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Bat Cave Report
Wednesday, July 8, 2009 • Posted July 8, 2009

Years ago in a candy shop I saw a very, very large jar of jellybeans in the front window. People were encouraged to try to guess the number of jellybeans in the jar. It held my attention for quite some time. Those jellybeans were packed in so tight that you couldn’t see light between them. I started counting one side and stopped because I realized that you would never be able to accurately count them to the exact number. Other people developed techniques of counting them. They would count an area and them figure out how many areas there were and then still basically guess after adding all of these up.

Little jellybeans and bats….where is the connection? Miss Marple, an elderly detective on BBC television always discovers connections to solve mysteries. We shall at this point, follow her lead.

First of all, we now have millions of little jellybean sized creatures clinging to the ceiling of The Eckert James River Bat Cave. They are pink and packed in so tightly that all you see when you look in and up are pink little faces, wings, tails and feet. The whole ceiling appears to be breathing from the density of these tiny bodies that are stacked four or five deep. Scientists have said that there are from four to five hundred per square foot.

This great awe-inspiring phenomenon began on June 14th of this year when millions of other bats joined the 1.6 million at The Eckert James River Bat Cave. Here they gave birth to a single pup each, but with the extremely large conglomeration of expecting mothers, the ceiling filled in very rapidly over a two week span. I believe that Miss Marple would be quite proud of these deductions.

Where the real mystery begins is in the next couple of weeks when these pink jellybean sized bats are no longer pink, but black. Where Miss Marple, do we go from here? Yes, we must at this point realize that even though these little creatures are jellybean sized and pink like the strawberry mist jellybeans that were totally scrumptious in earlier years of my life, they are not jellybeans and I am certain from Miss Marple’s point of view, would in no way taste like strawberry mist jellybeans. Let’s not even contemplate that for the sake of our dear readers!

But, Miss Marple would surmise that these were mammals. Many mammals, like these tiny Mexican free-tail pups are born pink and hairless, but within five weeks have a rich black coat. At five weeks they are no longer tiny jellybean sized, but weigh about what their moms do. Hold two nickels in the palm of your hand and you can visualize what they would weigh at the time of their first flight out of the cave.

The next time that you visit a candy store and gaze at the tiny pink jellybeans, remind yourself that you are due a visit to the greatest “candy store” on earth…..The Eckert James River Bat Cave Preserve. I don’t even need Miss Marple to conclude that this will be the “SWEETEST” experience of your life!!

Call 325-347-5970 for details or current emergence time. Current time of emergence is 6:00 p.m. I open the gate at six o’clock so it would be good to be there at that time. See you at the cave!

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