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2014 Scholarship Awards Ceremony
Wednesday, May 28, 2014 • Posted May 28, 2014

Early last week, on Monday, June 19, a special ceremony was held to present the 2014 scholarships to the graduating seniors. The following is the script from that evening

Principal Chris Habecker:

Tonight it is my honor to welcome you to the Scholarship Awards Ceremony honoring the Mason High School class of 2014.

To the organizations and individuals who make the scholarship opportunities available, the students, parents, teachers, and community are forever grateful. Thank you for caring enough to make a difference in the lives of our students.

I would like to say a word about these students you see before you. These young people are proof positive that hard work pays off in the end. They have continued the tradition of excellence at Mason High School. And in fact, they have set a new record. There are only 50 students in the class of 2014, yet they were able to amass more than two million dollars in scholarship offers. The exact figure is $2,170,500 and we’re still counting. We are proud of these students for their efforts, and we know you are as well.

Now, I’ll turn the program over to our school counselor, Melany Canfield.

Melany Canfield:

Thank you Coach Habecker. I would like to tell all of you who have supported these students through the years: the parents, grandparents, friends and family members of these graduates how proud we are of all of them. They have studied for their classes, practiced for their extra-curricular activities, worked at part time jobs and volunteered in our community. And now they are reaping the rewards of their industrious spirits. They are a remarkable group of people and they mean a great deal to us at Mason High School.

Now I would like to invite our first presenter, Mrs. Lynn Reichenau to the stage. Mrs. Reichenau is the chairperson of the Mason County Democratic Party, and she will make the first presentation of the evening.

Democrats – Savannah Kast

Hill Country Telephone Co-op awards scholarships to students in their service area. This year, Elijah Dickinson will receive a $1500 scholarship.

Hill Country Telephone – Elijah

The next scholarship we are honored to present is the Hilton Moneyhon Boy Scout Scholarship for $300. This award goes to a young man who has achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. Elliot Bibb. This scholarship is given in memory of Hilton Moneyhon who for many years, gave so much of his time and talents to the Boy Scouting program in Mason.

Boy Scout - Elliot Bibb

We are pleased to present Leret Hemphill with the Yingling Scholarship for $40,000 at Harding University. Leret has also received the Harding University Academic Merit Scholarship for $16,000.

Harding – Leret

Elijah Dickinson has been awarded the $10,000 Texas Armed Forces Scholarship, and as well as a $19,000 ROTC Scholarship at Tarleton State University.

Armed Forces - Elijah

Tarleton – Elijah

The 80th Texas Legislature appropriated funds for a Higher Education Incentive Funding Package that includes a scholarship for students graduating in the top 10% of their class to attend a college in Texas. The students who were offered this $4,000 award are: Cassie Benefield, Claudia Canfield, Price Ruffin and Jacki Drazan. As the valedictorian of the class of 2014, Jacki will also receive the Highest Ranking High School Graduate Award in the amount of $9,000.

Top 10% - Cassie Benefield

Top 10% - Claudia Canfield

Top 10% - Price Ruffin

Top 10% - Jacki Drazan

Highest Ranking – Jacki Drazan

Chad Schmidt representing Capital Farm Credit will present the next awards tonight.

CFC- Price Ruffin

CFC – Catelyn Felts – CFC will bring checks.

One of our seniors will attend the University of the Incarnate Word in the fall. Khrista Morquecho has earned the Academic Achievement Award at UIW in the amount of $32,000.

UIW - Khrista Morquecho

HEB Foods Corporation award a $1,000 scholarship to graduates of Mason High School. This year’s recipients of the HEB scholarship is Francisco Leon.

HEB – Francisco Leon

The Matt Morris Memorial Scholarship was established by his family and friends to honor the life that he lived and what he meant to each of them. Matt grew up in Mason and graduated from Mason High School in 1987. He was a member of the livestock judging team at Texas Tech and he graduated with a degree in Ag Education. This scholarship is awarded annually to a student pursuing an ag related career. This year, the $1,000 Matt Morris Memorial scholarship is awarded to Catelyn Felts. Catelyn has also been awarded the Arthur and Lulu Quest Scholarship in the amount of $1,000.

Matt Morris- Catelyn Felts

This year’s Mason ISD Teacher of Year Award recipient, Linda Geistweidt, will present the next award.

Mason ISD Faculty – Drigo Martinez

Drigo was also offered the Presidential Scholarship at Johnson & Wales University for $17,000 and the Central Texas Scholar Award for $52,000.

