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2009 MHS Scholarship Awards Assembly
Wednesday, May 27, 2009 • Posted May 27, 2009

On the evening of May 21st, the senior class of Mason High School gathered in the auditorium to learn of the numerous scholarships, grants and awards they had received. Friends and family were on hand to honor those individuals, and counselor Melany Canfield has once again been good enough to share the script from the evening with readers. The annual Senior Class supplement will be in the June 3rd edition of the News, just prior to the graduation ceremonies of June 5th.

To the organizations and individuals who make the scholarship opportunities available, the students, parents, teachers, and community are forever grateful. Thank you for caring enough to make a difference in the lives of our 2009 graduates from Mason High School.

These students have been breaking records and setting new standards for excellence for several years now, and the scholarship awards are no exception. They are proof that hard work pays off in the end.

The new scholarship record at Mason High School is over $685,000! This is an impressive sum, especially when you consider the total population of the class is only 44 students. Equally impressive is the fact that the community of Mason handed out over $50,000 in local scholarships!

To all of you who have supported these students through the years, the parents, grandparents and family members of these graduates, we want to say how much we have enjoyed working with them over the years. They are truly an exceptional group of people and they mean a great deal to all of us at MHS.

Mary Carlman of the Mason County Republican Women’s Club presented the first scholarship of the evening to Denay Baxter and Gabe Gonzales. Denay will also receive the Wildcat Achievement Scholarship from Abilene Christian University in the amount of $10,000. Gabe has been offered the following academic scholarships: $61,360 from the University of Texas at Dallas and $14,000 from The University of Minnesota at Morris, and he has accepted academic scholarships totaling $102,000 from Hendrix College in Arkansas.

Next, Dr. Glenn and Marnelle Ruthven presented the $1,000 Glenn & Marnelle Ruthven Scholarship to Christina Lucero and the $1,000 Dr. Glenn Ruthven Children of Employee Scholarship to Jessica Bibb.

A new scholarship awarded by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board gives scholarships to those students who were in the top 10% of their graduating class at the end of the 7th seventh semester. The students who were offered the $4,000 Top Ten Percent Scholarship are Stephen Marquez, Gabe Gonzales, Bobby Buist and Zach Nash. Zach was also offered an academic scholarship to attend Hardin Simmons University in the amount of $36,000.

Mrs. Amanda McMillan presented the $1,000 Lily Joy Gamel Memorial Scholarship to John Parker.

HEB Foods Corporation gives a $500 scholarship to a graduate of Mason High School. This year’s recipient is Shaye Shults.

On behalf of Texas Christian University, MHS is pleased to announce that Cristi Slocum has been named a Faculty Scholar. The award is based on the students’ GPA, class rank, test scores and course selection. As a Faculty Scholar, Cristi will receive a scholarship in the amount of $40,000.

We were honored to have Mrs. Betty Vernon from the Cailloux Foundation to present the $48,000 Cailloux Scholarship to Stephen Marquez.

Sheri Jordan presented the Hilton & Della Moneyhon Boy Scouts Scholarship to Ryan Schuessler.

The children of Billy and Frances Bode have established an annual scholarship to honor their parents and to recognize their steadfast belief in the transforming power of education. The recipient of the $1000 Billy & Frances Bode Scholarship is Lydia Bjork. Lydia will also receive a scholarship in the amount of $400 given by the teachers of Mason ISD who are members of the Association of Texas Professional Educators. Lydia plans to be a teacher and coach, and we wish her the best. Lydia is also the recipient of the $1,000 “Around the Square” Scholarship given by Renee Walker.

Casey Callahan presented the $500 Mendy Mahnken Memorial Scholarships to Madison Burney and Brittany Estes.

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board awards a $1000 scholarship to students graduating with 30 college hours or more. This year our graduates have set another record. This award was presented to Denay Baxter, Jessica Bibb, Paige Blair, Madison Burney, Rebekah Caffey, Cathleen Castillo, Brittany Estes, Mage Hamilton, Matt Harper, Amanda Henrich, Jared Hudson, Orlando Jaquez, Lauren Keith, Emily Ruiz, Cristi Slocum, Madison Stewart, Adam Timms and Tabitha Zant. This achievement represents one year of college, and 18 of our graduates have completed the necessary coursework to win this award.

