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The Audacity of Arrogant Abuse of Power
Wednesday, March 31, 2010 • Posted March 31, 2010

Sunday March 21, 2010 the first blow against our individual freedom was blantantly struck against the will of the American People and on Sunday.

Remember the Sabbath Day and keep it Holy. A deliberate slap in the face of God, utter disregard for "The American Constitution (an instrument from God)" and against the will of the majority of true Americans. Under the Constitution "We the People" have inalienable rights from God. We have been told now—No you don't! "The Great Deceiver" says I mandate what you are to do.

The Great Deceiver has said America is not a Christian Nation, apparently he doesn't know what Christianity is all about or care.

Unfortunately history repeats itself—the old testament (thats in the Holy Bible)—tells how Nations suffered (and still do) under evil rulers. If you are familiar with the "Holy Bible—God's Inspired Word" you know the story of Job.

Today you only need to submit the word "America" for Job. If you have never read this story or the Holy Bible—I strongly recommend you do—Now!

I pray God to have mercy on America. How many 9-11's do we have to have for all Americans to turn back "Sincerely" to God.

Here on the threshold of Easter Washington has never been further away from God.

The Scriptures tell us that the "Wrath of God is a Fearful Thing". Could we, today, be under "His Judgement" It appears very likely.

Apparently the "so called stimulus" was to raise and set aside a bribery fund to buy the votes (that couldn't have been gotten otherwise) to barely pass the 'Ungodly" health care bill.

This is unAmerican but clearly the Chicago Mafia Way.

My ancestors have fought for our freedom from the Revolutionary War up to myself who served in War II, Korea and Viet Nam.

I not only resent this "Ungodly Misconduct" being perpetrated on us all but am "Tremendously Outraged".

Boone Kemp

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