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Once Again Proving I Am A Big Nerd!
Wednesday, May 13, 2009 • Posted May 13, 2009

I've written before about my fascination with gadgets and technology. At that time, I made no bones about my being a big ol' nerd.

This last weekend, I proved it once again.

Peanut's wife, Rosemary, had run to Lubbock with her mom for the weekend. Since Peanut's mom is in Fort Worth, and my mom is gone, we decided to sneak away on Sunday afternoon and see a movie over in Fredericksburg.

Not just any movie, mind you. This was the new Star Trek!

Mike Loeffler got me hooked on the original series back in the 70s, when it was already in reruns. The special effects were pitiful. William Shatner's acting was laughable. And, some of the aliens looked like they had walked straight out of the 50s B movies.

But, I loved the show.

I watched the later animated version. And, years later when I was a student in Austin at UT, I remember waiting in line for the first big screen movie. Over the years, I've watched most of the spin-off shows. And, I've watched all the movies.

I can honestly say I've never dressed up in costume, nor have I ever attended any of the big Star Trek events; but, I do have several books about the series, and even had a model of the Starship Enterprise for a while.

I enjoyed the giddy optimism that Star Trek provided. There was always the promise of people eventually getting along and accepting their many differences. Even if it was several hundred years in the future, it provided hope that things would work themselves out, if we just worked together.

And the technology? Communicators from that early show look much like the ubiquitous cell phones that everyone has now. Medical diagnostic beds bear an uncanny resemblance to CT scanners.

When Gene Rodenberry envisioned Star Trek, he didn't sit down and think, "What types of devices will we need in the future?" But, he simply placed devices into the hands of his characters that made sense. Meanwhile, young inventors watching the show thought, "Wouldn't it be great if people could communicate with one another, no matter where they were?"

And others, watching white, black, brown, red, yellow,,,,, and green and blue, all working and living together, thought, "With those differences, and they're able to work together, why can't I do it as well?"

Television shows and movies are fantasy. They are imaginings brought to fruition. Sometimes, they are also the impetus to think and to act. Star Trek is more than 40 years old, and it still has the power to engage young, and old, minds. When Peanut and I were at the theater, the age range was across the spectrum. For some, it was a revisiting of favorite old characters. For others, it was a new story that had not yet been told. For all of them, it was good entertainment.

There are so many complaints about the negative impacts of movies and television shows upon our young. Star Trek is proof that, sometimes, good things can happen when kids watch a television show or a movie. And sometimes, the fantasy really can become reality.

It’s all just my opinion.

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