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High School Awards
2008 Mason High School Scholarship Awards Assembly
Wednesday, May 28, 2008 • Posted May 28, 2008

On Monday, May 19th, Mason High School awarded its graduating seniors with the 2008 scholarships, grants and gifts. This portion of graduation has been moved into a separate event than the graduation ceremony in the interest of time. To help those who might be attending Friday night's ceremony better appreciate the achievements of the Class of 2008, we offer the script from the awards assembly. Our thanks to Melany Canfield, counselor at Mason High School, for sharing this information with our readers..

To the organizations and individuals who make the scholarship opportunities available, the students, parents, teachers, and community are forever grateful. Thank you for caring enough to make a difference in the lives of our 2008 graduates from Mason High School.

To present the first scholarship this evening, I would like to invite Dr. and Mrs. Ruthven to the stage to present the Glenn & Marnelle Ruthven Scholarship.

· (Charlie Ramon - $1,000)

Mrs. Amanda McMillan will present a scholarship that has a very special meaning to all the members of this class.

· (Lilly Joy Gamel: Tiffany Cantu & Samantha Lange $500 each)

Sheri Jordan will now present the Hilton & Della Moneyhon Boy Scouts Scholarship.

· (Hilton & Della Moneyhon – Crash Buist $200)

At this time, I would like to invite Tina Cantu to the podium to present the Alpha Beta Psi Scholarship.

· (Crash Buist $500)

· (Ashley Naumann $500)

Ashley will also receive the $1000 Scholastic Advancement Award and the Commendation Award in the amount of $7,000, both from Texas Lutheran University.

Dawn Farmer will now present the Country Home Health Scholarship.

· (Country Home Health – Brynda Duarte & Cahan Felts $500 each)

I would like to invite Lance Rasch to present the Mason County Rodeo Association scholarship and the Jay Marek Excellence in Agriculture Scholarship.

· (Mason County Rodeo Assoc. - Cahan Felts $1,000)

· (Jay Marek – Alex Williams - $500)

The children of Billy and Frances Bode have established an annual scholarship to honor their parents and to recognize their steadfast belief in the transforming power of education. The recipient of the $1000 Billy & Frances Bode Scholarship is Amanda Ruiz.

· (Bode – Amanda Ruiz - $1,000)

I would like to invite Ann Mahnken to the podium to present the Mendy Mahnken Memorial Scholarship.

· (Mendy Mahnken: Skyler Wooten -$500)

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board awards a $1000 scholarship to students graduating with greater than 30 college hours. This year, only two of our graduates have attained this remarkable achievement: Skyler Wooten and Cahan Felts.

· (THECB Skyler Wooten - $1000)

Now I would like to invite Mrs. Vondell Jordan to the podium to present the Delta Kappa Gamma Scholarship and the Margaret C. Wiseman Memorial Scholarship.

· (Delta Kappa Gamma - Ashley Naumann $300)

· (Margaret C. Wiseman – Samantha Lange $400)

Theresa Walker will now present the Laura Loeffler Memorial Scholarship.

· (Laura Loeffler Memorial –Skyler Wooten $500)

Mike Rychlik was unable to be here tonight, so I have the honor of presenting the Super S scholarship of $1000 to Bryce Estes.

· (Bryce Estes - $1000)

Mrs.Mary Hemphill, a member of Bluebonnet Study Club, will present the Ruby Kettner Memorial Scholarship.

· (Bluebonnet - Charlie Ramon - $1,000)

The Bluebonnet Study Club is a member of the Texas Federated Women’s Clubs, and their district governing body, the Alamo District Womens’ Clubs offers one $1,000 scholarship to young ladies from towns within the Alamo District. This district stretches from Mason to Victoria. This year one of our students will receive this award. Miss Ashley Kuhlmann.

· (Alamo District Women’s Club – Ashley Kuhlman - $1,000)

Mr. Larry Lehmberg, representing Mason County Farm Bureau, will make the next scholarship presentation.

· (Farm Bureau –Lex Fleming & Robin Gallagher - $500 each)

Robin has also been offered the $1,000 Joy Gallant Archer Scholarship awarded through the President’s Scholarship Committee at Tarleton State University.

MHS Golf Coach, Mr. Larry Smith, will now present the Jason Toeppich Memorial Scholarship.

The George & KK Brannies Scholarship is given to a student who will be attending Texas State Technical College. The recipient of the $500 award is Ryan Schmidt.

· (Geo & KK Brannies – Ryan Schmidt - $500)

Ryan is also the recipient of the $500 scholarship given by HEB Foods.

· (HEB –Ryan Schmidt $500)

The Family & Consumer Sciences Scholarship is awarded to a student who shows exceptional leadership and dedication as a student in the home economics classes. This year, the scholarship is awarded to Yesenia Vega.

