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A Weekend of Simple Pleasures
Wednesday, April 28, 2010 • Posted April 28, 2010

Last weekend, I got to spend time with friends just enjoying some of the simple pleasures of Mason County life. There were actually lots of things happening; but, when you're having a good time, it doesn't really feel like you're working at it quite as much.

Friday night was just an evening with the "gang," catching up on the week's happenings. But, you take into account the stuffed chicken, the roasted corn on the cob and the baked new potatoes, and the evening gets extra stars.

On Saturday, I checked in on the Cancer Benefit, then ran to Ken's house to see how he and Kevin were coming along on their handyman tasks that they had undertaken. They were just about done with their tasks, so I went back to the office to await the arrival of Scott and the kids.

When they arrived, Hanna and Will were ready to soak up some Mason atmosphere. Donna came to the office and took Hanna around the square (a tradition for them), while Will and Scott headed over to Willow Creek for an early lunch. I stayed at the office and worked while I waited on the arrival of Peanut's parents from Fort Worth (they took me up on my invitation of two weeks ago).

Peanut had headed out on a call and got back a bit late, so when his parents arrived, I took them on over to Ken's, where they were staying, and we all went to Northside for lunch while Scott and Will headed up to Hill Country Inn to get checked in to their room. We ended up with nine folks at our table, and probably disturbed the peaceful dining of some of our neighbors with our laughter and conversation.

Peanut headed off with Steven and Jean to check out the bluebonnets and wildflowers on RR 386, FM 1222, Highway 87 and Highway 29. Sean, Ken, Scott, Will and I headed out to Sean's place to start our own adventures. And, oh, what a time we had.

Will had already told Scott that he REALLY wanted to fire a real gun. Though he's had lots of adventures, up till now, none of them had ever included shooting real bullets, and he felt he was ready.

We loaded up some corn and cube into the Mule and toodled through the pasture. Every creek and tank had water, the trees were as green as they can get, and we had with us a .22 rifle with plenty of shells.

We had planned on thinning the turtle population; but, they were not cooperative. Instead, Will learned about gun safety and fired his first shots at prickly pear cactus, cans and bottles. You know a little boy is suitably impressed when he wants to keep the can he shot as a trophy of his "first kill."

Sean headed back to the north end of his property and Will, and Scott, were both taken with the granite outcroppings in the area. They climbed to the highest points they could, then descended and climbed the neighboring rocks. Will's only moment of hesitation came when nature called.

We here in the country take for granted that, when it is time to "pause for the cause," any spot that is not exposed to the general public is fair game as a urinal. To a little boy raised in the city, it was a shock and a surprise to find out that we didn't have to wait until we got back to the house to do our business. There is a part of me still worried that he remembers that does not apply when he's on the school playground.

We ended Will and Scott's visit with a drive on the tractor. Will sat in Sean's lap and steered the tractor while they headed down the road. He was speechless as they bounced down the road; but, did let his dad know later that he could drive if necessary, as he HAD driven a tractor.

They headed back to town to spend their own time together while Hanna had a slumber party with Madelyn and Reagan. Meanwhile, the Shoemakers had finished their tour and arrived in time for another great dinner in the country. We even were able to coax my brother to drop by for a bite or two to end the evening.

On Sunday, Peanut and I finally took his parents out James River Road. The bluebonnets are just starting to fade; but, they're still spectacular. We had a wonderful morning of "oohing" and "ahhing," and then finished out our Sunday in our own fashions.

And you have to ask why I live in Mason? Pick your answer from any of the above.

It’s all just my opinion.

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