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2010 Scholarship Awards Ceremony - $1.2 Million in Awards
Wednesday, May 26, 2010 • Posted May 26, 2010

Athletic Director and Interim High School Principal Russell Joy welcomed the members of the audience to the Scholarship Awards Ceremony honoring the Mason High School Class of 2010 with the following statement:

To the organizations and individuals who make the scholarship opportunities available, the students, parents, teachers, and community are forever grateful. Thank you for caring enough to make a difference in the lives of our students.

I would like to say a word about these students you see before you. These young people have been breaking records and setting new standards for excellence for several years now, and tonight is no exception. They are proof that hard work pays off in the end. We had no idea we would be breaking last year’s scholarship record so soon. But tonight we will award more than 1.2 million dollars to a class of 48 students. Now, I’ll turn the program over to our school counselor, Melany Canfield.

School counselor Melany Canfield addressed the audience by thanking everyone who have supported these students through the years: the parents, grandparents, friends and family members of these graduates and explained how proud they have made us. They are a remarkable group of people and they mean a great deal to us at Mason High School.

Mrs. Ann Mahnken presented the first scholarship of the evening. The Mendy Mahnken Scholarship in the amount of $1,000 was presented to Joaquin Mejia. And this year, in memory of long-time football coach Melvin Burns, the Mahkens were able to present Justin Yonker with a $1,000 scholarship.

The Minnie Stephens Piper Foundation invites every high school in the state of Texas to nominate one student from each year’s graduating class to compete for a renewable scholarship award. It was an honor for us to present Justin with the Minnie Stephens Piper Scholar Award for $8,000.

HEB Foods Corporation awards a $500 scholarship to a graduate of Mason High School. This year’s recipient of the HEB scholarship was Morgan Pilcher.

The members of the Mason Tennis Association award the senior members of the varsity tennis team with a $100 scholarship . Those senior tennis players are Morgan Pilcher, Dakota Wawrzyniak, Tantha Lange, Michael Vargas, Jorge Morales, Ellie Blair and Thach Martin.

In addition, the tennis association continues to honor the contributions to the tennis tradition in Mason with a $150 scholarship in memory of Dan G. Lehmberg. This year’s recipient was Thach Martin.

Alpha Beta Psi member Leslie Cope presented the scholarships given by the Alpha Beta Psi Service organization to Shelbie Shaw and Virginia Lemke. Mrs. Cope also made the presentations to the ladies who served Mason County as members of the Mason County Round-up Court. Recipients were Brittney Schovajsa, Havana Schmidt and Ellie Blair.

The Matt Morris Memorial Scholarship was established by his family and friends to honor the life that he lived and what he meant to each of them. Matt grew up in Mason and graduated from Mason High School in 1987. He was a member of the livestock judging team at Texas Tech and he graduated with a degree in Ag Education. This scholarship is awarded annually to a student pursuing an ag related career. This year, two recipients received $500 each: Vance Lehmberg and Casey Kruse.

Mr. Chris Huber representing the Cailloux Foundation awarded two $48,000 scholarships to present Jorge Morales and Joaquin Mejia.

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Our next presentation was made by Mrs. Lynn Reichenau, chairperson of the Mason County Democratic Committee, to Ethan Holland.

The Renee Walker "Around the Square" Scholarship, in the amount of $1,000 was awarded to Jorge Morales. Jorge was also offered a $20,000 merit scholarship by Texas Lutheran University.

Mason High School Golf Coach Larry Smith presented the Jason Toeppich Memorial Golf Scholarship for $100 to Havana Schmidt and Jayton Henrich.

Mrs. Gladys Kaderka presented Jorge Morales and Nikita Hernandez scholarships in the amount of $500 each in memory of her husband Gus Kaderka. She was joined on stage by James Esquell to present the awards from St. Joseph’s Catholic Church to Jorge Morales for $1200, Joaquin Mejia from $1,000 and Eloy Rico for $500.

The Early High School Graduation Scholarship in the amount of $2000 is awarded by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board to students who complete their high school degree requirements within 36 months. This year, Emoryee Berreles was the recipient of this scholarship. Emoryee will also receive a bonus award of $1,000 because she will graduate with 15 hours of dual credit and tech prep courses.

The Career Colleges and Schools of Texas offers scholarships to students who will continue their education at their members schools. This year, four of our students will take advantage of this opportunity: They are Emoyree Berreles, Rico Sedillo Omar Martinez, and Ramiro Casas.

Ramiro has also received a scholarship from the Universal Technical Institute Foundation, however, the award amount will be determined this summer.

The next presenters were former high school principal Mr. Graham and former home economics teacher Mrs. Graham. They presented the Linnda Hubbell and Oscar Lee Graham Scholarships to Jorge Morales, Rachel Collett and Joaquin Mejia.

