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Sharia Law
Letter to the Editor
Wednesday, August 17, 2011 • Posted August 17, 2011

Gerry:Having read last week’s letter and having attended the Sharia Law/Muslim Brotherhood lecture, I felt compelled to add my two cents. I don’t believe any of last weeks letter writers did attend.I have been trying for years now to educate myself on Islam and Sharia, which is the political arm of Islam. Unlike our country there is no seperation of church and state in Islam. It is the stated goal of Islam to dominate THE WORLD and put everyone under Sharia Law or they refuse to convert, kill them. The U.S. is to be the fourth Caliphate and they have made tremendous inroads in that endeavor in no small part thanks to the current administration. The Muslim Brotherhood has been quietly grooming politicians to infiltrate at the city council level on up. The one thing we DO NOT understand in this country is that Muslims DO NOT want to build bridges to other peoples as we do. If they say they do then they are lying to the infidel, which is perfectly fine in Islam. They DO NOT tolerate other religions as we do. They DO NOT want to go along to get along, so every time we give them a special room in the schools so they can pray—God fobid a Christian says a prayer in school—that is Sharia Law. Every footbath that the taxpayers put into airports for these people, that is Sharia Law. We are giving our country to them a little piece at a time and pretty soon we will be the fourth Caliphate and then when women are second class citizens who, under Sharia Law, are required to be circumcized then we’ll say “ When did this happen? How did this come about?” Wake up people, we are not safe because we live in a sleepy, rural comminity. The politically correct crowd is selling us out.

Just my two cents,

Kacey Butcher

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