up a cow

01/06/14@2133 - Structure fire – Turkey Springs Rd. Deputy Jones, EMS, and the fire dept responded to a structure fire

01/06/14@2339 - Reckless driver – 87 S- Reckless driver reported- Deputy Jones responded

01/07/14@1056 - Suspicious person – Rainey St.-Sgt Zapata investigated

01/08/14@1823 - EMS – S. Live Oak St. for a female patient who had fallen

01/08/14@1838 - Vehicle unlock –W. Spring St.- Deputy Miller responded

01/09/14@1644 - Suspicious vehicle – Old Mill Creek Road- Deputy Miller responded

01/09/14@1942 - Animan Welfare- Mill Creek Rd-- Deputy Miller responded regarding a horse that was unable to reach water

01/09/14@2137 - EMS – Ambulance Barn- walk in patient with chest pain transported to Scott & White Llano-

01/10/14@0907 - Civil standby – Smith St.-Chief Deputy Herrington responded

01/10/14@1340 - EMS – N. Robin St.- female patient experiencing stoke or seizure transported to Scott &White Llano

01/10/14@1849 - EMS – Wilson Avenue- female patient experiencing bleeding after prior surgery- no transport

01/10/14@2203 - Noise complaint –Sharla St.- Deputy Jones responded

01/10/14@2154 - Gun Shots-Estes Lane- TPWL Game Warden Brown responded

01/11/14@1256 - Suspicious vehicle – RR 386- Chief Deputy Herrington responded

01/11/14@1350 - Gunshots – Fredonia- Chief Deputy Herrington investigated

01/11/14@1548 - Arrest – Taylor County Warrant- Trooper Griffith arrested a woman on warrants following a traffic stop

01/11/14@2104 - Assault – Ranck St.-Deputy Miller investigated

01/12/14@0011 - Motorcycle Evading Police –29 E- Deputy Miller stopped the culprit

01/12/14@1653 - EMS responded to Moody St.-for a female patient who felt light headed

01/12/14@1810 - Suspicious vehicle –Behrens School Rd.- Deputy Miller and TPWL Game Warden Hatfield responded

01/12/14@1929 - Vehicle unlock –Ranck St.- Deputy Miller responded

01/13/14@1111 - Animal Control–Broad St.-Chief Deputy Herrington assisted City Animal Control with a skunk

01/13/14@1559 - EMS-- E College St.- for a female patient with chest pains

01/14/14@0001 - EMS- RR386 for a man with low blood sugar

01/14/14@0135 - Vehicle unlock – Hawkins St- Deputy Miller responded

01/14/14@1151 - Civil dispute – San Antonio St.-Chief Deputy Herrington responded

01/14/14@2358 - Alarm – Westmoreland St. Business- Deputy Jones responded

01/15/14@0808 - Animal Control – Brazos St.-Sgt Zapata assisted City Animal Control with two chicken killing dogs

01/14/14 @1151- San Antonio St.- Chief Deputy Herrington advised on a civil matter

01/15/14@1302 - Blocked traffic – Ft. McKavitt St.- Sgt Zapata responded

01/15/14@1408 - Animal control – Brazos St.-Sgt Zapata followed up with City Animal Control on previous call

01/15/14@1441 - Animal control – Lehmberg St.- Sgt Zapata assisted City Animal Control

01/15/14@1359 - Vehicle Crash – Post Oak St.- Trooper Weaver, Deputy Jones, EMS, and the Mason Fire Dept responded

01/15/14@2349 -Disturbance – Bridge Street-Deputy Jones responded on a loud music call

01/16/14@0651 - Alarm – Carter St.-Sgt Zapata responded

01/16/14@0705 - Burglary – E College St- Sgt Zapata investigated

01/16/14@0837 - Theft – Sgt Zapata took a report

01/16/14@140 - Terroristic threat -Sgt Zapata took a report

01/16/14@1422 - EMS – West Spring St- for female fall victim- transported to Hill Country Memorial Hospital in Fredericksburg

01/16/14@1435 - Domestic Disturbance – Ft. McKavitt St.-Sgt Zapata responded

01/16/14@1919 - Suspicious activity –City Park- Deputy Jones investigated

01/16/14@1926 - EMS – W. Rainey St.-EMS for a male with high blood pressure- no transport

01/17/14@0005 - Suspicious Activity– Blue Bonnet St.-Deputy Jones investigated

01/17/14@0706 - Vandalism – Church St.- Sgt Zapata investigated

01/17/14@0947 - Gas drive off – Stripes- Trooper Eckert responded- payment recovered