We were honored to present the President’s Gold Scholarship in the amount of $20,000 from Texas Tech University to Ellie Blair. Ellie has also received the Texas Tech Parents’ Association Scholarship for $750.

Mrs. Laura Lehmberg Tallent is an MHS graduate and retired teacher, and she recognizes the value students gain from participation in UIL Academic events. She has coached and judged these events for many years. Ms. Austin awards a $150 UIL State Competitor Award to students who have represented MHS in speaking events at the state academic meet. As a competitor in Poetry interpretation, Ellie is the recipient of this scholarship.

Ms. Tammy Lucas, representing Pedernales Electric Co-op, presented the next scholarship of the evening to Britney Schovajsa.

The Shepard Y. Hornstein Memorial Scholarship is given by his daughter Mrs. Lenore Newsom to a graduate who will attend a junior or community college or technical school. This year’s recipient of the $250 award is Courtney Ake.

Mr. Chris Dyer, president of the Mason Lion’s Club, will presented the Lion’s Club Service Scholarships for $500 each to Jorge Morales and Joaquin Mejia. The recipient of the $1,000 R. Clinton Schulze scholarship was Virginia Lemke.

The Bluebonnet Study Club presents a scholarship in memory of Ruby Kettner. This year, the $500 scholarship was awarded to Justin Yonker.

Justin also received the Terry Foundation Award at Texas State University for $20,000. He was offered the Pacesetter Award for College Excellence at Texas Lutheran University in the amount of $52,000 and the Janotta Scholarship for $4,000 and the Scholastic Advancement Award for $4,000, also from TLU. In addition, he was offered the President’s Scholarship at Baylor University for $34,000. Congratulations, Justin.

The Carr Sholarship at Angelo State University has a long tradition of helping students from West Texas. This year, the foundation awarded Vance Lehmberg with a $500 scholarship.

Mrs. Jane Hoerster, member of the Mason County Historical Commission, will made the next presentation to Jorge Morales for $1,000.

Mrs. Jennifer Brinlee and her Family and Consumer Sciences students award a scholarship each year to a student who has excelled in the Career and Technology classes. This year, the award was presented to Lyndsi Clark.

The University of Texas at Arlington awards the President’s Charter Scholarship to students based on merit. This year, Michael McGowan has been awarded this scholarship in the amount of $32,000.

Mr. Robert O’Neil, member of the Spring Street Gospel Church, presented two $500 scholarships to Courtney Ake and Ethan Holland.

One of our graduates has signed with the United States Marine Corps, and he has been meeting with his recruiter and attending training all year. As an enlisted man, his college tuition and fees will be covered under the GI Bill. This award is valued at $80,000 and was presented to Esteban Villareal. We extend our congratulations and thank him for his service to our country.

Mr. and Mrs. James Esquell presented the next award: The James and Diane Esquell Trade or Technical School Scholarship in the amount of $350 to Brittny Miser.

Many remember Mrs. Ruth Bratton, the typing and business teacher who taught at Mason High School for many years. Mrs. Bratton’s children have established a scholarship to honor her memory. This scholarship is awarded to someone who has achieved a high class rank while in high school and will go on to college to pursue a major in business. This year, the scholarship was awarded to Shayna Myrick.

Shayna has also received the Roadrunner Scholarship at the University of Texas at San Antonio in the amount of $1,000.

Mr. Riley Kothmann, director of Central Texas Electric Co-op, presented the next scholarship to Virginia Lemke.

As the valedictorian of the class of 2010, Miss Havana Schmidt has been awarded the Highest Ranking High School Graduate Award in the amount of $7,844.

Mrs. Teresa Walker and Mrs. Dawn Farmer of Country Home Health presented the two $500 scholarships to Tantha Lange and Courtney Ake. Mrs. Walker also made a presentation in memory of her mother, Laura Loeffler. This $500 scholarship was awarded to Courtney Ake.

Again this year, it was such an honor for us to present the next scholarship in memory of Matt Puckett. Matt was a graduate of Mason High School who was killed while on active duty. The $500 scholarship was established by one of Matt’s classmates, Cody Geirisch and was awarded to Rachel Collett.

Rachel will also receive the Vice- President’s Award at the University of Texas at Arlington in the amount of $24,000.

Additionally, Rachel was offered the Vice President’s Scholarship at the University of Mary Hardin Baylor for $32,000 and merit scholarships from Texas Christian University totaling $52,000.

Thom Canfield presented the award from the Hill Country Chapter of the Texas Exes to Jorge Morales.

Lubbock Christian University has offered Jaci Draper with the Academic Scholarship in the amount of $17,500.

Mrs. Amanda McMillan presented two scholarships; one from

Mason Rodeo Association for $2,000 and one in memory of Lilly Joy Gamel for $1,000. Both of these scholarships went to Kinsey Dutton.

