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Mood and Attitude Changes
Wednesday, November 4, 2009 • Posted November 4, 2009

I occasionally get the complaint that my editorials are too serious, or that they take on topics of too great an import for our little local paper. Those same people will also let me know that they think my topics have been too frivolous and silly, and that I need to address the "real issues" of the day.

An editorial column is, hopefully, a reflection of the events and happenings in a community. My column, in particular, is my take on those same topics, and a reflection of how I perceive the things going on around me from day to day.

In the words of the Almond Joy/Mounds commercial, "Sometimes you feel like a nut,,,, sometimes you don't!"

I have good moods and bad. Sometimes I'm contemplative, while at other times, I just want a good laugh. That's what life is all about, and that's why I approach things as I do in my column,,, it's how I approach life.

There have been times that I could not have a serious conversation with someone if my life depended on it. Every word out of the other person's mouth just makes me giggle and grin, and I just can't seem to take anything seriously. At other times, there doesn't seem to be anything funny about anything happening. I see only the sad and depressing things, and wonder why they have to happen.

Fortunately, God is there to take care of such situations.

When we start to think that everything is all gloom and doom, God is wonderful about dropping something into our lap to help us through the situation, if we're willing to notice the signs he's sending. Sometimes, it will be the smile of a child, or maybe the laughter of someone enjoying a joke. At other times, it may be a glorious sunset when there have been days of rain and thunder.

This week, we finished the largest Hunting Guide we've ever done. 80 pages!!!! Last week while we were working on it, you could not have convinced me that things were going to get better. We were pulling together stories, ads and photos and trying to make them into the most impressive publication we could manage. My pity party was at full tilt.

Then Tennille called to ask for advice on a computer problem over at Mason Building Supply. Rather than being a bother, it was just what I needed to help me remember that things really weren't that bad.

I remembered that again on Sunday evening, and then Monday evening, as I worked with Tennille to restore data from a crashed hard drive. We could have moaned and complained about how bad the situation was; but, instead, we laughed about the bizarre error messages Windows kept giving us, and then celebrated as the system came back online and we saw her inventory system coming back up on screen.

I don't mind folks nudging me along; but, do ask that you remember that I am just like you, and I do have good and bad days. No matter what is happening when you approach me, know that life guarantees there will be changes in the near future.

And, I'll probably be giggling by the end of the day.

It’s all just my opinion.

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