The San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo is known for their generous scholarship program. This year, three of our seniors have earned scholarships. Lydia Bierschwale received an $8,000 scholarship, and Kirsten Shaw and Price Ruffin both received scholarships in the amount of $10,000. Price has also received the State Fair of Texas Scholarship for $5,000, the Heart of Texas Stock Show Scholarship for $2250, an $8,000 San Angelo Stock Show Scholarship, a $1,000 Sand Hills Stock Show Scholarship and the FFA Dena Walrath Memorial Scholarship for $3,000. In addition, Price is the recipient of a $5,000 scholarship from Agrilabs Herman Hackett.

Price Ruffin

Kirsten Shaw

Black folder –Lydia Bierschwale

George and KK Brannies offer a scholarship to students who will continue their education at Texas State Technical College. This year’s recipient of the $1,000 award is Jacobo Segura.

Brannies TSTC- Jacobo Segura

Next, I would like to invite Mrs. Ann Mahnken to the stage to award the next scholarships.

Mendy Mahnken – Kelly Kothmann

Mendy Mahnken – Raul Silguero

Local realtor Renee Walker has been very generous to MHS, awarding an annual $1000 scholarship for years. This year, the Renee Walker “Around the Square” Scholarship, in the amount of $1,000 is awarded to Savannah Kast.

Renee Walker – Savannah Kast

The Dan G. Lehmberg Memorial Scholarship is given by the members of the Mason Tennis Association to honor contributions made to the tennis tradition in Mason. This year, Carley Chew will receive a $150 scholarship. Carley is also the recipient of the TEC Loss Control Scholarship for $600.

Dan G. Lehmberg- Carley Chew

The Cailloux Foundation in Kerrville provides educational opportunities for students in the hill country of Texas in the form of generous scholarships. This year Damian Del Toro was awarded the Cailloux Foundation Scholar Award in the amount of $56,000.

Cailloux – Damian Del Toro

Two of our seniors will attend South Plains College as members of the school’s rodeo team. They have each received full ride scholarships awarded to them based on their achievements in rodeo and in the classroom. It is our honor to present the $29,000 scholarships to Lydia Bierschwale and Catelyn Felts.

SPC-Lydia Bierschwale

SPC-Catelyn Felts

I’d like to ask Mrs. Linnda Graham to present the Lee Graham Memorial Scholarship.

Graham – Carley Chew

Graham – Lydia Bierschwale

Graham – Traci Jordan

The Carr Academic Scholarship program at Angelo State University has helped many West Texas students graduate from college. This year, three of our students will receive Carr Awards. Hannah Haley was awarded the Carr Gold Scholarship for $8,000. Raul Silguero was awarded the Carr Gold Scholarship for $8,000. Emmie Schmidt also was awarded the Carr Gold Scholarship for $8,000. In addition, Emmie was offered an academic scholarship for $8,000 from the University of Houston at Victoria.

Carr Gold – Hannah Haley

Carr Gold – Raul Silgero

Carr Gold – Emmie Schmidt

Coach Kade Burns will make the next presentation this evening.

Coach Melvin Burns – Elliot Bibb

Coach Melvin Burns – Kelly Kothmann

It is an honor for MHS to present the TCU Faculty Scholarship Award in the amount of $88,000 from Texas Christian University to Jacki Drazan. Jacki was also offered the Gold National Scholarship for $25,000 from the University of Minnesota and the University of Texas Commendable Presidential Achievement Scholarship for $30,000 and the Austin Jackson School of Geosciences Scholarship for $4,000 from the University of Texas at Austin. Jacki was also offered the Faculty Distinguished Scholar Award for $76,000 at Depauw University.

TCU – Jacki Drazan

The James and Minnie Edmonds Scholarship for $500 at Angelo State University goes to Carley Chew.

Edmond - Carley Chew

Mr. Jack Asbill, directors of Central Texas Electric Co-op, will present the next scholarships tonight.

CTEC – Ashlynn Brandenberger

CTEC- Caroline Hudson

CTEC- Cassie Benefield

CTEC- Elijah Dickinson

CTEC- Raena Moneyhon

Ashlynn was also offered the Distinguished Presidential Scholarship for $8,000 by the University of Texas at San Antonio.

The descendents of Max Martin have decided to honor his memory in the form of an annual scholarship to be awarded in his name to an MHS tennis player. This year, the $1000 Max Martin scholarship goes to Coby Velez.

Max Martin - Coby Velez

Now I’d like to invite Elena Ramon to present the next awards tonight.

Ramon – Traci Jordan

Ramon – Kelly Kothmann

Ramon – Francisco Leon

Ramon – Coby Velez

Ramon – Lydia Bierschwale

Ramon – Caroline Hudson

Every year, the MHS faculty scholarship committee is asked to choose the recipient of the Robert & Jean Ann LeGrand Scholarship at Angelo State University. The year, the scholarship will be awarded to Carley Chew.

