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Wednesday, March 3, 2010 • Posted March 3, 2010

Remnants Of A Defrosted Love

Oh my God, my heart is broken. I saw Mary Tyler Moore last night — I saw her as she really looks today and much of the fascination I held for her for over 30 years just oozed out of me.

Where was that young girl I fell so hard for during her early years on television? My infatuation for Mary remained steadfast throughout the long run of the Dick Van Dyke Show and cooled but little as it lay in the shade of the years between the close of that show and the appearance of the Mary Tyler Moore Show.

During the years of her appearance on the MTM Show my fascination with Mary and her voice changed into an attachment of the heart that was akin to love. Her sweet face had attained the beauty that, to me, comes to mature women long after their age of innocence has passed, and her distinctive voice had mellowed into tones that were Mary’s alone.

In thinking of the voices given to people by their Creator I envision an astronomical laboratory filled with His scientific engineers charged with the task of designing a different voice for every child born. Quite a task, but isn’t it wonderful that they do such an amazing job?

"To each his own" could be said of this God given characteristic that is recognizable from near or far by friends, acquaintances and fans. No other feature but the voice, to my knowledge, can be recognized even in the dark and to Mary Tyler Moore the Creator gave an outstanding and distinguished voice that has endeared her to countless fans.

At the close of the Mary Tyler Moore Show my attraction of the heart for this young lady again had to be placed in the cold storage vault of my mind where she remained in memory until Classic Cable came to Brady. With the advent of this new cable company came the NICK channel and Mary again came into my life.

Now the flames of an old laid by love were rekindled by an hour and a half of Mary Tyler Moore five nights each week that defrosted those frozen memories and brought to life again one of my favorite people. And so it was with much pleasure that I watched for months the reruns of the TV shows that revealed her youth and beauty.

Then, by accident, one night on a current show I saw Mary as she is today. Ah, what dastardly deeds age, the arch enemy of beauty, can do to a face. Gone were her looks, the pretty face I admired for so many years. Old man age had touched her just as he touches all of us and in addition to age one could see the tread marks of her bout with alcohol.

I was reminded of the article I wrote some months ago on the "Shock of Aging" wherein it was noted that the impact of seeing a person after the passage of many years can be devastating. Thus it was with me.

After watching re-runs of the Mary Tyler Moore Show on Nick at Nite five nights a week for months I was not ready for the Mary of today. I was not ready for lines age seems to enjoy etching on one’s face. I was not ready for the loss of that happy and fetching smile that had delighted me through the years. However, in spite of these losses of her well remembered youthfulness she still retains one of her most enchanting features — her voice.

This all happened years ago and thanks to the ability of old age to forget quickly I have been able to go on watching her shows and seeing the Mary Tyler Moore that I want to remember.

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