Mrs. Glendene Underwood presented the $300 Delta Kappa Gamma Scholarship to Lydia Bjork and the St. Joseph’s Catholic Church Scholarships to Amanda Henrich ($1,000) and Lauren Keith ($750).

The recipient of the Super S Scholarship in the amount of $1000 was Mage Hamilton.

Mrs. Julie Harrison, a member of the Bluebonnet Study Club, will present the $1,000 Ruby Kettner Memorial Scholarship to Courtland Hemphill. Courtland has also received the Harding Academic Scholarship from Harding University in Arkansas in the amount of $28,000.

MHS Golf Coach Larry Smith presented the $400 Jason Toeppich Memorial Golf Scholarship to Bobby Buist.

The George & KK Brannies Scholarship is given to a student who will be attending Texas State Technical College. This year there are two recipients. Krystal Denning will receive a $200 scholarship and Christina Lucero will receive a $500 scholarship.

The American Legion Auxiliary Scholarship was presented to Jessica Bibb. The Family & Consumer Sciences Scholarship is awarded to a student who shows exceptional leadership and enthusiasm as a student in the home economics classes. This year, the $200 scholarship is awarded to Dustin Tatsch and Krystal Denning.

Gladys and Kylie Kaderka presented the Gus Kaderka Memorial Scholarship to Bobby Buist.

The Sheppard Y. Hornstein Memorial Scholarship is given by his daughter Mrs. Lenore Newsom to a graduating senior who will attend a junior college or a technical school. This year’s recipient of the $250 scholarship will attend Tyler Junior College in the fall, Ryan Schuessler.

From Central Texas Electric Co-op we welcomed Mr. Jack Asbill and Mr. Roger Jordan to present the CTC $1,000 scholarships to Amanda Henrich, Bobby Buist and Denay Baxter.

Former high school principal Mr. Lee Graham and former home economics teacher Mrs. Linnda Graham presented the $500 Linnda Hubbell & Oscar Lee Graham Scholarships to Lauren Keith, Madison Stewart and Lydia Bjork. Mr. Graham also presented the three scholarships awarded by the Mason Lion’s Club. The R. Clinton Schulze Scholarship was awarded to Lydia Bjork in the amount of $500. And the two Lion’s Club Service Scholarships of $500 each were awarded to Gabe Gonzales and Stephen Marquez.

Mr. Randy Kruse presented the Mason County Farm Bureau Scholarships to Madison Stewart and Ryan Schuessler, each for $500.

The Gene Tobey Memorial Art Scholarship is given to a student who will be pursuing a career in an art related field. The scholarship is given in remembrance of Gene and his love for the community of Mason. The recipient of the $500 Gene Tobey scholarship and an architecture major at the University of Texas at San Antonio is Orlando Jaquez. Orlando will also receive a $1000 Undergraduate Scholarship from the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Mrs. Doreen Cardenas presented the Mason Quilt Bee scholarship to Lydia Bjork.

The recipient of the $250 scholarship given by Home Health Services of Mason, Kimble and Menard counties is Lauren Keith.

Thom Canfield presented the University of Texas “Texas Exes” Scholarships in the amount of $1,000 each to Bobby Buist and Stephen Marquez.

For the last several years, an anonymous donor in our community has given a scholarship to a deserving student who is intent on furthering his or her education. This year, the recipient of the $500 scholarship is Paige Blair.

The Puncher Club Scholarship was awarded to Matt Harper.

Teresa Walker and Dawn Farmer presented the $500 Country Home Health Scholarships to Jessica Hoag and Robert Moneyhon. Shelby Allen presented the $500 Laura Loeffler Memorial Scholarship to Rebekah Caffey.

