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I Know the Way.... Sort Of!!!!
Wednesday, December 1, 2010 • Posted December 1, 2010

Two weeks ago, I included turn-by-turn directions to Harlandale Memorial Stadium in San Antonio for one of the playoff games. I caught a good deal of grief for taking people through the middle of downtown San Antonio, and through some rough neighborhoods. Except from the people that actually followed my directions.

Those folks that decided to "zip" around the loop found themselves backed up in traffic, and arriving late for the game. The fans that followed my directions had time to park their cars, grab a snack, go to the bathroom and get good seats. (Okay, the stadium was so big, everyone got good seats!)

Last week, I once again included directions to the Tony Burger Center in Austin. There was some confusion in signage for the final thirty feet of the trip; but, the directions worked well for those that followed them.

This week, I once again included directions to the stadium in Marble Falls. I'm sure many readers will wonder why they would need the directions since they've been to the stadium there in the past. Except, Marble Falls has a new stadium. My directions send fans out FM 1431 and up the hill to the new school and stadium so that they don't end up over behind H.E.B. wondering why no one else is showing up for the game!

I've used the computer and GPS systems for directions for years. I do find that those turn-by-turn guides are more reliable in the urban areas than out here in the country; but, I've learned where to make my adjustments. I understand that some of our road updates might not get reported as often as those in San Antonio, so I'm not discouraged when the GPS tells me that Lange-Polk Road does not go all the way through from Old Katemcy-Mason Road to Blackjack Road, I simply enter a correction into the GPS and keep going. The next time I hook up to the computer, my correction goes out to everyone else and the situation is resolved for future travelers.

I use my GPS in the pickup all the time. It's not that I don't know my way from the office back home, I just enjoy having a reminder about what my arrival time will be. That's particularly convenient when I'm traveling to or from somewhere out of town and need to have some idea of how I'm running on time.

There was a time, prior to inexpensive GPS units, that I would print out maps of my route and keep them with me in the car. The problem was that, if I got off my route, I had to pull over and start figuring out just where I was on my map. If there were no convenient road signs around, that was more complicated than it might sound.

I particularly like having the GPS if I'm traveling somewhere with freeway driving and various lane changes, exits, entrances, etc. My unit advises me to start moving over into the left lane, prepare to slow down, circle back around,,, and becomes insistent when I ignore its advice. I'm all too familiar with the admonition to "Make a u-turn when possible."

Once I'm in a new town, the GPS also helps me find local businesses and dining spots. It doesn't tell me if they'll be good or not; but, at least I'm able to find them, no matter how out of the way they might be.

So, when you look at the directions to the stadium for this week's game, be assured that they are as accurate as I could make them. They may be a little too "detailed," but I wanted to make sure the Punchers had all their fans in the stands at game time.

It’s all just my opinion.

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