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"Down the Drain with Jane"
Wednesday, July 15, 2009 • Posted July 15, 2009

“THEY?” created Day Light Savings Time! Didn’t save me a dime, in fact I lost an hour in the process. “They?” is really putting the sheep on me, too!

I only want the Federal Government to do one thing for me and mine and that is to protect our shores and borders. To pay the men and boys who do this job well and for them to have the best of best equipment and benefits. For those who served, known to us as the Veterans, they deserve and should have the VIP of all medical and retirement benefits of anyone.

I don’t need to hear that the Federal Government is going to control my consumption of electricity. They don’t need to tell me that Smoking and Guns kill folks. Those smokes don’t tell folks to smoke them and the guns didn’t just hop up and kill someone, either.

I don’t need the Federal Government to bail me out of anything. If I get into hot water, then I’ll just have to get myself out of hot water. I don’t want my tax dollars to pay for girls who want an abortion. If they got themselves into a pickle, then they need to pay for whatever the doctor charges or give that child to someone who will love it and provide for it. And, I sure don’t want the Federal or State Government a messing with the school system.

I want the State Government to care for the Highways. Keep them in good condition so the trucks can roll in with products made in America. They don’t need to control the schools either. Just keeping up the States Constitution and keeping the highways good is more than they can handle now. So, they sure don’t need the Federal Government a telling them what they should do. Remember, when someone gives you a new shirt, they just might want to tell you how to wear it, too! So, don’t need to take money from the Feds that make you “beholding” to them.

Local Government has its job and they can do it well if they’ll not having to be beholding to the Federal and State Governments. County Roads, City streets and to provide efficient power and water for the locals. To have teachers to teach and not be told what and when it can be taught. The County Mounties need to protect its residences and be well paid for it. However, they don’t need to be nosing around when their not call on,either. And the way I see it they can also do the job of a Game Warden.

If one little fat lady took Prayer out of our schools, maybe it’s time some Fat Lady takes charge and gets Prayer and Paddles back into our schools. Yep, we need Prayer and Paddles back, along with glass soda water bottles, milk jugs, banana boxes and less plastic bottles, cans, and plastic grocery bags.

Just think, you read this in the Mason County News and you didn’t hear it on ABC, CBS, NBC or even FOX news.

P.S. Sometimes when you fly high, you’re bound to fall hard. I’m thinking we Americans have flow way to HIGH!

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