LeGrand – Carley Chew

I’d like to invite Alpha Beta Psi member Mandy King to make the next presentation.

Savannah Kast and Claudia Canfield both served as Duchess for two years, so they will each receive a $1,000 scholarship.

Catelyn Felts served as queen for one year, so she will also receive a $1,000 scholarship.

The following girls served as a duchess for one year, so they will each receive a $500 scholarship:

Cassie Benefield

Caroline Hudson

Dakota Lee and

Felissa Ramirez

Lydia Bierschwale

The Alpha Beta Psi young women’s organization in Mason has a long history of supporting our community. The members award two scholarships in honor of their mothers for Mother’s Day. This year’s recipients of the $500 Alpha Beta Psi scholarships are Elijah Dickinson and Lydia Bierschwale.

ABP – Elijah Dickinson

ABP – Lydia Bierschwale

The members of the McCullough Lodge #273 offered a new scholarship this year. The criteria stated the recipient must be a male, a good student, active in his community and active in his church. The faculty scholarship committee chose Jeffry Williams.

Masonic Lodge – Jeffrey Williams

Mrs. Lenore Newsome will present the next scholarship.

Shepard Y. Hornstein – Jeffrey Williams

Two of our students will attend Schreiner University in the fall. They are both recipients of the $48,000 Presidential Scholarship at Schreiner.

Schreiner – Damian Del Toro

Schreiner – Coby Velez

Mr. Fritz Landers, representing the Mason Lion’s Club, will present our next awards tonight.

Lion’s Club Service – Savannah Kast

Lion’s Club Service – Traci Jordan

R. Clinton Schulze – Caroline Hudson

Texas Tech University has awarded one of our students the Trustees Scholarship. Kirsten Shaw is the recipient of the $12,000 award. Kirsten also received a $1,000 scholarship from the College of Natural Sciences at Texas Tech. Kirsten also received the Fort Worth Calf Scramble Scholarship for $15,000 and the Fort Worth Stock Show Scholarship for $1,000. She was also offered an academic merit scholarship at Baylor University for $34,000.

TTU- Kirsten Shaw

Mrs. Lola Hohn will present a brand new scholarship tonight.

Hohn - Raul Silgero

Pedernales Electric Co-op offers a scholarship to a graduating senior at Mason High School. This year, the $500 award goes to Cassie Benefield.

Pedernales- Cassie Benefield

Now I’d like to invite Mr. and Mrs. James Esquell to present the next award tonight.

Esquell – Jeffrey Williams

Texas A&M has awarded one of our students with the $20,000 Opportunity Award and the Presidential Endowed Scholarship in the amount of $12,000. Price Ruffin. Price was also offered Texas Tech University Presidential Scholarship for $28,000, and a $14000 scholarship from the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, also at Texas Tech. Price was also offered the Terry Scholarship in the amount of $98,000.

A&M – Price Ruffin

Opportunity - Price Ruffin

It is my pleasure to invite Ms. Kay Hudler to present the next awards.

AA Hudler – Madelyn Glentz

AA Hudler – David Hill

AA Hudler – Ashely McLaughline

Adriana Eckert gives a scholarship in memory of her late husband, Mr. Richard Eckert, to a student who will attend his alma mater, Texas A&M University. Tonight the Richard Eckert Memorial Scholarship in the amount of $1500 goes to Traci Jordan.

Richard Eckert – Traci Jordan

At this time, I’d like to invite Puncher Club President Tommy Bierschwale to the podium.

Puncher Club – Lydia Bierschwale

Puncher Club – Elliot Bibb

Puncher Club – Caroline Hudson

It is our honor to present the Terry Foundation Scholar Award for $43,000 to Kirsten Shaw.

Terry – Kirsten Shaw

Now I would like to ask Mrs. Teresa Walker to present the next scholarships.

Country Home Health – Carley Chew

Country Home Health – Hannah Haley

Country Home Health – Raena Moneyhon

Laura Loeffler – Kelly Kothmann

The Zonta Club of Fredericksburg is an organization of women professionals and executives who work to advance opportunities for women. This year, the Zonta Club awards a $1,000 to Cassie Benefield.

Zonta – Cassie Benefield

Mrs. Connie Presler of the PEO Sisterhood will present the next award.

Cottey- Felissa Ramirez

The members of the Association of Texas Professional Educators at Mason ISD award a scholarship to a student who will pursue a career as a teacher. This year’s ATPE scholarship for $800 is awarded to Caroline Hudson. Caroline was also offered a $40,000 acadmemic merit scholarship from the University of the Incarnate Word.

