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Wednesday, June 17, 2009 • Posted June 17, 2009

Tell Me Your Dream

Back on the 29th of November, 2005, I published a column called “Wild Wild Dreams” in which I found Shagnasty and myself dressed in tuxedoes (and me with no shoes on) attending the annual Golden Snore Award where my papa won the award for the best single performance while Shagnasty’s mother-in law and her dog Mable won the duet award. At that point the scene changed and I found myself dressed in only a loin cloth and dancing with a bunch of savages around a fire where a man tied to pole is being barbecued for dinner. The man turns out to be none other than Shagnasty who grins at me and says:”I hope you are not hungry tonight Bode.”

I was reminded of this article when going through my Shagnasty files I found the following letter from old Shag which has been laying around for nearly two years. It is too good to miss so herewith are some of his thoughts on my dream:

Dear Bode:

Just received the Brady Standard Herald containing your “fan-dam-tastic” dream with me in the leading role.

First let me say this about dreams: I found a quotation by a British author which says “Saddle your dreams afore you ride them”. Now just what this means I have no earthly idea, for I have a hard time remembering dreams much less riding them— furthermore I don’t even own a saddle.

Second let me thank your wife Alma for waking you up from that terrible dream before they put me on the table for all of you naked savages to eat. Man before I finished reading that dream could just see you slicing me up and making a good ole barbequed Shagnasty sandwich and I was wondering if you would like it as well as you and I have enjoyed those barbeque sandwicheds we used to eat at Weaver’s Smoke House.

Third I will add here that my mother-in-law did not get as big a kick out of that trophy she and Mable won at your”Mystic Choral Snore” award show as did I. As a matter of fact she had only recently recovered from her agitated condition resulting in my story (told by you) about the snoringcapabilities of she and her dog Mable. I’ll tell you feller you got me into a mess of trouble with that story.

I think perhaps you should request dreams from your readers. Such a request should bear fruit for I know that the “field of dreams” is a fertile one, having had and heard a bunch of real “doozies” in my time. Then, should you receive enough response to your request for dreams, you might start another column in the Friday paper under the title of Bode’s FAN-DAM-TASTIC DREAMS.

It seems remarkable that many dreamers can recall all of their dreams while others remember only small portions. I belong to the latter group as well as that unfortunate group whose wonderful dreams are always interrupted at the most vital and interesting part.

In speaking of interrupted dreams I want to state that I believe one of your gods of the outer world ,and in this case perhaps the “goddess of virtue”,prevents the continuance of those dreams wherein the dreamer is at the point of “making hay” with a beautiful girl as the interruption occurs. Try as I might I have never,in any instance,been able to make connection with that broken dream at that vital part—I guess then that your “goddess” is protecting the”girl of my dreams”.

I know that you and I have disscussed the terible things the gods of dreams do to embarrase us, such as not having shoes on at formal affairs. Because of them I have been forced to attend many parties dressed in my underwear and I am sure many of your readers have experienced such embarrasing moments themselves.

Therefore my advice to you is to get your saddle ready because you could get a lot of dreams that will be hard to ride.

As ever, Shag.


By the way, here is a short dream I had recently:

I was playing bridge and had opened the bidding with one club and the player on my right bid one heart. The next thing I knew my partner was preparing to make the opening lead when I said “Hey, why are you making the opening lead?” “Because everyone passed” replied my partner. “Like hell they did”, I said angrily. “ I am going to bid six clubs” and turning to the woman player on my left I asked “What are you going to do about that?” She studied her cards for a minute and then very softly said “ I will bid six queens”.

The other two players passed and I said “Well, I have never heard of that bid before so I am going to pass because I want to see how you make six queens when there only four in the deck”.—The next morning when I laughingly told my wife about that crazy bid of six queens she said,“Well why didn’t you double,silly”?

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