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"Down the Drain with Jane"
Wednesday, July 1, 2009 • Posted July 1, 2009

When I was younger we had Beatniks, Hippies and Flower Children. When my boys were growing up they had the Preppies and the Kickers. Now there are Bloggers, Tweeters and Tweets! So, when they get to be my age will they be know as Old Preppies, Old Kickers and Old Bloggers/Tweeters? I’ve no doubt that they too, will be replaced by other names. But, I’m willing to bet there will still be KICKERS!

Being in the Airports, I saw a lot of all the above. Well, not so much the Kickers, as they’re smarter than having to have to fly! People, I don’t know when I’ll be on another airplane, but it sure won’t be soon. Airports are nothing more than cattle pens. They call them gates, but they’re actually nothing more than pens. They call your number and you have to line up in this line, other numbers may now line up in behind the other numbers.

There are no nice folks in airports or on airplanes. And, having to travel on one for thirteen hours there and again thirteen hours back, I too, became an unfriendly person. Even the Old Flower Children couldn’t smile and give you the peace sign. Old Hippies can’t smoke, so they don’t fly. They’re smart and stay home and fly high. Beatniks are now in wheel chairs and get special treatment. While the Preppies are still trying to catch up with the Bloggers, Tweets and Tweeters. So as I see it, the only smart ones are the Kickers and the Old Hippies! I’m just not in a position to be told when to move and how fast to move.

Why should they be nice to you, you’ve already paid for your ticket “Sucker.” Security is good, but not all that good. But, then again I really don’t look like a terrorist. However, if they did single me out, I had my speech for the Whipper Snappers already prepared and memorized. Never got to use it, but I was ready for them, just the same.

Here is my advice if you’re planning to fly: 1) Make sure it’s not the only mode of travel. There are still cars, trains, buses and boats. 2) Sit by skinny folk. The two seats are now made into three, to get more folks on the same size plane. 3) Don’t talk to strangers, they may think you’re a terrorist. 4) When the flight attendant calls you “trash,” they’re asking for your trash and not really calling you trash. No need to name call back. 5) If the trip isn’t an absolute necessity, just stay home!

P.S. Z said, I can walk a lot farther than I can fly or swim! The Z man does have a good point there!

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