ATPE – Caroline Hudson

The next scholarship is given in memory of Mason High School alumnae Matt Puckett. Matt was a graduate of Mason High School who was killed while on active duty. The $500 scholarship was established by one of Matt’s classmates, Cody Geirisch and is awarded to Alma de la Garza.

Matt Puckett – Alma de la Garza

Mrs. Amanda McMillan will present the next two scholarships tonight, on behalf of the Mason County Rodeo Association and the Lilly Joy Gamel Memorial Scholarship.

Lilly Joy Gamel - Kyndal Jarl

Mason County Rodeo – Traci Jordan

Mason County Rodeo – Claudia Canfield

Mason County Rodeo – Lydia Bierschwale

Mason County Rodeo – Catelyn Felts

Kyndal was also offered the President’s Scholarship by Concordia Lutheran University for $66,000.

The University of North Texas has awarded Cassie Benefield with the Excellence Scholarship for academic merit in the amount of $10,000. Cassie is also the recipient of the Randee Fawcett Endowment Scholarship for $500.

UNT- Cassie Benefield

The Dean’s Scholarship Award at Howard Payne University is awarded to those students in our area of Texas who are in the top 25% of their class and who scored at least 1090 ont math and reading portion of the SAT. Tonight one of our graduate will receive this $54,000 scholarship: Michael Hanschek

HPU – Michael Hanschek

The members of the Bluebonnet Study Club award a scholarship in memory of one of their members. This year, study club member Mary Hemphill will present the Ruby Kettner Scholarship award.

Ruby Kettner Blue Bonnet – Leret Hemphill

We are honored to present Lydia Bierschwale with the $3,000 Texas High School Rodeo Association Scholarship. Lydia also received the Horse of the Year Award from the American Quarter Horse Association and the $1,000 Region 10 Rodeo Scholarship.

Red folder - Lydia

Dr. Glenn Ruthven will present the next scholarship tonight.

Dr. Ruthven Office Family – Zach Davidson

Dr. Ruthven Office Family – Caroline Hudson

Dr. Ruthven Office Family – Elliot Bibb

Glenn & Marnelle – Savannah Kast

The Gene Tobey Memorial Art Scholarship is given to a student who has shown an aptitude for and excellence in the fine arts. The scholarship is given in remembrance of Gene and his love for the community of Mason and the high school from which two of his daughters graduated. The recipient of the $500 Gene Tobey Scholarship is Ashlynn Brandenberger.

Gene Tobey – Ashlynn Brandenberger

Mrs. Gladys Kaderka will present the Gus Kaderka Memorial Scholarship tonight.

Gus Kaderka- Elijah Dickinson

Gus Kaderka- Traci Jordan

It is an honor to present the Denison Founders Scholar Award for $88,000 at Denison University to Claudia Canfield. Claudia was also offered the Mood Scholar Award for $88,000 at Southwestern University, the Faculty Scholarship for $48,000 at TCU and the Schubert Scholar Award at Ohio Wesleyan University for $104,000. Claudia was also offered the Trustees Scholarship at Alleghenny College for $80,000.

Denison - Claudia Canfield

The children of Billy & Frances Bode have chosen to honor their parents’ years of service to the students of Mason and their belief in the transforming power of education by offering a $1000 scholarship to a Mason High School senior. This year, the Billy & Frances Bode Scholarship is presented to Zach Davidson.

Bode- Zach Davidson

The San Angelo Area Foundation awards scholarships to high school graduates who live in the Concho Valley region. This year, five of our seniors, Ashlynn Brandenberger, Carley Chew, Nick Dyer, Catelyn Felts, and Raena Moneyhon will each receive a $500 scholarship.

SAAF – Ashlynn Brandenberger

SAAF – Carley Chew

SAAF –Nick Dyer

SAAF – Catelyn Felts

SAAF – Raena Moneyhon

Tonight we are pleased to present the Jason Toeppich Memorial Scholarship to senior golfers Jeffrey Williams and Jacki Drazan.

Jason Toeppich – Jeffrey Williams

Jason Toeppich –Jacki Drazan

Mrs. Jan Appleby from the Mason County Historical Commission will present the next scholarships.

Elijah Dickinson

Savannah Kast

Traci Jordan

The Lillie Eckert Baskett Scholarship was established by Mrs. Baskett herself in order to honor a well-rounded individual, of whom we can all be proud. This year’s recipient of the $1,000 award is Carley Chew. Carley also received the TEC Loss Control Scholarship for $600.

