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Thoughts on Health and Nutrition
Wednesday, July 22, 2009 • Posted July 22, 2009


This article was written a long time ago but read it anyway you might like it.


Several months ago I received a small paperback book through the mail. It was written by a doctor who believes that the biggest medical breakthrough since penicillin is on its way and the wonderful thing about this breakthrough is the fact that it has nothing whatsoever to do with drugs.

This doctor has come to believe that the medical establishment is totally wrong about heart disease, stroke, cancer and arthritis. He feels that in a few years Nobel Prizes will be awarded to scientists who are making discoveries that will unlock the secrets of allergies, aging, cancer and a long list of other medical problems.

Now to me the most interesting part of this doctor’s theory was his argument for nutrition, the foods we eat, and the requirement for supplements to our diet, these being two items about which doctors (as a rule) know but little.

The material in this little book together with a recent Larry King program on “cancer and nutrition” has encouraged me to publish the following article recalling events that happened some twenty years ago and about which I had written but never intended to publish:



Some nineteen years ago the Senate Select Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs published a report which concluded that we were eating ourselves into the hospital! Yet at the same time the AMA and many in the drug profession were harassing a man for trying to cure people’s illnesses by a process not yet recognized by them and that was: eating the proper foods.

The very idea—trying to cure people without the use of drugs! How could doctors and drug companies make money dispensing food products? In an effort to discourage the promotion of such ideas the powers behind the medical association and the drug companies initiated actions that would discourage people who advanced such ideas.

One such person was Dr. Carey Reams, a noted biophysicist, who had developed a urine and saliva test which he claimed would yield the information required to mathematically analyze the body chemistry. His theory, as I understood it, was simply this: balance your body chemistry and your body will heal itself. Does that sound like something to be tyrannized for? (I do not know the extent of his persecution or the final outcome of it but I was aware that it existed).

If one accepted this theory one had to be taught the proper foods to eat. To accomplish this some of Dr. Reams’ disciples set up seminars, health food camps, or, whatever you wish to call them, to analyze people’s body chemistry and advise them on the proper foods to eat (or, prepare a specialized diet) that would bring one’s body chemistry back to normal.

My wife and I attended one of these camps, or seminars. It was hidden (because of harassment) out in the woods of Georgia not too far from Nashville, Tennessee. We were at this camp when Elvis Presley died, and seeing pictures taken just prior to his death we thought that he should have been with us, learning the benefits of proper nutrition. For, that is what they did for us - taught us that we could control our health with the foods we ate, the water we drank and vitamin supplements. (They prescribed the use of distilled water only.)

‘We are now 85 years of age and we are amused at current articles we read, or see on TV, about the foods that lend zest to living and prevent certain illnesses.

We think: now, after all of these years, many doctors are accepting the facts of nutrition so soundly advanced by Dr. Reams and others. However, in spite of all the seeming acceptance of the importance of nutrition by the medical profession, I have not seen any ads or articles promoting nutrition either by the AMA or the Drug companies. But, since I read very little I could have missed some of their food promotion ideas.

Another national organization that joined in on the harassment of Dr. Reams and/or his disciples was a weekly TV program on CBS. It is my personal opinion that they made fun of the Reams program by slanting the facts, as they are so often prone to do, and by substituting one man’s test for another’s made it appear that the entire Reams program was a method to con money out of sick (and wealthy) people. No effort, to my knowledge, was made by this program to check into the history or background of the Reams program, or if they did, it was not included. They did not say a word about the good that had been accomplished by the Reams program at this or any other location. They portrayed only the fact that here was a Reams disciple and/or follower trying to bilk the public out of their money and give them nothing but a “Mickey Finn” in return.

Well, I would like to say to CBS: “There are crooks in nearly all programs and you report on them quite often in some of your shows, but seeing what you did to Dr. Reams makes me wonder about the truth in your other programs. We resented your portrayal of the Reams program then and that resentment still holds.

We stayed at the Georgia camp for 10 days and were not charged one penny more than they told us it would be when we checked in—and in those 10 day, with room and board, tests, and seminars included, the cost (as well as I can remember at this late date) was less than $700.00 for the two of us.

We still have friends made at that camp and they feel the same as we do about the Reams portrayal by CBS. Yes, they are still alive and are still practicing things they learned from the Reams program!”


The above was not written until Aug. 4,l992 and fits well with a TV program shown a few nights later (on Sept. l5,l992) At that time PBS presented an hour program called “Eat Smart” which was a look at Americans and their eating habits.

This program was on foods to eat that made you healthy as opposed to foods that would promote the growth of cancer cells and add to the risk of heart attacks. I did not tune into this program early enough to learn just who was advancing all of these good and bad eating theories but I am sure it was not the AMA, the Drug Companies or the Meat Producers of America. However, I will say this in defense of the meat producers, they at least are well aware of the danger of too much fat in our diets and are working to reduce the fat content in their animals.

And I will defend the doctors to this extent: they too know and tell you the danger of too much fat, cholesterol, triglycerides, etc.. But, bless their hearts, I doubt that they were taught the values of eating the foods that promote good health, or, if they were there is little doubt they were also taught that you don’t make money out of a healthy person.

I am beginning to wonder if the medical profession together with Government Research is in any big hurry to find a cure for cancer. Think for a minute of all the Hospitals and Clinics (World Wide) currently being supported by cancer patients—this is a multi-billion dollar industry.

What would happen to them if their rooms were suddenly left empty because a cure for cancer had been found.

Why did I add Government Research to the above?: because I have read that government research funds are funneled into research projects that are not likely to find a quick cure for cancer, and funneled out of those projects getting too close to the real answer.

Reflect for a minute. I said in the beginning that the Senate Select Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs had published a report that said the American people were eating their way into the hospitals. This being true then I hasten to ask why Government Research funds have not been poured into “Eat Smart” programs rather than “ Drug” research projects ?

Again it is my view and or opinion that “Eat Smart” programs offer immediate and effective ways of preventing cancer and heart attacks as well as a possible cure for those and other diseases already in process within one’s body.

Eighteen years have passed since I was introduced to the Carey Reams program of eating the foods that keep one healthy. while, in the beginning, I tried to stick with his program my current waist measurement bears vivid testimony to a great deal of program slippage because of my devotion to foods with that good old greasy taste.

Perhaps now that the art of eating the proper foods is gaining in notoriety and in popularity we may in some measure make up for those lost years when: “having eyes we would not see, and having ears we would not hear.”

FOOTNOTE: (July 3, 1994)

An Editorial in today’s Dallas Morning News says that “We’re losing the war on cancer.” After 23 years of throwing billions into programs for cancer research “the overall cancer rate in the U.S. has risen 18 percent since 1971, or 7 percent when adjusted for an aging population.”

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