The $250 scholarships for the duchesses of the Mason County Queen’s Court were presented by Teresa Walker, president of the Mason County Chamber of Commerce to Lauren Keith, Lydia Bjork, Madison Burney and Brittany Estes.

Chel Terrell, an officer of Alpha Beta Psi service organization, presented scholarships to duchesses who served on the Mason County Queen’s Court. The recipient of the $500 scholarships were Madison Stewart, Jessica Hoag and Denay Baxter. Ms. Terrell also presented the $500 Alpha Beta Psi Mother’s Day Scholarships to Courtland Hemphill and Emily Ruiz. Emily also received the Rising Roadrunner Scholarship in the amount of $1,000 from the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Every year, Jim Glossbrenner, from Panhandle Plains Student Loan Center comes to MHS to present a program on financial aid for our parents and senior students. Two of our attendees were chosen in a drawing to receive one $200 scholarship each. Those students are Orlando Jaquez and Adam Timms. Adam has also been awarded a $500 scholarship by the San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo.

Gerald Gamel, representing the Mason County Democratics presented a $1,000 scholarship to Bobby Buist. Bobby has also been offered the $1,000 Opportunity Award Scholarship by Texas A&M University and the Texas Student Housing Scholarship in the amount of $10,000.

Presenting the Spring Street Gospel Church Scholarship was Mr. Robert O’Neal. It was another exciting gift from the small membership of the church, who awarded $500 scholarships to the following students: Bekah Caffey, Brittany Estes, Emily Ruiz, Lauren Keith and Madison Burney.

Aaron Hominick from the Hill Country Homebuilder’s Association presented the next $500 award to Orlando Jaquez.

The Mason High School Cheerleader Scholarships are awarded to girls who have led the student body and the whole community in supporting the Mighty Mason Punchers. This year the $250 scholarships were awarded to Denay Baxter, Lauren Keith, Lydia Bjork, Tabitha Zant and Madison Stewart.

Mrs. Adriana Eckert, widow of Richard Eckert, awards a scholarship to a student who will major in engineering or attend Mr. Eckert’s alma mater Texas A&M University. This year, we have two students who fit that bill. Madison Stewart will soon be an Aggie, and Zach Nash, will attend A&M and major in mechanical engineering. Both graduates will receive $1,000.

Kim Hengst presented the West Central Wireless Scholarship in the amount of $500 to Paige Blair.

There are three very special young ladies, Kaci Sanchez, Emily Ortiz and Jovanna Rodriguez,who have worked very hard to raise money for scholarships. They awarded $1,000 in commemoration of Cinco de Mayo to Aimee Ruiz and Cathleen Castillo.

One of our graduates has signed with the Texas Army National Guard, and he has been attending weekend training sessions for the last year and a half. He graduated from basic training in South Carolina last summer. As an enlisted man, he will receive a signing bonus of $20,000 as soon as he finishes AIT this summer. Congratulations to Trey Chavez. We are proud of Trey and we appreciate his service to our country.

Jenny Scripps presented the Mason County Rodeo Association Scholarship to Adam Timms and Ryan Schuessler.

The San Angelo Area Foundation awards thousands of dollars in scholarships annually to high school students in the Concho Valley and surrounding counties. This year Robert Moneyhon will receive a $400 scholarship. Robert has also received the West Texas College Academic Scholarship in the amount of $500, the Educational Scholarship for Career Opportunities in the amount of $400 and the Edith McKanna Memorial Scholarship also for $400. Congratulations Robert!

The Early High School Graduation Scholarship in the amount of $2,000 is awarded by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board to students who complete their high school degree requirements within 36 months. This year, Aimee Ruiz is the recipient of this scholarship. Aimee will also receive an additional $1,000 from THECB because she will graduate with more than 15 hours of college credit courses. Aimee also received the $100 Robert and Alberto Navarro Memorial Scholarship.

Mrs. Jane Hoerster presented the Mason County Historical Society Scholarships to Brittany Estes and Jessica Bibb.