· (FCCLA – Yesenia Vega $200)

The Sheppard Y. Hornstein Memorial Scholarship is given each year to a graduating senior by his daughter, Mrs. Lenore Newsom. This year’s recipient of the $250 scholarship is Ryan Schmidt.

· (Hornstein – Ryan Schmidt - $250))

At this time, I would like to call Mr. and Mrs. Graham to the podium to present the Linnda Hubbell & Oscar Lee Graham Scholarship.

· (Graham- Charlie Ramon - $1,000)

Mr. Graham will also present the two scholarships that are awarded by the Mason Lion’s Club.

· (Mason Lion’s Club – Crash Buist & Hunter Frey - $500 each)

· (R. Clinton Schulze – Ashley Naumann - $500)

The Gene Tobey Memorial Art Scholarship is given to a student who will be pursuing a career in an art related field. The scholarship is given in remembrance of Gene and his love for the community of Mason. The recipient of the $500 Gene Tobey scholarship and a future theater major at Texas Tech, is Crash Buist.

· (Gene Tobey Memorial- Crash Buist- $500)

Home Health Services of Mason, Kimble, & Menard awards a scholarship each year to a graduating senior who is entering into an area of the medical profession. The recipient of the $250 scholarship is Michael Hahn.

· (Michael Hahn $250)

The next scholarship will be presented by Wendy Hudson, representing the Mason County Chamber of Commerce.

· (Ashley Naumann - $200)

· (Robin Gallagher - $100)

Sherry Alm will present the American Legion Auxiliary Scholarship.

· (Robin Gallagher $1000)

Robin will also receive the Carr Academic Scholarship in the amount of $3,750 and the ASU General Scholarship in the amount of $500.

· Carr Scholarship

For the last several years, an anonymous donor in our community has given a scholarship to a deserving student who is intent on furthering his or her education. This year, the recipient of the $500 scholarship is Elenor Martinez.

· (Anonymous – Elenor Martinez)

Cottey College has awarded the Founder’s Scholarship in the amount of $7,000 and the PEO Sisterhood State Scholarship for Texas in the amount of $5,720 to Henrietta Howell. In addition, Henrietta was offered a scholarship by Newman University in the amount of $16,000.

· (Cottey College –Henrietta Howell $7,000)

Presenting the Robert and Albert Navarro Memorial Scholarship will be Anna Velez.

· (Navarro – Amanda Ruiz, Charlie Ramon-$500 each)

Last fall, a speaker from Panhandle Plains Student Loan Center came to MHS to present a program on financial aid for our parents and senior students. Two of our attendees were chosen in a drawing to receive one $200 scholarship each. Those students are Charlie Ramon and Samantha Lange.

· (Panhandle Plains – Charlie Ramon & Samantha Lange - $200)

Lillie Baker, president of the Mason County Democratic Committee, will now present the next scholarship.

· (Chelsea Price - $1,000)

The Dan Lehmberg Memorial Scholarship of $150, given by the Mason Tennis Association, is awarded to Samantha Lange.

· (Dan Lehmberg – Samantha Lange - $150)

The Mason Tennis Association also awards one hundred dollar scholarships to the senior tennis players in appreciation for their dedication to the sport of tennis. Students, please come forward as I call your name.

· (Samantha Lange $100)

· (Crash Buist $100)

· (Bryce Estes $100)

· (Cahan Felts $100)

· (Chelsea Price $100)

· (Ryan Schmidt $100)

· (Cassey Slocum $100)

· (Skyler Wooten $100)

· (Hunter Frey $100)

Now I would like to welcome Dr. Gerald Bratton to the podium to award the Ruth Bratton Memorial Scholarship.

Hunter has also been awarded a Merit Scholarship in the amount of $8,000 from Texas Tech University, and he has been offered the $500 Gordon Wood Meat Judging Scholarship by the Texas Tech Judging Team. In addition, Hunter has received an $8,000 scholarship from the San Antonio Livestock Show & Rodeo. Hunter has also been named a Piper Scholar, and as such, he will receive an award in the amount of $12,000. And, as our valedictorian of the class of 2008, Hunter will receive the Highest Ranking High School Graduate Award in the amount of $6,800. Congratulations Hunter!

At this time Sergeant Philip Sedlar will present the Army Reserve National Scholar Athlete Scholarship.

· (Amy Whitaker & Bryce Estes - $1000 each)

Presenting the Spring Street Gospel Church Scholarship is Mr. Robert O’Neal.

· (Bryan Duarte, Brynda Duarte, Cahan Felts, Skyler Wooten, Amanda Ruiz- $500 each)

What a generous gift from the Spring Street Gospel Church. We thank you very much!

MHS Cheerleading sponsor Tammy Utter will now present the Mason High School Cheerleader Scholarship.

