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Ten Years Later - Mission Accomplished
Wednesday, May 4, 2011 • Posted May 4, 2011

When the news broke on Sunday evening, I remember not being that surprised. Osama bin Laden, mastermind of the 911 attacks, had been killed in a raid in Pakistan.

bin Laden had not been hiding in a cave; but, was in a "mansion" in a remote neighborhood. The intelligence had indicated that the residents of the house burned their trash rather than having it pick up; and, that they had no phone line or internet service. Unusual for such homes in that area, and a confirmation of the attempt to hide something, or someone, that was there.

The Special Forces team that accomplished the end to this ten-year mission had little collateral damage, suffered no losses of their own, and were gone almost before neighbors knew they had struck. A promise made by George W. Bush, worked on for ten years, and completed by Barrack Obama. Proof that the United States of America has patience when it comes to avenging its losses, and that we are steadfast in our resolve.

Facial recognition software was used to make the initial identification of bin Laden. DNA samples were obtained, and after the body had been prepared in the Islamic fashion for death, he was buried at sea.

Many have asked why we went to such lengths to "honor" proper burial and preparation. The United States has long said that our war was against the Taliban and bin Laden, not against Muslims. By recognizing the respect for a culture, the United States showed that it still followed that guideline for its battle against terrorism.

Rush Limbaugh made scathing remarks about President Obama taking credit for the extraction, for the DNA testing, and for the completion of our promise to find bin Laden. What Limbaugh fails to recognize is that President Obama MUST take that responsibility upon himself, as this was a directed assassination of a foreign individual, conducted in full view of all the world. To point to our Special Forces teams, or to identify them in any way, would only place them in great danger for retaliation from other terrorists. President Obama took full responsibility, not credit, for the actions that had been conducted.

Former president, George W. Bush, noted that he also congratulated President Obama for finishing the mission begun a decade before. Mr. Bush, having served in the office for eight years, recognizes that he and President Obama, while not always making the right decisions or the popular decisions, have been in a place that very few others ever have or ever will. Unlike a television personality, they can not "back out" of the things they say or do, or feign innocence when the court of world opinion makes its judgement.

I spoke with someone on Monday morning about the response to bin Laden's death. She worried that pictures of people celebrating in Times Square sent the wrong message, just a video of people in Islmabaad celebrating the 911 attacks sent a message to the American people. I agree with her - we do not celebrate the death of bin Laden, we celebrate the end of a terrorist, the end of a decade of fear and hate, the end of a concerted effort to bring the western world to its knees.

It was ironic that, as the hours turned Sunday into Monday, rain began to fall over many parched areas of Texas. When residents awoke on Monday morning, they saw running streams and freshly watered pastures. The joy in that sight, added to the reassurance that an era of hate had ended, made for a truly wonderful beginning to this week.

It’s all just my opinion.

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