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Wednesday, August 26, 2009 • Posted August 26, 2009

Is That the Stench of Moral Decay That I Smell?


As one whose reading is limited primarily to news-paper Editorials I have made a practice of saving those articles which contained opinions appealing to my way of thinking. Having nothing better to do and hoping that you might take pleasure from reading them, I have taken excerpts from a large group of these articles and pieced them into a quilt-work of depressing convictions which reflect many of the ills of our country.

In reading what others have written I discovered “quotations” which would have you believe that “reading is sometimes an ingenious device for avoiding thought” and that “as soon as you say what you think, and not what some other person has thought for you, you are on your way to being a remarkable man”. Thus I lay but little claim to a few thoughts that might be original but in so doing I am pleased with the idea of offering to you the opportunity of partaking in:



“In the broad sweep of history empires live and die. Based on this historic evidence it’s safe to conclude the U.S. will someday be eclipsed by up and coming nations, probably in Asia. It’s one thing to get edged out by an economic competitor, but it’s another thing to construct a social system that rewards unnatural behavior and builds up a huge dependent populace of misfits and losers. Within America the cost of subsidizing the underclass promises to become unbearable and the social consequences threaten our safety and order.

Primarily because of welfare incentives one out of four children is now born out of wedlock.—Project this rapidly growing statistic a generation hence, and, if it holds, it means that well over one-half of new births will be illegitimate. People who vote for politicians who perpetuate this kind of insanity are casting their ballots for national suicide.

The welfare policies of this nation match the evils of any prior civilization—it cripples the self-worth and destroys the character of millions.”

The early Romans had the correct word for welfare—they called it “bribery” to keep the masses within their power. And consider this: the Bible says that the poor will always be with us so why are we spinning our wheels trying to eliminate poverty altogether? (Cook)

Why aren’t poor Americans—of any color—taking jobs that illegal’s take? We have studies that show how quickly illegal’s move up into higher paying positions leaving the poor American still further out of the mainstream. They take the demeaning jobs refused by Americans and thus begin their climb up the social ladder. But our government still ignores the real problem which is welfare reform.

In the book The Great Reckoning the authors cite research which shows that the odds in favor of escaping poverty in the United States were 200 to 1 for anyone who did just three things:(1) graduated from high school, (2) did not have children out of wedlock, and (3) took any job, even at minimum wage, and did not quit except to take another job.

This is a society that makes multimillionaires out of psycho neurotics for cavorting on the stage, playing with their genitalia, and spouting the most coarse, vulgar, profane and blasphemous words.

This is a country where television and motion picture executives have practically put pornographers out of business by stealing their product and showing it in living rooms and movie houses.

This is a country that calls a close-up photograph of a male anus with some object sticking out of it art.

This is the country where exploration of sex, violence and race is called entertainment.

This is the country where it is okay for an “entertainer” to stand in front of 300,000 people and on national television, grope her own crotch, and scream vulgarisms and profanity.

Where 12-year-olds have babies, 15-year-olds kill each other, 17-year-olds are dying of AIDS, and 18-year-olds get diplomas they cannot read.

Where the failure to teach family values to children allowed people of all ages and races to openly steal from stores during the L. A. riots.

Where failure to teach the fundamentals of good manners as taught by grandmothers of yesteryear allows men to eat with their hats and caps on and permits women to tolerate and sanction such rudeness. This simple act, which to some may be an insignificant gesture showing their disregard for manners, bears the stench of the decay and deterioration of family values which is so common in America today.

Those guilty of this act will say “What difference does it make?” and in so doing start tearing out the foundation stones of the wall of morality so sturdily built by generations past. These “small” violations of moral integrity weaken the structure of values that parents of yesteryear (and many today) strived to build for their children.

This is a country where a new study finds that 40 percent of workers in small and medium-sized firms lack the most basic 3R skills.

Where eighty percent of Americans will sometime be the victims of crime, one out of 12 women will be raped and 135,000 young people will carry guns to school.

Where a movie about homosexuality, bisexuality, transsexuality, biracial relationships and homosexuality in the military is given a “two thumbs up” review from America’s two popular movie critics and called an “old fashioned love story” by another.

Where you can make a fortune with a recording about killing cops, where they refuse to let schoolchildren say grace before lunch but teach them how to use a condom before recess.

Where congress by enacting laws that are incredibly complicated, vague, broad in scope, hard to interpret and costly to implement has become the closest thing to a perpetual lawyer-creating machine ever invented. This gives the U. S. 70 percent of the world supply of lawyers for just 5 percent of the world population.

Where, according to news articles, the profit of attorneys in bankruptcy cases is beyond belief and the lawyer’s profit from worker’s compensation insurance is phenomenal.

Where the lawyer’s pass the laws making all of this possible, including court rules where such things as revealing the ultimate consequences of a jury decision cannot be discussed in front of the jury, thereby preventing these suckers from learning that the award they decide upon may, in the end, come out of their pockets.

Or, that a huge award could put someone out of business, thus resulting in the loss of jobs for many people.

Where the law seems to have become separated from it’s prime objective, which is justice.

Where what our politicians say bears little resemblance to what they do.

Where there are more government workers than manufacturing workers.

Where, according to some, our schools have made kids dumber instead of smarter.

Where the undermining of civilizing authority through laws inhibiting strict discipline has resulted in today’s school problems of knives and guns, rape, murder and serious assaults by students on teachers and other students.

Where the major cause of deterioration in public schools has nothing to do with the lack of money, student ability and qualified teachers. The missing ingredient is a positive learning environment. School boards, administrators and legislators refuse to face the simple fact that the lack of discipline produces lack of learning. Policy makers don’t have enough gumption to address the “real world” of education, because heaven forbid they upset some parent or student. Public education will never progress forward until some day people realize that school rules are made to be followed and not broken.”


If the above thoughts have not been depressing enough for you—wait until next week when more will follow.

However, don’t become too downhearted for there is a ray of hope at the end of this tunnel. (BB)

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