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Letter to Mike Conaway
Wednesday, April 20, 2011 • Posted April 20, 2011

Mike, Your Robot called me last night, so I could listen in on your Town Hall. I am all for such efforts, but would like you to add instructions (how to get your attention/enter the “que”). I have many things to say, regarding what I heard last night, and the things that are happening in Texas, the USA and the World. First, according to my discussing the Paul Ryan “Plan” stated that Corporate Taxes are Too Low. Let me add a little clarification: It has been all over the news, of late, that many Corporations (including most of the Fortune 500!) pay No Taxes At All!...regardless of the “Rate”. As a CPA, you surely know the definition of “Effective Rate”. That definition should be included in your meanderings.The Very Rich, and the Corporations, Hedge Funds,etc that they Hide behind, avoid taxes by all manner of Shenanigans...mostly perfectly legal. That should change....if you all are really concerned about money. Second, Paygo. Paygo seemed to work quite well in the late 90’s. You guys(GOP) hollered and got up on your hind legs in opposition...but it still worked. Third....and this has bothered me for 10 years....on September 10,2001, Don Rumsfeld held a press conference, wherein he said that the Pentagon “could not account” for 2 TRILLION Dollars. The next morning, 911 happened, and down the Memory Hole it went. Ron Paul has been after an Audit of the Fed for years....why not Audit the biggest sponge for Public Dollars? Audit the Pentagon....How big is that Hole, now...after 2 Bush Wars? Speaking of the much Jack would ending them save? I note that they are mostly “On the Books”. now...unlike during Litlle George’s “Administration”.Dishonesty, in the service of Hypocrisy. Fourth, and related to 3....Let us end the Stupid, Unamerican and Failed “Drug War” was never about Drugs to begin with.(Nixon went after Potheads for Political Reasons) Fifth, the GOP has lost any credibility/leg-to-stand-on when it comes to “Fiscal Responsibility”. Some of us remember Darth Cheney’s Pronouncement that “Deficits Don’t Matter”.A “Liberal Socialist” (Democrat) and “Secret Muslim/Ferriner”(Black Dude) gets into the White house, and suddenly we ain’t got no money. Obama didn’t Cause the current economic malaise...the GOP and George Bush,et alia, Did. Your Policies, since Saint Reagan, have the “Great Recession”.In what I must admit was a Masterful Stroke, you all got a lot of future and current Victims of your Policies to loudly support them. I am continually amazed when Po Folks, Teachers, Ethnic Minorities,Women, Old Folks, Farmers and Small Businesspeople advocate for GOP policies.... Well played, indeed. In and I will never agree on much (there are a few things you said that I do agree with), but these Town Hall calls are an Unqualified Good Thing. Do it more often,please, and make it more inclusive. I understand that it is near impossible to “Represent” the will of 600,000+ Folks...and I have long advocated for a smaller Polity...more Representatives....Smaller Districts. I ask that you seek out the Minorities in your Liberals!...and listen to what they’re thinking. The few Town Halls I’ve listened in to were Preaching to the for that one guy from Sunset/Sunrise/whatever...who talked about Ike and the 90% rate of the Fifties.

Thanks. Josef D. Pinter. Mason, Texas.

PS: I still can’t get a Hip...System’s set up to matter what Lynnie from London says...Ryan’s “Plan” will only make this much much worse.

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