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Becoming Texanized!
Wednesday, August 18, 2010 • Posted August 18, 2010

Answering the call of God as the pastor for Community Bible Church here in Mason has created a desire within us to become more Texanized. Even though we lived here in Texas for seven years in the mid 80's and early 90's, becoming Texanized is no small matter. There is so much to learn. One would think that being a traveling Evangelist for over fifteen years that it would be easy to adapt. I also believed that my wife of 45 years, our border collie of nine years, and our chickens of two years would "fit right in." You know Texas is a big place and you do see all sorts of things.

The wild flowers were just beautiful this last spring. And we Texans in training did appreciate the flowers immensely. We also understood that to be fully Texanized that it is mandatory to know the different kinds and which ones are the most beautiful. I have found that one can get in trouble for liking red flowers more than blue ones. We will do better next spring.

The Texas heat has helped us understand one thing and that is; why you see a cowboy hat, shorts, tee shirt and flip flops all on the same person and at the same time. Even Tootie's chickens have learned to adapt to the Texas heat. (Their names are Beauty and Bands and the names come from Zechariah chapter 11.) Bands acts like a little child that has been told not to play in the mud puddles. She walks up to the edge of their water pan and with one big leap lands in the middle to make as big a splash as she can. She scratches some water out and then jumps out to lay in it. Tootie started pouring water on the ground to help them keep cool, but that did not change her playing in the water.

Her chickens had been "free range" chickens, but here in Mason they aren't and they don't like it. I reassured my wife that her chickens can either adapt to their pen or some critter will have chicken for supper. I told Tootie that not only do her chickens need to become Texanized but they also need to become Masonized.

A question that we are asked quite often is : "Why did you travel with two chickens?" There are two reasons. One is that Tootie likes them and the other is that Tootie likes for Annie (our border collie) to have something to do. Annie puts them in at night. The reality is they are just like any other chickens and if you leave them alone they will go in by themselves. It was quite an undertaking in getting Annie to herd chickens. The problem was; how do you herd something that whenever you get close to them they just squat? After we got the chickens to quit squatting, the herding came natural. I have often wondered if teaching our border collie to herd squatting chickens counted in becoming Texanized. There is really a third reason for the chickens and it is; I like Tootie liking the chickens and her dog herding them.

Some things that I have not figured out, but I am sure I will when I become fully Texanized are: Why do all of the bags of corn say deer on them? What about the cows and horses? Why do some wind-charger blades get hauled north and some get hauled south? And, why do they meet at the Mason square? Ever wonder what the north bound wind-charger truckers talk about when he meets a south bound wind-charger trucker on the road?

The call to pastor Community Bible Church here in Mason is very rewarding. Besides two services on Sunday, we conduct four Bible studies each week. The Bible studies are either about, marriage and family life or what Jesus Christ gave the apostle Paul to give to us. Understanding what Christ gave Paul so we in the Church Age can become righteous is a true blessing. One thing about Paul you may not have known, he was a southern man. People in the north say "all of you." People in the south say "you all". Read Romans 1:8. It says: First I thank my God through Jesus Christ for "you all." That is Paul talking to the Romans. And I also, very humbly, thank Jesus Christ for "ya'all". It is a blessing to serve Jesus Christ here in Mason, Texas. I do wonder if Paul was Texanized.

In our quest to become Texanized there are some things Tootie and I have committed to working on and improving, they are: eating more beans and not "Boston baked" either, saying "I'm a fixing to" at least once a week, saying ya'all at least twice daily, drinking more iced tea, "really" rooting for the Rangers, let Annie (once in a while) ride in the back of our pick-up, and above all, quit calling sloppy joes - barbecue. But if you see us fail in becoming completely Texanized, please be patient with us, correct us gently.

One thing we do not have to change is our social positions. We line up exactly with the great majority of Texans. Another thing that is the same the nation over is, either you are on the way to heaven or you are not. And we and the Community Bible Church have become friends with some wonderful people that are on the right road.

Ya'all come see us now!

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