01/17/14@1226 - EMS – Bluebonnet St-female patient experiencing seizure- transported to Hill Country Memorial Hospital in Fredericksburg

01/17/14@1417 - EMS – E. College St.- male patient with chest pains transported by Air Evac

01/17/14@2339 - Disturbance– E. Pontotoc St.-Deputy Jones and Deputy Miller responded – music turned down

01/18/14@0120 - Emergency message – Grossville Rd- TPWL Game Warden Eckert delivered the message

01/18/14@0145 - Animal control – Post Oak St.--Deputy Miller assisted animal control on a barking dog call

01/18/17 @ 0253- Animal Control Post Oak St.- Animal Control requested an officer assist on barking dog call

01/18/14@0602 - Welfare check –Mesquite St.- Sgt Zapata responded

01/18/14@2141 - EMS –Balsam St.- for a child having a seizure- no transport

01/18/14@2354 - Vehicle/Deer Collision– 29 W- Deputy Jones and EMS responded

01/19/14@0138 - Disturbance – Sharla St- Deputy Jones responded

01/19/14@0352 - Alarm – Lowes-Deputy Jones responded

01/19/14@0633 - Injured deer – 29 E-Sgt Zapata took care of an injured deer

01/19/14@1114 - Vandalism – Avenue F- Sgt Zapata investigated

01/19/14@1130 - EMS – for a fall victim at Lowes- transported to Hill Country memorial Hospital

01/19/14@1501 - Harassment – Avenue F- Sgt Zapata investigated

01/19/14@1750 - Animal Control- Balsam St. – Deputy Jones assisted City Animal Control by taking care of a deer injured

01/19/14@2043 - Harassment – Ft. McKavitt St.-Deputy Jones took information about prank calls

01/20/14@0001 - Prowler –Martin St. Deputy Jones responded to an unfounded prowler call

01/20/14@0212 - Prowler –Martin St.- Deputy Jones responded to an unfounded prowler

01/20/14@0600 - EMS – Martin St. for a female experiencing mental confusion- transported

01/20/14@0850 - Injured deer – Hwy 29 E- TPWL Game Warden Hatfield took care of an injured deer

01/20/14@1050 - Animal Control – Old Mill Creek Rd.-Chief Deputy Herrington assisted City Animal Control with a skunk behaving strangely

01/20/14@1137 - Aircraft crash - Chief Deputy Herrington, EMS, and the fire dept responded to an aircraft crash at the airport- no transport

01/20/14@1645 - Harassment – Church St.-Deputy Jones took a complaint

01/20/14@2142 - Alarm – Avenue A- Deputy Jones responded

01/20/14@2319 - Prowler – Merrill St.-Deputy Jones investigated

01/21/14@0641 - Vehicle accident– Short Stop-Sgt Zapata responded

01/21/14@0809 - One Vehicle Accident – Hwy 71 &386- Sheriff Nixon, Chief Deputy Herrington, Deputy Jones, Trooper Griffith, EMS, and the Mason Fire Dept. responded for an accident involving an overturned propane truck

01/21/14@1014 - Theft –Short Stop- Deputy Miller investigated

01/21/14@1408 - Disturbance – Ft. McKavitt St.-Sheriff Nixon took care of the responsible party

01/22/14@0952 Reckless driver-Hwy 87 S- Sgt. Zapata responded

01/22/14 @1250-Welfare concern- Post Office- Child left unattended in vehicle- Sgt. Zapata responded

01/23/14 @0750-Fire- Hwy 87S- Mason Fire Dept. Responded

01/23/14 @0932 Animal Control-Pontotoc St.- Chief Deputy Herrington assisted City Animal Control Officer—details unavailable

01/23/14 @0854- Lifeline Alert- Mesquite St.- Chief Deputy Herrington responded with EMS- one male patient transported to Hill Country Memorial Hospital in Fredericksburg

01/23/14 @1607- 2 Vehicle Collision- Live Oak St.- Red pickup fled the scene- Chief Deputy Herrington responded

01/23/14 @1655- Car/Tractor Trailer Crash- San Antonio St.- Tooper Griffith, Deputy Miller, EMS and Mason Fire Department responded- one patient transported to Heart of Texas Hospital in Brady

01/23/14 @1703 – Vehicle Crash- Hwy 87 S- Possible car crash between Mason and Gillespie Counties-Chief Deputy Herrington and Gillespie County responded

