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Hooked On Entertainment
Saturday, May 15, 2010 • Posted May 15, 2010

I'm not a television watcher. I can't tell you who the contestants are on American Idol, or what night any particular show is televised. I do watch House MD, Heroes and Lost; but, not when they air. For House and Heroes, I watch them on DVD long after they have aired. For Lost, my newest addiction, I watch it on Netflix streaming video.

This is a concept that has been a long time in development. Rather than turning on the television and trying to decide what show to watch out of those being offered, you turn on your internet connected device, choose television shows or movies, and watch them when you want. No waiting for DVDs to arrive. No taping something or using the TIVO. You pick the show, the time, and the leisurely pace you want to take while watching.

In my "Instant Queue," I have a number of movies I haven't seen in years, and some that are relatively new that I'd like to see again. And, I have several television series. Torchwood. X Files. And Lost.

Though Lost is now in its sixth and final season, I never watched it during its run. I heard details about it, knew it was doing some rather cutting edge things with its story line, and even knew some of the actors in the show. I just didn't bother to tune in while it aired.

Now, I'm a Lost junkie.

I can stream an episode on my home computer, or at the office if I'm waiting on the press to finish up their work. My Blu Ray player allows me to stream Netflix directly to it for playback over my high definition television, so I can watch a few episodes in the evening after I go to bed, and another one in the morning while I get ready to head to town.

One of the things that hooked me about this particular show is that it gives full pictures of its heroes and its villains. You know that Jack is a good man; but, you know he has faults. You know Kate was being escorted back to the states by a U.S. Marshall for a possible murder charge; but, she helps people when she doesn't have to and it doesn't further her own agenda. Sayid was in the Republican Guard, yet without his communications skills, the other castaways would be in serious trouble.

I've always enjoyed books, movies, plays and television shows that feature human beings with all their good and bad aspects illuminated. In our own lives, we have all made decisions that we wish we could have a second chance to consider. We have all been better people than we sometimes thought capable. We, like the characters in Lost, are complex and full of contradictions.

I've read enough about the more recent seasons (I'm only on season 2 right now out of 6) to know that the storyline starts to give the characters opportunities to reconsider some of their choices in life. They flash back to the moments that defined their lives, then they flash forward to experience the new life those altered choices give them.

While a great dramatic device, it's not something that I would wish to do. I've also made some really great decisions; and, have been on the deciding end of some real whoppers of bad ones. They played out as they did, and I arrived where I am, and am the person I've become, because of all my decisions. If you change even one, you change everything.

As for flashing forward to see how events play out.... Not interested. I travel my journey through life knowing that everything I do, everything I say, everything I experience, will have an affect on someone other than myself. If I knew the future, I fear I would most likely make the wrong decisions trying to either avoid the future, or trying to live up to its standards.

So for me, Lost is just a great entertainment. I will flash backwards with my memories and enjoy all they offer me. The only flashing forward I'll do will be as I dream of the possibilities that are waiting. I enjoy living life too much to worry about what might have been, or to try to change what will be. Anyone who lives that life truly is "Lost."

It’s all just my opinion.

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