· (Amanda Ruiz - $250)

Mrs. Jane Hoerster will now present the Mason County Historical Commission Scholarship.

· (Mason Co Historical Commission - Robin Gallagher $1000)

The “Live Your Passion” Scholarship in the amount of $2500 given by Universal Technical Institute is awarded to Lex Fleming.

· (Live Your Passion– Lex Fleming $2500)

Kim Hengst will present the West Central Wireless Scholarship.

· (West Central –Dakota Draper- $500)

The San Angelo Area Foundation awards thousands of dollars in scholarships annually to high school students in the Concho Valley and surrounding counties. This year, the following students have received $500 awards and will accept them at an awards ceremony in San Angelo later this week. Students, please stand as I call your name: Brynda Duarte, Bryan Duarte, Cahan Felts, and Charlie Ramon.

On behalf of Cisco Jr. College, I would like to announce that Cassey Slocum has been named feature twirler and will receive a scholarship in the amount of $2000.

· (Cisco – Cassey Slocum - $2000)

Now I would like to call Kim Jackson to the podium to present the Mason County Republican Women Scholarship.

· (Crash Buist $1500)

Ms. Laura Austin is an MHS graduate and retired teacher, and she recognizes the value students gain from participation in UIL Academic events. She has coached and judged these events for many years. Ms. Austin awards a $150 UIL State Competitor Award to students who have represented MHS in the state academic meet. As a competitor in Lincoln-Douglas Debate, Crash is the recipient of this scholarship.

· (Laura Austin – Crash Buist $150)

Crash has also received a scholarship in the amount of $20,000 from the Honors College at Texas Tech University. In addition, Crash has received a $1,000 scholarship from the Texas Trial Lawyer’s Association.

The Imagine America Scholarship is presented to students who will further their education at career and technical schools. This year, two of our students will receive this $1,000 scholarship. Lex Fleming and Francisco Torres.

· (Francisco Torres & Lex Fleming - $1,000 each)

Career Colleges and Schools of Texas is another association which supports students attending technical colleges. Receiving $1000 scholarships tonight are the following students: Francisco Torres, Lex Fleming, Ryan Schmidt, and David Wagner.

· Career Colleges- Francisco, Lex, Ryan, David - $1,000)

The Around the Square Scholarship given by Renee Walker will be presented to two of our graduates, and each of these students will receive $1,000.

· (Crash Buist and Robin Gallagher - $1000 each)

The Early High School Graduation Scholarship in the amount of $3000 is awarded to students who complete their high school degree requirements within 36 months by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. This year, Jeremiah Parker is the recipient of this scholarship.

· (THECB Jeremiah Parker - $3000)

Now I would like to invite Mr. Kent Stehling of Kent Stehling Insurance to the podium.

· (Kent Stehling – Samantha Lange $350)

The Matt Morris Memorial Scholarship was established by his family and friends to honor the life that he lived and what he meant to them. Matt grew up in Mason and graduated from Mason High School in 1987. He was an athlete and active in the FFA. He attended Texas Tech University, was a member of their Livestock Judging team, and graduated in 1991 with a degree in Ag Education. The scholarship is awarded annually to a student pursuing an agriculturally related career. This year’s recipient of the $1000 Matt Morris scholarship is Robin Gallagher.

· (Matt Morris – Robin Gallagher $1000)

The Gilberto Ramon Memorial & Hispanic Opportunities Scholarship is an annual scholarship given to Mason High School graduating seniors. This year, one $1000 scholarship will be awarded to Amanda Ruiz.

· (Gilberto Ramon – Amanda Ruiz $1000)

There are four very special young ladies in our audience tonight who have worked very hard to raise a phenomenal sum of money, six thousand dollars to be exact, and all of it will be awarded here tonight. They will present six $1000 scholarships in commemoration of Cinco de Mayo. Please welcome Clarissa Orta, Mari Marquez, Mikaela Martinez and Karina Alvarez.

(Amanda Ruiz, Samantha Lange, Skyler Wooten, Brynda Duarte Bryan Duarte and Charlie Ramon - $1000)

It is my pleasure to invite Mr. Roy Lehmberg to the podium to present the Lillie Eckert Baskett Scholarship.

(Lillie Eckert Baskett - Crash Buist & Amanda Ruiz $2500 each)

Congratulations to these and to all of the graduates.

In addition to these scholarships, there are several scholarship applications pending. We are awaiting notification of these, and we wish you all the best of luck.

I would like to extend a special thanks to all of the scholarship presenters here tonight, to all of the scholarship donors who are sitting in the audience, and to all of the donors who could not be here tonight. The faculty of Mason High School is most grateful for your generous contributions to the continuing education of our students. I wish to extend our thanks to the parents of these students for their continuous support of their children in their past and future endeavors.

Please join us immediately following the ceremony for refreshments in the high school commons area. Thank you.

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