The Gene Tobey Memorial Art Scholarship is given to a student who will be pursuing a career in an art related field. The scholarship is given in remembrance of Gene and his love for the community of Mason and the high school from which two of his daughters graduated. The recipient of the $500 Gene Tobey Scholarship, an art major at Schreiner University, was Eloy Rico.

It was an honor for us to present Eloy with the Trustee’s Scholarship at Schreiner in the amount of $36,000.

One of our teachers at Mason Elementary School, Mrs. Vondell Jordan, presented the next scholarships. The scholarship given by the teachers of Mason ISD was awarded to Morgan Pilcher and the Mildred C. Wiseman Scholarship for Educators at Angelo State University in the amount of $500 went to Casey Kruse.

The Auxiliary of the American Legion presents an award to a student who has a family member who served on active duty in the US Armed Forces. This year, the award went to Havana Schmidt.

Lt Col Julia Gonzales, United States Air Force, Retired made the next presentation to Havana Schmidt.

Hillary Bibb received the Dean’s Scholarship at Hardin-Simmons University in the amount of $28,000.

The Dean’s Scholarship at Schreiner University for $28,000 is awarded to students based on academic merit and volunteer service to the community. This year, Nikita Hernandez has received this award.

In addition, Nikita received the Robert and Jean Ann LeGrand $1,000 scholarship.

The Imagine America Scholarship is presented to students who will further their education at career and technical schools. This year, six of our students received this $1,000 scholarship: Ramiro Casas, Cass Castillo, Emoryee Berreles Rico Sedillo, Omar Martinez and Eloy Villarreal.

Dr. Glenn Ruthven presented the Glenn & Marnelle Ruthven scholarship for $1,000 to Rachel Collett and the $500 Ruthven Employee’s Children Scholarship to Rachel Collett.

Virginia Lemke has been named a University Scholar by Howard Payne University. The honor carries with it a scholarship in the amount of $34,000.

Mr. Paul Rice, President of the Puncher Club presented the $400 Puncher Club scholarship to Justin Yonker.

Bridget Langdale representing the Fine Arts Association of the Hill Country will presented a $1,000 scholarship to Eloy Rico.

The San Angelo Area Foundation awards scholarships to high school graduates who live in the Concho Valley region. This year, two of our seniors, Joaquin Mejia and Ellie Blair each received a $500 scholarship.

For the last four years, a generous anonymous couple in our community has given a scholarship to a deserving student who is intent on furthering his or her education. This year, the recipient of the $500 award was Jaci Draper.

Ms. Sabin Nelson, member of the Mason County Republican Women, presented two $1,000 scholarships to Ethan Holland and Shayna Myrick.

The $1,000 Lillie Eckert Baskett Scholarship was established by Mrs. Baskett herself in order to honor a well-rounded individual, of whom we can all be proud. This year’s recipient was Rachel Collett.

Randy Kruse was here to present the $500 scholarship on behalf of West Central Wireless.

Each year, Super S Foods awards a $1,000 scholarship to a senior. This year, Dakota Wawrzyniak received the award.

The George and KK Brannies Texas State Technical College Scholarship is awarded to Zach Hudson and Robbie Lucero. Each of these boys received $500.

The members of the Association of Texas Professional Educators at Mason ISD award a scholarship to a student who will pursue a career as a teacher. This year’s ATPE scholarship for $500 was awarded to Shelbie Shaw.

Shelbie was also the recipient of the Verizon Scholarship in the amount of $20,000.

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board awards a $1,000 scholarship to students graduating with 30 college hours or more. The class of 2010 beat the class of ‘09 by one student, with a record 19 seniors who have accumulated 30 or more dual credit and tech prep credit hours. The students who received this award were: Roddie Castillo, Jaci Draper, Thach Martin, Jorge Morales, Casey Kruse, Courtney Ake, Ellie Blair, Ethan Holland, Havana Schmidt, Hillary Bibb, Joaquin Mejia, Justin Yonker, Michael McGowan, Michael Vargas, Shelbie Shaw, Nikita Hernandez, Rachel Collett, Shayna Myrick, and Virginia Lemke.

Congratulations to these and to all of our graduates.

In addition to these scholarships, there are several scholarship applications pending. We are awaiting notification of these, and we wish our graduates the best of luck.

We would like to extend a special thanks to all of the scholarship donors, to all of the presenters who attended the ceremony and to all of the donors who could not be with us. The faculty and administration of Mason High school is most grateful for your generous contributions to the continuing education of our students. We wish to extend our thanks to the parents of these students for their continuous support of their children in their past and future endeavors.

th Texas Legislature appropriated funds for a Higher Education Incentive Funding Package that includes a scholarship for students graduating in the top 10% of their class to attend a college in Texas. The students who were offered this $4,000 award are: Havana Schmidt, Justin Yonker, Rachel Collett and Ellie Blair.

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