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Still Single, Still Working, Still Around...
Wednesday, April 8, 2009 • Posted April 8, 2009

I don't EVER pull pranks, as I HATE having them pulled on me. But, last week's column was an April Fool's prank from beginning to end.

So for all of you who have so kindly called, emailed, bought place settings, etc., thanks; but, I'm not getting married. I had no idea so many people had been waiting on me to grow up and behave.

What I am still doing is trying to keep your newspaper full of pictures and stories about your lives. About your weddings. Your babies. Your graduations. Your losses. And, that's what I plan on continuing to do for a while.

Now, in the words of the late, great, Paul Harvey..... Page 2.

I had a visitor in the News office on Monday morning, and she was a tad bit irate. Not at me. She was upset at people who either let their dogs run loose, or walk their dogs, and her yard is the bathroom destination.

She noted that some people actually clean up after their dogs if they use her yard; but, she has had to step out and remind a few others that the dogs are in HER yard, and they seem to have left something.

After she had left, I had a Death Notice to put around the square, and discovered my own version of her problem while I made my way around the square. Crossing from Sam's Antiques over to NuWay, I narrowly missed stepping in evidence of a doggie deposit in the grassy area just west of Sam's.

It's not the gentleman who walks the two dogs every morning. He carries plastic bags with him and is very careful to clean up after his canines. But, there's plenty of other dogs out there.

The other morning, I had taken Dozer out of the truck and sat him on the sidewalk as I finished getting my things. Suddenly, I heard him bark and saw the dog making its way, rapidly, down the street toward us. I quickly scooped up Dozer and got both of us inside the office.

I take responsibility for my dog, and for anything he might leave behind. I don't let him run loose in town, or in the country. There are too many things that he can get into in too short a time to risk him running about.

I just don't understand why other people don't take responsibility for some of their animals. It's one of the lessons you learn when you're young - having a pet brings with it certain responsibilities. Apparently, some people would rather let those responsibilities fall upon others.

And, finally, Page 3.

This week, the annual Visitors' Guide is here. It was quite a task to get it out this year, what with computers crashing, the wind blowing and everyone trying to throw me unnecessary wedding showers!

But, we did make it.

We decided to focus on the basics this year and to keep the information in the guide straightforward and useful, and I think we managed to turn out a very handy and very good looking publication.

Hope you enjoy it!

It’s all just my opinion.

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