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Saturday, May 15, 2010 • Posted May 15, 2010


Over the last week or so, I have been watching and listening to the coverage of the Arizona Illegal Immigration Bill. I must admit I an confused.

President Obama, liberal members of congress and the Liberal news media say it is a bad bill and will lead to racial profiling and may even be unconstitutional.

Then I watched a non-liberal news outlet and found the bill mirrors the federal law and specifically prohibits racial profiling. The opponents to the bill say that won't matter and there will still be racial profiling. This is where it gets confusing. Even before this bill was passed, there were laws to prevent racial profiling. This must not be a big problem or we would have heard about it everyday. But since the Arizona bill prohibits profiling, law enforcement is going to profile like crazy because it is still illegal. Doesn't make much sense to me, but maybe it's because I'm confused. Then I heard that making people show their I.D. and papers violates their civil rights. Over the years I can't count the times I have had to show I.D. and on some occasions present my birth certificate or marriage license. If I had know my civil rights were being violated, I might have been upset.

Next, I heard that states do not have the authority to enforce border laws. Only the National Government can do this. Of course the Federal Government has done nothing to help Arizona, even after they asked for help on several occasions. President Obama did not respond to the Govenor of Arizona's request. Surely it is not because she is a Republican. Maybe we should move Congress and the White House to southern Arizona. Then the Border problem would be solved in six months.

Then I heard if you support this bill (60% of Americans do), you are a racist and a bigot. I have Mexican American friends and family members and have never considered myself a racist or a bigot. The only thing the Liberals do by telling me that, is confuse me more.

This is not about race. It is about crime, drug cartels, kidnappings, a war on our border and a state that is broke. Also, let's don't forget the murders.

I admit I have not read the Arizona Bill. That may be the reason President Obama and some members of Congress are so confused. They probably haven't read the Bill either.

Dan Brinlee

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