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Healthcare Solution
Wednesday, October 21, 2009 • Posted October 21, 2009

Dear editors,

At a town hall meeting in Horseshoe Bay last week, Rep. Mike Conaway was quoted as saying, “How do you pay for it? How do you afford it? I don’t want to burden future generations.” He was referring to our government taking more responsibility for healthcare.

Conaway displays the lack of common sense and human compassion that is lacking in most members of Congress.

If I had the power of Congress for one day I could raise the money to pay for healthcare for everyone in this country in short order with plenty left over to help stimulate the economy.

The first thing I would do is end the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan and bring the troops home. Anyone with half a brain knows you don’t reduce the threat of terrorism by causing even more Arabs and Muslims to hate you. Ending those wars would save trillions in the next few years along with countless lives. The main purpose of those wars in my opinion is the control of Middle East oil. I think it would be much better and cheaper to pay market value for that oil rather than attempting to take it by force.

The second thing I would do is cut the US military defense budget to be more in line with what other major powers spend. In 2008 the US military budget was $711 billion. The rest of the world’s combined military budget was $762 billion. The US spends nearly as much as the rest of the world combined on wars and war machinery. Do we need to be that paranoid? I don’t think so. Cut the military budget to equal that of China which is $122 billion. That would save $589 billion a year. The corporations that produce weapons should give up their dream of an American Empire and switch to producing windmills, solar panels and electric automobiles.

Third on my list is to have an independent investigation of the bank bailouts that Conaway voted for. An investigation should have been done by Congress before the hundreds of billions were doled out with little oversight. That money should be traced and recovered, especially the money that went for bonuses to some of the very people that created the problems. We should recover billions in this effort.

Fourth is to stop producing nuclear weapons and get rid of the ones we have. How can we demand that other countries not develop nuclear weapons when we have more than any other country? Doesn’t that make us the world’s biggest hypocrite? Halting our nuclear program would save billions and maybe the planet.

Fifth is to stop giving Israel billions of dollars in aid each year. Our support of Israel in their theft of Palestinian land is the original reason Arabs have developed hatred for the US. Israel’s possession of nuclear weapons is what is driving other Middle Eastern countries’ attempts to develop nuclear weapons.

These are some of the changes that could be made to pay for universal healthcare in my opinion. Our Congress won’t bring about any of these changes because they don’t represent us. They represent Wall Street and the Corporations that pay to get them elected and pay to keep them in office.

Larry Payne


325 247 4364


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