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Being Forever Grateful
Wednesday, July 16, 2014 • Posted July 17, 2014

ger/opinion -being forever grateful

My life has been full of blessings. That's not to say that it hasn't had its moments of failure and heartbreak; but, when I take a step back, and I take a long and unflinching look at everything that has happened in my 54 years, the good far outweighs the bad.

I'm always reminded of the many good things in my life after a weekend like the Round Up gathering that we just went through last week. I see the kids, eyes wide with wonder, rushing about until they collapse with exhaustion. I see the young kids going about with their friends, enjoying their companionship. And, I see the adults, seeing all that is going on around them and remembering all the times they've shared with their friends and their families. It is a few days of hard work, hot temperatures and joyous times.

It's so easy for all of us to get lost in the hard times. We see the difficulties as unending, and fail to see the bright moments that make their way through the darkness. We see the people who have failed us time and again; but, can't quite see the way those same people keep trying to pull themselves up and make themselves better. We see the many people who are mean, hateful and spiteful and let them distract us from seeing that there are people in our lives who are kind, loving and forgiving.

I am grateful to live in a town that is full of people who truly lift one another up and support one another through every trial and tribulation. They may not like everything about us, and they may disagree with us on just about every issue; but, they are always there when we need them the most.

I am grateful to have a family that is full of unique and interesting characters. They infuriate me, amuse me, comfort me and console me. They can disagree with every choice I've made in my life; but, they continue to be my family.

I am grateful to be in a job that allows me to help people celebrate the moments in their lives that are important to them. I may get the dates wrong, and I may misspell names; but, I'm able to make another attempt with each new issue. I get to celebrate marriages, births, awards and losses. Every event is worthy of being recorded and reported upon in our lives.

I'm grateful that I have a church home that challenges me to be a better person. It offers me solace, it offers me forgiveness and it offers me challenges.

I'm grateful that I have friends who are unlike me in so many ways. They chastise me for my choices, support me when I've gone wrong, encourage me when I'm starting to falter, and laugh at me when I do foolish things. They have become my brothers and sisters in a second family.

I am grateful for a world that continues to exist, in spite of its constant attempts to destroy itself. Nations go to war, people brutalize those who are different and the planet throws obstacles in our way. Yet, good people appear in places that need them, citizens fight for peace, and the Earth finds ways to heal the wounds that scar its surface.

We are a people of forgiveness and love. In order to reach that point, we have to start seeing the things in our lives that are succeeding, then we need to be grateful for them. We need to tell others that we're grateful, and we need to help them find the good in their own lives.

I'm grateful that I'm able to remember all of this.

It’s all just my opinion.

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