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"Down the Drain With Jane"
Wednesday, June 18, 2008 • Posted June 18, 2008

As mentioned before, we all have a whole lot of stuff and are mostly running short of time. However, there is a breakout of “WHINING!” This whining is at a all time epidemic level. We all whine to a certain extent, but you know the big whiners. We avoided these folks as much as we can.

Whiners are also called Complainers, Criticizer’s, and then the Hypochondriacs! These people are mostly sour on the whole world. Why, they could win the lotto and complain about how much Uncle Sam took out. They whine about it being too cold or too hot. Just right, isn’t in their vocabularies. Food is another point of Whining, Complaining and Criticizers. It’s not salty enough or it’s too salty. The Hypochondriacs seem to never have food to agree with them. But, all of these are usually fat and sassy and look to have never missed a meal!

Then, we have those folks who like to tell us about how bad they feel! When you spot one of these, it’s time to do the “Duck and Run” routine. If we just think about it, we really have it good. We have heat for the winter and air conditioners and fans for the summer. We have microwaves that will cook our food in a jiffy and don’t have to stand over a hot stove. We’ve got fast food that’s all ready nuked for us and we don’t even have to heat it up. We don’t have to milk the cow, we can buy this in the supermarkets or in a stop/in/an/go store. We can even buy stuff, like furniture and clothing on Sundays. We even have stores that are open 24/7! This is all for our convenience and all we can do is COMPLAIN?

Sure this Election Stuff is getting to us, but we can change that channel. Sure we need some rain, but that will come in due time and every day without rain is closer to when we’ll get rain. Price of gas is too high, we can stop driving around so much. Use a phone and talk to friends. That way neither of you have to see a house that hasn’t been cleaned up or hurry around and fix something for them to eat.

There are always alternatives to anything thing that bugs you. Just try and be creative and not be such GRUMPS! If you find yourself bored, TAKE A NAP!

P.S. Marie, says, “Every day that I get out of bed, is a good day!” Good Point!

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