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Natural Health from A to Z
Wednesday, February 16, 2011 • Posted February 16, 2011

Stress – It’s what most of us have too much of. Coping with day to day tasks and problems can sometimes be overwhelming – especially when the body is out of balance.

If I could run the healthcare system, I would make everyone try a good B-vitamin before ever allowing them to take a prescription anti-depressant. (By good, I do not mean what is sold at discount stores or at supermarkets.)

Look at the following signs of B-vitamin deficiency:

Worry, anxiety, insecurity, or highly emotional state.

Trouble with concentration.

Constantly fatigued.

Wake up at night and can’t get back to sleep.

Moody or depressed.

Always tense, can’t relax.

Mind races or excessive worry.

Stress and lifestyle choices make us burn B-vitamins. I find that supplementing small doses of the best quality B-vitamins in the correct ratios makes most people feel better to the point that they are happier, less stressed and sleeping well.

My favorite B vitamins are the phosphorylated form from Biotics Research – these are very "usable" by the body and come in several different ratios tailored to specific metabolic issues. My other favorite "B"s are food based, such as New Chapter’s. – These tend to be a little more expensive, but most people find that they work so well that it is worth the price.

The second nutrient I would have people try (if I were running things) is magnesium. Many of us are deficient in this essential mineral as it is hard to get in the average American diet.

Magnesium deficiency signs include:


Nervousness and anxiety


Low energy


Inability to sleep

Weakening bones

Hormonal imbalances

There are other issues and remedies that will effect and/or help our stress levels, but the point here is that there are 2 very common deficiencies that effect many people. I always promote fixing a deficiency or underlying problem rather than just fixing a symptom. Fixing a deficiency helps promote long-lasting health – which is what I think should be a priority of any health practice.

Margaret Durst owns The Green House, a vitamin, herb and health food store in Mason, Texas.

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