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Man of Many Parts
Wednesday, December 9, 2009 • Posted December 9, 2009

Longtime readers of this column sometimes ask me, when their parents let them come over or use the phone, whatever happened to my friend, Gordo, who I used to write about pretty often. Some readers have told me they didn’t believe Gordo really existed, like my invisible camel. I guess they found it hard to believe I actually had a friend.

But Gordo Gipson is real, he just doesn’t live in Mason anymore. He was here for several years after serving in the Marines, and then he moved to Fredericksburg. He was a police officer there for a while and then he went back into the Corps and served overseas some more. I heard he spent some time in one of the war zones, and never got a scratch, and then he was playing softball with some kids in Bosnia or someplace and damaged his knee somewhat, and had to limp for a while, which sounds about right. Then he came back to Fredericksburg.

I ran into Gordo a while back and found out he’s not a fulltime cop anymore. He and another fellow, named Chris, have a business called KNS Precision, where they manufacture a lot of neat parts for guns and other stuff. Most of the parts are pretty small, but when they give the parts to people, the people give them money anyway, even though the parts aren’t very big. I don’t really understand it, so I went over to KNS recently to see what exactly is going on there.

Gordo took me around and introduced me to everyone at KNS. They’ve got a great bunch of guys over there who run a lot of complicated machinery. Gordo showed me the machines and explained what they do, but I can’t tell you about it, or Gordo will have to kill you. Which would be a pain for him, tracking everyone down.

Some of the parts they make are torture devices, and they sell them to dentists so they can drill holes in peoples’ teeth. One bit Gordo showed me was about half the diameter of a needle, and was threaded on the end. Well, he said it was threaded, but I couldn’t tell. Actually, he said he was showing me a bit, but I couldn’t even see that. He may have just been holding his hand out, and making the bit up. That’s what I mean about the parts being very small. But people buy them anyway. Some of us are more gullible than others.

The interesting parts KNS makes are for guns. You’ve probably seen ads for these parts in some of the Sportsmens’ magazines, like Cheaper Than Dirt and Brownell’s. I’d seen them for a long time, and had no idea it was Gordo’s parts they were selling. He and Chris also go to the Shot Show every year, and a lot of the big gun shows, like the Knob Creek Machine Gun shoot in Kentucky, and sell their parts there. I’d like to go to those gun shows, too, but I don’t have any parts to sell. So there you go.

Gordo had told me to bring my Smith & Wesson M&P-15 over when I came, so he could do stuff to it. I didn’t know exactly what he intended to do to my gun, but when a bald, 220-pound Marine tells me to bring my rifle, I bring my rifle.

It turns out Gordo wanted to put some of his parts in my gun. He set my rifle on a snazzy holder thing that fit into the magazine well, and started taking it apart. He took it apart way farther than I ever do, and when I mentioned this he told me not to worry about it, because he knew what he was doing. I knew what he was doing, too. He was taking my gun apart, all the way. But I kept my mouth shut.

Once my rifle was lying pretty much all over the workbench, Gordo opened a package of small parts and started replacing the ones in my gun with the new ones. He explained he was doing that so my gun would last longer.

What it is, is there are some pins in every AR type rifle that rotate every time it’s shot, and Gordo explained that this is a Bad Thing. The pins are steel, and they rub against the aluminum lower receiver, and wear it out. KNS makes replacement pins that have little keepers on them that keep them from rotating, so they don’t wear out the receiver.

He also put a KNS sling on my gun, so if I decide to climb a tree with it, I won’t have to pull it up with a rope and possibly shoot myself in the hand with it. And he put a neat KNS front sight on there, too.

KNS makes a lot of other gun parts besides the non-rotating pins, parts you really can’t do without if you have an AR-15, or plan to get one, or have ever seen one. So you need to give Gordo a shout and get some of his parts. Just be sure to give him some money for them, or he’s liable to use his tiny drill bits on your teeth . . .

Kendal Hemphill is an outdoor humor columnist and public speaker who has a coffee can full of extra parts. Write to him at PO Box 1600, Mason, Tx 76856 or

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