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Mostly Memories
Wednesday, April 28, 2010 • Posted April 28, 2010

Goodbye to the Weekly Memories

Yesterday, April 27th, was my 99th birthday, and today is the last day I will publish my weekly MEMORIES. Why?—Don’t you think it is about time for me to close my book of memories and take a little rest? Of course it doesn’t take much time to copy, paste and forward, for really that is all I have been doing for quite some time.Which, in computer talk means that I copy an article that was written, perhaps, years ago and forward it to Gerry Gamel who publishes it in his paper. Now the time it takes to do this doesn’t matter because while I am still here time is plentiful, it is the memory to do these things that is lacking. (I’d bet you that I spend half my time trying to remember what I am wanting to do).

As I am writing my last column I am wondering how many of you will take the trouble send an e-mail saying: "Hate to see you go Bill but I do understand your situation. Will look forward to some of YOUR favorites."

The Lord has been good to me in these 99 years—he has given me good health; two wonderful wives; two good children and a host of nephews and nieces and has allowed me to live in the same house (with its 30 Oak trees) for 38 years. In years past those Oak trees provided me with many days of raking and sacking leaves when in each spring they discarded their year's attire (thank goodness they only change their clothes once a year).

But this year it was different: I borrowed my neighbor’s leaf rake and in an hour and a half I raked up all of those dirty clothes and dumped them next to my garage where they lay until I found a hungry feller who sacked them all ( 110 sacks) in 8 hours. Then I told my good friend Herb Cavness that the leaves were sacked and ready and before the day was over all of those leaves were all moved from my yard to Herb’s place where he apparently has a rest home for Oak leaves.

Now some of you folks might wonder how a 98 year old man who can’t stand up and gets around in a wheel chair can do all of that work—well— it ain’t easy but as long as I am sitting in the saddle of my electric horse or in the seat of my John Deere lawn mower I can do all of my yard work just as I did when I could stand up on two good legs.

I love yard work and it is a wonderful occupation for a person who lives alone. And speaking of living alone I am sure that some of you (lonely) folks will remember that old song "All by myself". Some of you too may remember that I have a song running through my mind during each day. Well, this song surfaced the other day and has been staying with me for days and it fits like a glove into my current lifestyle. So I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do: I’m gonna close out my weekly sessions of MOSTLY MEMORIES by singing that song and I want all of you lonely people who are living alone to sing it with me so come on, it might make you feel better so come on—here goes:

All by myself in the morning,

All by myself in the night ,

I sit alone with a table and a chair

So unhappy there, being solitaire.

All by myself I get lonely,

Watching that clock on the shelf.

I want to rest my weary head on somebody’s shoulder

I don’t want to grow older— all by myself.


This is goodbye—however If my health holds perhaps I’ll see you again from time to time with one of my favorite stories.

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