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Wednesday, September 9, 2009 • Posted September 9, 2009

Wake Up Rip

Like Rip Van Winkle who slept for 100 years The Brady Standard Herald has awakened from its slumber to find that it does have a voice that can explore an issue of great interest to our nation. And we found that voice in the Editorial “You say racial, I say patriotism” of May 5, 2006, written by James Stewart, the young Editor of the Brady Standard Herald.

After reading the editorial I immediately sent the following e-mail to Mr. Stewart saying ‘Congratulations James on a splendid and timely editorial. You scored a home run with me so I copied it, and, trusting that you would not mind, e-mailed it to friends and kin in Oklahoma, California, Florida, Indiana, Virginia, Mississippi and Maine as well as numerous towns here in Texas.

I was especially pleased to read that there would be no more articles in Spanish in the Brady Standard Herald.


In my mind our nation too is awakening to the serious issues involving”legal and illegal immigrants” who march in protest of our laws while carrying flags of Mexico. I find this awakening in the writings of many conservative writers; and people with computers find Cyberspace is filled with the voices of many people who feel that the Liberals and their supporters are trying to give our country’s goodness to undeserving legal’s while legal Hispanic citizens must work for everything they get.


A cousin from Tulsa told me “not all Hispanics support the current movement favoring illegal’s. As witness the comment from a Hispanic fellow that lives across the street from my step-daughter. Yesterday he thanked her for always being pleasant to him, his wife, and their kids.He said he has been taking a lot of grief because he is Hispanic. He was born in the US and so were his wife and kids. He hardly speaks any Spanish. But he says he is getting it from both sides now because of his appearance.

He said “I was born here, I grew up here, I work here in a legal job, and I have earned everything I have. I resent all this free stuff that the illegal’s are getting because that is costing me money.”


I sent my complaint about the free stuff given to illegals to my son who lives in Virginia and his answer was: “Believe me when I say that you don’t know half of what is being given away. In my humble opinion, it all comes from laws written and passed in Congress (and some state legislatures - like California) by the “do gooders” who say, “can’t we all just get along.” The same people that want us to just sit down and have a conversation with Osama bin Laden to see why they don’t like us, are writing laws that are enforced on the “law followers” for the benefit of the law “non followers.”

One of the major reasons for the high cost of health care today is the cost of providing services for illegal’s. I can speak personally of situations that just blow my mind ... for example ... one of my co-workers has a nurse wife. She works for a company that provides in-home health care services. She says that at least half of her time is spent with illegal’s. They request the services and are granted them rather than having them come to the hospitals and clog up the emergency room. Her company provides what ever medical services are required and then the company bills the government (local/state/national). I have been told by emergency room nurses that illegal’s arrive at their door (by taxi) wanting diapers for their babies. They are required by law to provide what is needed and then send them home. If the illegal doesn’t have any money, the hospital must pay the cost of the taxi to take them home.


I did not realize until after reading the letter to the editor from the president of the National Hispanic Institute (under the title”One sided article draws ire”) in the May 9th issue of the Brady Standard-Herald that I too had been looking at this problem with a “one sided” view. Those who read this letter should have, in all fairness, recognized that the writer had a valid point when he asks “Who is really breaking the law (referring here to the hiring of illegal’s by Americans) and who is being unpatriotic?” and then adds “What we seem to have here are two interacting social forces, one driven by need, the other by American greed.”

As I began to look to look our illegal immigrant problem with a two-sided view I was reminded of that old movie “A field of dreams” wherein the hero was told “If you will build it (meaning a baseball field and stadium) “they will come” And they did come, by the thousands.

In this same view I see the USA building a field of dreams for the illegal workers from all countries by not only offering them more money in one hour than they could earn in their country in a day but also offering them fringe benefits they thought of only in their dreams.

Our government has said to these destitute people, “come, give us your cheap labor and in return we give you the same benefits offered to our legal immigrants such as employment, medical care, in-state tuition,government subsidized housing and free education for your offspring.

“We cannot blame these people for accepting the goodies offered by our government, the blame is on the “do gooders” who are making Uncle Sam into a gift horse. I can imagine those illegal’s saying “That Uncle Sam, he one nice feller, but he not very smart feller. He think I work cheap, ha, ha, with all that free stuff I pretty rich feller.”

And now we find that because of our greed for cheap labor we have brought this invasion of illegal’s upon ourselves and we don’t like it because they are carrying Mexico’s flags and protesting our immigration laws. It appears however that we have made our bed and must lie in it until such time as our congress can come up with solutions to these problems, and this won’t be easy.

Our president is attempting to slow the invasion of illegal’s by taking actions to secure our southern border but I fear his success will depend on compromise and by-partisanship efforts of opposing parties, and that doesn’t seem likely. Somewhere along the line (and soon), we are going to have to find a few politicians that will stop thinking about how to get more votes and start thinking about what is best for this country.

My vision of the action required to stop illegal immigration goes back to the movie “A field of dreams”. In this movie they said build the baseball field and the stadium and “they will come”. I would reverse this action by saying quit hiring the illegal’s and “they will leave.”


The problem of getting people to quit hiring illegal’s is one of gigantic proportions because of that one word “greed”, which is, as I see it, the universal villain of all civilizations.

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