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Why are new Immigration Laws needed in the U. S. of A?
Wednesday, May 26, 2010 • Posted May 26, 2010

Immigration laws are not formulated to please the legal citizens of the country, but they are made and executed for the benefit and pleasures of the illegal immigrants that have invaded the United States of America from both Central and South America.

There was a time when illegal immigrants, called "wetbacks", were hunted down and arrested by the Federals and within hours they were again on foreign soil south of the border. In those days anyone caught hiring them was fined thousands of dollars for being subversive to the American workers. Illegals were not better than the legals and they had no such thing as citizen's rights. Under the U. S. Constitution of that time they were considered to be foreign invaders just as much as if they were bearing arms against the United States.

Today things are much different as the rulers of this country do not know what is contained in the Constitution and even when they read it they do not understand what the words mean. Our country is being run, from the top guy down to the janitors in parliament, by illiterate nincompoops that should go back to elementary school and learn how to read. People like Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, all those 5-4 voting members of the Supreme Court & even Congress itself.

Speech is saying words and that is all the 1st amendment says has freedom of. Actions and other things are not speech, never were and never will be so the supreme court ninnies do not know how to read and comprehend the English language because they think actions against another is Speech when it is nothing of the sort.

The good things that used to be, the 'Laws of the Land', have been slowly perverted by our leaders in Washington to the detriment of the good and legal citizens of America. The Constitution of these United States is no longer anything that has power to regulate what the original founders wanted done and the way that they saw fit to have it done. Back then the majority of the populace ruled where as today the few elected "Representatives" of the legal citizens do it their way in opposition to their electors.

The voice of the people said No! to the health-care overhaul but did congress pay attention to their voice; "Hell No!' They did what Backward Obama wanted because they were and still are afraid of what he might do to them if they oppose him. Remember, he owns them the same way he owns the Supreme Court Justices.

A recent newspaper article entitled "Obama puts immigration reform on back burner" claims this "Sounding the death kneel was Obama himself" because the president noted "that lawmakers may lack the "appetite" to take on immigration while many of them are up for re-election".

Then we have the failure of the Federal Government to do all that the laws used to say because they fear the voices of a few individuals that side with the 13 million illegal immigrants, which by the way are in actuality, traitors against the U.S.A. They cross the border as criminals, take up roots illegally, grab jobs from subversive companies and send most all that money out of the country which can legally be called money-laundering; and that is against the law.

Now we find that Arizona in trying to protect, not only its own borders but, the borders of the country are being said to have made "illegal" laws to allow the authorities to question suspected aliens as to their legality in being here. This is because the Armed Forces are not allowed to do the duties that they swore to do when taking the oath of allegiance when entering the military. The Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard personnel all swore to protect and defend our borders against all enemy forces whether from the outside or inside, but the countries leaders forbid them to do so. It was said they do not know how because they were never trained at border patrol school.

Why is it alright for our military to go to foreign lands and protect them and their borders when it is not allowed for them to stay home and protect this country's borders? Trillions are spent in thirty three foreign countries by American troops to protect them but not one dollar is spent on them to protect American borders.

When will Congress and the Administration get on the ball and do what is legal and right for the United States and its legal citizens?

Should we wait years for election time when we could take care of the situation by starting impeachment proceedings against the foolish leaders, TODAY?

It is morally constitutional and the most feasible manner to get the job done before they turn the populace into a maddened mob.

I wonder how many members of Congress have been taking "payment under the table" from illegals and their organizations to not make the immigration laws tough like they used to be before the pantywaists got into congress!

R. C. Spendly

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