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How Bad Does Your Life Suck?
Wednesday, April 30, 2014 • Posted April 30, 2014

Everyone has one of those days, one of those weeks, one of those months,,,,, even one of those years!

Life is rolling along with everything going so well that your prayers start including the line, "Why have you blessed me so much?" Every class is a breeze, every job task is easy, every relationship is perfect. Life is good!

And then, inexplicably, it isn't anymore.

An easy class suddenly seems impossible to get through anymore. At work, the boss is losing confidence in your ability to perform your job, and you can't wait for the day to end. And relationships? There are arguments over every small issue, romance has evaporated, and your best friend in life has become a stranger!

We all have bad "patches" in our lives. It's impossible to move through life without having at least a few rough times. I've always truly believed that the bad times in our lives are necessary so that we can recognize the good times. It is that comparison of the two aspects of the parts of our life that allow us to be grateful when things are going well, and aware of the severity of the bad things going on when they finally occur.

But, there is a problem for most people in identifying the good and the bad.

Students who are making "Bs" in their classes can't seem to decide if that means they're doing well, or badly. Finishing most of the work you've been assigned means that your boss isn't angry at you; but, he also is not impressed. And, a relationship that keeps us from being lonely, while not fully satisfying us leaves everyone feeling that we're "settling."

For the most part, our lives don't truly have VERY bad or VERY good times, they simply have AVERAGE times. We're not the best or the worst, we're simply the usual. But, in our minds, everything is relative. We start comparing our own lives to those of the people who are around us and using those lives as the touchstone for our own lives. It's an inaccurate way to measure our own lives.

There are always going to be people who are happier than we are, people who are more successful than we are, and people who will have better relationships than we do. But, the reverse is also true... There are those who are unhappier, less successful, and who have never had a good relationship in their lives.

Yet, one has only to go on facebook to find that the majority of people think their lives suck. They complain about teachers who are playing favorites or who grade too harshly. They talk about their employers being idiots, unconcerned for their employees and bad at business. And, when it comes to relationships, we seem to take delight in seeing when other couples are stumbling and falling. When we see those are are, by their own admission, happy, we pick apart their lives and find fault in all that they do.

When we start thinking that our own lives suck, we need to start putting things into perspective.

I didn't make an A on the last test; but, I did pass, even though I put no effort into studying. I finished everything at work that I was supposed to do, though I'll probably have to go back and fix some of the things that I only did half-heartedly. And, even though my relationships may not be a fairy tale ideal, I accept them for what they are and don't always do all that I can to make them work.

More than anything, I always tell folks who seem to be living a negative life that they forget how good things really are. You may not like your grades; but, you have a car, a cell phone, your own bedroom, good food and parents who care about what happens to you. You may think that your boss is unfair and your job boring; but, you have company medical insurance, you're given time off to go to your kids' activities and the company will trim back your hours before actually laying you off in order to keep you employed. And your relationship isn't perfect, but it was pretty good last week and may be wonderful next week.

Stop thinking everything sucks and start finding reasons to celebrate the good that comes your way every day. Be happy that life is constantly changing, be aware that situations change, and be glad that you have a chance every day to improve upon what happened yesterday.

It’s all just my opinion.

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