The Matt Morris Memorial Scholarship was established by his family and friends to honor the life that he lived and what he meant to them. Matt grew up in Mason and graduated from Mason High School in 1987. He was an athlete and active in the FFA. He attended Texas Tech University, was a member of their Livestock Judging team, and he graduated in 1991 with a degree in Ag Education. The scholarship is awarded annually to a student pursuing an agriculturally related career. This year’s recipient of the $1000 Matt Morris scholarship is Madison Stewart.

Many of you will remember Mrs. Ruth Bratton, the typing and business teacher who taught at Mason High School for many years. Mrs. Bratton’s children have established a scholarship to honor her memory. The scholarship is to be awarded to someone who has achieved a high class rank while in high school and who will go on to college to major in business. This year, the $1,000 scholarship is awarded to Madison Stewart, who will be an agribusiness major at Texas A&M University. Madison also received a scholarship from the Hill Country Telephone Co-op in the amount of $1,000. Madison has also received the $1,000 Hill Country District Junior Livestock Show Association Scholarship and the Texas Sheep and Goat Raiser’s Association Auxiliary Scholarship for $500.

Coach Paul Smith presented the $100 Mason Tennis Association Scholarships in memory of Dan Lehmberg to Bobby Buist, Brittany Estes, Matt Harper, Courtland Hemphill, Cristi Slocum, Denay Baxter, Gabe Gonzales, Jared Hudson, Lauren Keith, Madison Burney and Tabitha Zant.

Last summer, Tabitha applied for and won admission to a leadership conference in Washington DC sponsored by the National Rifle Association. While there, she competed in a speech contest and won a $2,000 scholarship from the NRA. In addition, Tabitha has accepted the Whole Person Scholarship from Oral Roberts University in the amount of $80,000.

The Gilberto Ramon Memorial & Hispanic Opportunities Scholarship is an annual scholarship given to graduating seniors. Students graduating from Mason High School, the alma mater of Mr. Ramon’s children, and from high schools in San Antonio, where his son’s construction business is located, are eligible to apply. This year, two of our students will receive this $1,000 award, Emily Ruiz and Stephen Marquez.

The Minnie Stephens Piper Foundation invites every high school in the state of Texas to nominate one student from each graduating class to compete for a renewable scholarship award. It is an honor for us to present Stephen with the Minnie Stephens Piper Scholar Award in the amount of $12,000. Also, as the valedictorian of the class of 2009, Stephen has been awarded the Highest Ranking High School Graduate Award of $8,700. In addition to these scholarships that he has accepted, Stephen was offered the President’s Gold Scholarship in the amount of $44,000 at Baylor University, the $16,000 Board of Regents Scholarship at the University of North Texas and the Texas Student Housing Scholarship of $10,000. Congratulations to Stephen!

Mr. Roy Lehmberg presented the two Lillie Eckert Baskett Scholarships in the amount of $1,000 each to Courtland Hemphill and Brittany Estes.

This year a new scholarship was established to honor the memory of Matthew Puckett, a recent graduate of Mason High School who was killed in the line of duty. The $500 scholarship is given by one of Matt’s classmates, Cody Gierisch, and is awarded to Brittany Estes.

Another new scholarship was presented and it is one we hope will become a tradition here at Mason High School. The members of the senior class charged the MHS faculty scholarship committee with awarding two $500 scholarships to two of their class members tonight. The student council elected to join them by giving one $500 scholarship, too. The students who will receive these awards are Rowdy Ake, Brenda Heredia and Lissa Stiles.

We extend our congratulations to these and to all of the graduates.

In addition to these scholarships, there are several scholarship applications pending. We are awaiting notification of these, and we wish the applicants the best of luck.

The faculty and administration of MHS extends special thanks to all of the scholarship presenters, to all of the scholarship donors who were in the audience, and to all of the donors who could not be at the awards ceremony. The faculty of Mason High School is most grateful for your generous contributions to the continuing education of our students. We also wish to extend our thanks to the parents of these students for their continuous support of their children in their past and future endeavors.

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