01/23/14@1921 - Vehicle Crash- Hwy 87 S- report of car off the roadway—Gillespie County jurisdiction

01/23/14@2018- Motorist assist-Hwy 87 N- Deputy Miller helped a motorist change a tire

01/23/14 @2028-Traffic Hazard- Hwy 87 S- Tractor Trailer sideways in the roadway- in Gillespie County jurisdiction—Gillespie county responded

01/24/14 @2356- Single Vehicle Accident- Hwy 87 S- Deputy Miller responded

01/24/14 @2150-Traffic Hazard- Hwy 87 S- Deputy Miller cleared debris from the roadway

01/25/14 @0830-Funeral escort- Chief Deputy Herrington escorted procession to Crosby Cemetery

01/25/14 @1123-Vehicle Unlock-Wren St.- Chief Deputy Herrington responded

01/25/14 @1522-Vehicle Unlock-Grossville School Rd.- Chief Deputy Herrington responded

01/25/14@2257 - One Vehicle roll over with two occupants – Hwy 29 E-Trooper Griffith, Trooper Eckert, Deputy Miller, Deputy Jones, Mason EMS, and Fire Dept. responded

01/26/14@0655 - Loose livestock – Hwy 377-Chief Deputy Herrington put up horses

01/26/14@0701 - DOA –Coolidge St.-- Chief Deputy Herrington investigated the discovery of a deceased male discovered outdoors

01/26/14@0727 - Mental subject – Martin St.-Sgt Zapata and EMS responded to a mental subject

01/26/14@0837 - Welfare concern –Brazos St.-Sgt Zapata responded to a welfare concern

01/26/14@0903 - EMS – Brazos St.- One male with breathing difficulty on

01/26/14@0937 - EMS – Coolidge St.- One female who collapsed

01/26/14@1923 - Reckless driver – Hwy 377- Deputy Miller responded

01/26/14@1955 - EMS – Ft. McKavitt St.- One female transported

01/26/14@2234 - Suspicious Activity– RR 1871-Deputy Miller responded

01/27/14@0847 - Stranded motorist – Hwy 29 E- Chief Deputy Herrington responded

01/27/14@1415 - Fire – Howard St.-The Mason Fire Department fire responded

01/27/14@1431 - Suspicious vehicle – Mason High School-Chief Deputy Herrington investigated

01/28/14@0223 - Alarm –Verizon Building- Deputy Miller responded

01/28/14@0951 - EMS –Old Mill Creek Rd- One female with back pain transported to Hill Country Memorial Hospital, Fredericksburg

01/28/14@1207 - Alarm – Sgt Zapata responded to an alarm at the Verizon building

01/28/14@1547 - Suspicious Person- E. Rainey St.-Chief Deputy Herrington responded

01/28/14@1650 - Shots fired –RR386 Deputy Jones responded

01/29/14 @0953-Animal Control Call- Brazos St.- Sgt. Zapata responded to a call from City Animal Control for assistance- issued citations

01/29/14 @1046- EMS-Gooch St.- for a 3 year old female having difficulty breathing- transported to Llano Scott & White

01/29/14 @2121- Unknown location- Deputy Jones responded to a call from Kimble County Law Enforcement—seeking a fleeing felon with a 10 year old boy- suspect reported armed and dangerous

01/29/14 @2222- Welfare Check- Mason Square Apartments- Deputy Jones attempted

to locate a reportedly suicidal male

1/30/14 @0735- Animal Control- Sgt Zapata responded for a deer caught in a fence

01/30/14 @1400-Road Hazard- Hwy 377- Sgt. Zapata responded for round bales blocking the roadway

01/30/14 @1350-Criminal trespass- Bridge St.- Sgt. Zapata responded

01/30/14 @1501- EMS-Balsam St.- for a female patient with abdominal pain- transported by Air Evac

01/30/14 @1751-EMS-Post Oak- One female transported to Hill Country Memorial Hospital for complications of home birth

01/30/14 @2130-Double Knobs- Injured Deer- Deputy Jones took care of it

01/31/14@1428 - Suspicious Activity – Avenue F-Sgt Zapata responded

01/31/14@1515 - Counterfeit bill –Ft. McKavitt St.- Sgt Zapata investigated a counterfeit bill passed at a local business

01/31/14@1808 - Suspicious vehicle –Old Pontotoc Rd.- Deputy Jones arrested a male subject and transported him to jail

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