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"Down the Drain with Jane"
Wednesday, October 21, 2009 • Posted October 21, 2009

The things that come out of our mouths! Too, the things we say and then think to ourselves, “Why did I say that?”

“Let it rain.” Okay, to what extent of power does one think that the other has to make it rain? The best I can do is to buy some PJ’s for a friend! Other than that I’ve nothing to do with it raining.

“Sleep tight!” Well, there have been a couple of nights in my life that I did “Sleep Tight,” but I’m not all that proud of them. “Sleep well,” maybe better to say!

“I haven’t seen you in a Coon’s age!” Well, hello my friend I don’t think coons live all that long. Too, looking at them one might think, that’s good, as some folks that we know, we can take in small doses!

When you answer the phone and the party on the other end says, “What are you doing?” I usually reply, “Nothing!” Well, I was doing something, but I don’t need to tell them what I was doing. Sometimes it’s a private affair! Too, sometimes that’s just the person I’d rather not talk to. Caller ID’s are wonderful!

When some folks call and say, “Hello, how are you doing?” They really don’t want to know how you are or even what you’re doing; they want to ask something of you. To these callers I’ve been known to answer, “What do you want?” It may be blunt, but they don’t call me any other time to chat. They only call to ask you to do something. So why should I tell them how I’m doing?

Now, to the, “HOW ARE YOU DOING” folks! Some may be generally interested in your health and well being, but for the most part that is just their signal to start in on all their health and lack of happiness problems. You avoid these folks like the H1H2 flu! Sometimes, a simple, “Hello, and then run fast my friend! Run Fast!

P.S. What ever happened to the HE flu and the SHE flu? Now, they give them other names! Swine, H1H2 and you name it. But, it’s actually the same old flu, the HE and She Flu. The symptoms and recovery are still the same!

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