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Wednesday, August 19, 2009 • Posted August 19, 2009

Our Two Sewer Systems

People are funny. For instance: I pay the city over $19.00 a month to dispose of the sewage from my home through its sewer system. Then I turn right around and pay over $30.00 a month to have the sewage from many of our TV network channels piped into my house. Now there is something wrong with this picture. What is it?

However, before we examine this picture let me hasten to say for the benefit of those who like the sewage piped into their homes, that I do exercise my option to change channels when I dislike the odor emanating from my set.

From my point of view I cannot see where the vulgarity of the language used in films of today add a thing to the story being told. To me the use of such language shows a lack of refinement in a producer or writer who perhaps thinks he knows the appetite of those who will view his film.

Such people seem not to give thought to the fact that the vulgar language and sex scenes that satisfy his ego is, in fact, showing the immaturity of his mind as well as in the minds of those who enjoy his offerings. (Well shucks, I do use an occasional “hell’s fire” and a “gol durn” or two and if those are considered vulgar language then I am in trouble).

The fact that in my youth I did not learn to “suck face” (as did the kid in On Golden Pond) leaves me in the position of having to close my eyes when the hero and heroine of today’s films start to kiss. Why do I close my eyes? Because I do not believe in cannibalism and I hate to see two people with wide open mouths try to eat each other.

Back in the olden day of good films the enjoyment of kisses seemed to be in the warmth of responding lips. The risqué language was contained in such words as ‘shucks’ and ‘gol-dang’ and the intimate portions of sex was left to our imagination.

I will never forget the first time I was called upon to watch the first of the sex movies. The film we were watching was “The Last Picture Show” and to tell you the truth the set of moral values and principals that I acquired in the early 1920’s were shocked. Furthermore I was embarrassed.

To add to the mortification I felt, there were two young girls who should have been in school sitting in front of us, and two nuns who perhaps should have been in some convent sitting just behind us. Now call me a prude if you wish but I still feel (and this happened some 35 years ago) that the sex scenes added nothing to this picture that my imagination could not have provided. And remember this: the “imagination” is one of the greatest assets of our mind — and it has no limits.

Now I am not blaming our local cable company The sewage I refer to is produced by the networks; therefore the cable company is just the delivery boy. My prime complaint with our cable is that they do not offer us some of the channels that provide programs that the older set could enjoy.

I have reference here to reruns of old TV programs that were so successful in the past and do not contain the vulgar words so many of us despise. I have noticed that the “Nick” channel runs old programs such as Mary Tyler Moore, the Dick Van Dyke Show, the Lucy Show and others.

Wouldn’t the kids of today, along with all of us oldsters, enjoy seeing those old Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy shows as well as Jack Benny, Red Skelton and the Laugh In show? I would be willing to pay extra to see some of these old shows but I would not pay an extra dime for the programs on HBO and other channels offering the sleaze usually found in alleys and garbage dumps.

Take, for instance, an old movie like Spencer’s Mountain, with Henry Fonda, Maureen O’Hara and a wonderful supporting cast. It contains laughter and tears; a “gol-dang” or two; the warmth of deep abiding family togetherness; and the passionate love of youth that leads only to a sexual insinuation. All in all it is a wonderful heart warming picture the likes of which is seldom made these days.

Now don’t accuse me of trying to get rid of the shows that others may like — I say “If they like garbage let them watch garbage (there is plenty of that on the tube).” All I am asking for is something that I can watch.

Today, if it wasn’t for old movies, and reruns of old programs such as The Andy Griffin show, sports, PBS and FOX I could give up TV altogether.

However, I read something a while back that should bring hope to the hearts of those desiring the availability of better television programs. This article was telling about a book called Life After Television which sees the day when we will be able to dial up movies, books, plays and whatever else we choose to watch.

This article said that television is the tool of tyrants. The overthrow of which will be a major force for freedom and individuality, culture and morality. This overthrow will come about with the use of a device that will permit the creation of massive data bases to which you and I can gain access over fiber-optic networks.

The author of the article sees the day when these systems will replace the newspaper, radio, television and personal computer as we now know each of them. However the writer of the referenced article brings up the point that even with this new fangled system garbage will still be available to those who desire it. Therefore it will still be up to the parents to see that all of that corruption is kept in the garbage can and out of their living room.



The Horse and Mule live thirty years,

Yet nothing know of wine and beers

Most Goats and Sheep at twenty die

And have never tasted Scotch or Rye

A cow drinks water by the ton

And so at eighteen is nearly done.

A dog in milk and water soaks,

And then in twelve short years he croaks.

Your modest, sober,bone dry Hen

Lays eggs for Nogs, then dies at ten.

All animals are strictly dry,

They sinless live and swiftly die.

But sinful,Ginful, Beer-soaked men

Survive some three score years and ten,

While some of us, though mighty few,

Stay sauced until we’re ninety two.

Author Unknown

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