Baskett – Carley Chew

Lowe’s Foods awards scholarships to seniors. This year, a $500 scholarship will go to a loyal Lowe’s employee, Alma de la Garza.

Lowes- Alma de la Garza

Mrs. Gladys Garner of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church will present the next award.

St. Jo – Coby Velez

For the last seven years, a generous anonymous couple in our community has given a scholarship to a deserving student who is intent on furthering his or her education. This year, the recipient of the $1,000 award is Nick Dyer.

Anonymous – Nick Dyer

I would like to invite Piper Perlichek, president of Band Boosters to present the next awards.

Band - Alma de la Garza

Band - Khrista Morquecho

The Mason County Farm Bureau Scholarships, in the amount of $500 goes to Caroline Hudson. And the Texas Farm Bureau scholarship for $1,000 goes to Elijah Dickinson.

Farm Bureau- Caroline Hudson

TX FB – Elijah Dickinson

Mrs. Carol Kothmann of the Fine Arts Association of the Hill Country will make the next presentation.

FAAHC - Ashlynn Brandenberger

FAAHC - Cassie Benefield

Abilene Christian University has awarded one of our students the John C. Stevens Award in the amount of $48,000 to Kelly Kothmann. Kelly was also offered the Presidential Scholar Award at Schreiner University for $48,000 and the Dean’s Scholarship at Howard Payne University for $54,000. In addition, Angelo State University offered Kelly the Carr Academic Scholarship for $12,000.

ACU – Kelly Kothmann

Mrs. Angie Dudney, Family and Consumer Sciences teacher at MHS will present our next award.

FCCLA – Missy Crocker

Missy was also offered an academic merit scholarship for $8.000 from Park University and the Cottey College Achievement Scholarship for $12,000.

We are honored to present Nick Dyer with the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation Award for $1500 and the Military Children Program Scholarship for $2,000.

Marine - Nick Dyer

Military Children – Nick Dyer

Kati Vinson, member of the Mason County Republican Women will make the next presentation.

MCRW- Caroline Hudson

MCRW – Elijah Dickinson

I’d like to invite Matt Schmidt to make the next presentation.

Fankhauser- Elliot Bibb

West Central Wireless offers scholarships to students who attend high schools located in their service area. This year, the West Central Wireless Scholarship for Mason County, in the amount of $500, is presented to Lorenza Segura. Unfortunately, Lorenza had to work this evening, so we will make sure she receives her certificate.

West Central – Lorenza Segura

The Spring Street Gospel Church has given away thousands of dollars to Mason students over the years. We are so grateful to their faithful members for their generosity to our students. This year, the $500 Spring Street Gospel Church scholarship goes to Felissa Ramirez.

Spring Street - Felissa Ramirez

Mr. Robert O’Neal was the driving force behind all of those scholarships given by the Spring Street Gospel Church. This year, Elaine O’Neal is awarding the Robert O’Neal Memorial Scholarship to Carley Chew. Those of us who knew Mr. O’Neal know how much he loved Mason High School and the students who go to school here. He was a presence at everything from junior high basketball games to varsity football games and even One Act Play. If kids from the Mason schools were gathered together to perform, you could count on Mr. O’Neal to be there to watch.

Spring Street – Carley Chew

Central Texas College awards a scholarship to one student in each of it’s dual credit schools to cover tuition and fees for 18 college credit hours. This $4,000 award goes to Mallisa Crocker.

CTC - Missy Crocker

Malissa was also offered the Achievement Scholarship from Cottey College for $12,000 and the Park University Merit Scholarship for $8,000.

The Texas Association of School Business Officials allows it’s member schools to offer a scholarship on their behalf. This year, the $1,000 scholarship goes to Jacki Drazan.

TASBO - Jacki Drazan

The Mason Tennis Association awards $100 scholarships to all graduating seniors who played tennis at MHS. Please come forward as I call your names:

Claudia Canfield

Carley Chew

Damian Del Toro

Nick Dyer

Leret Hemphill

Caroline Hudson

Traci Jordan

Ethan McKinney

Price Ruffin

Coby Velez

Congratulations to these and to all of our graduates.

In addition to these scholarships, there are several scholarship applications pending. We are awaiting notification of these, and we wish you the best of luck.

I would like to extend a special thanks to all of the scholarship donors, to all of the presenters who are sitting in the audience and to all of the donors who could not be with us tonight. The faculty and administration of Mason High school is most grateful for your generous contributions to the continuing education of our students. I wish to extend our thanks to the parents of these students for their continuous support of their children in their past and future endeavors.

Please join us immediately following the ceremony for refreshments in the commons area. Thank you and have a great evening!

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