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Wednesday, August 17, 2011 • Posted August 17, 2011

Dear Editor,

In the spirit of your editorial about reasoned discourse and exchanging ideas may I say that the three letter writers of last week didn’t exactly portray that sentiment. Re: Ms. Armstrong. Since when is educating yourself on a subject a witch hunt? Had Ms. Armstrong attended the function I doubt she would say hard facts produce paranoia. There was no financial incentive at the function except the sale of a book. A donation went to cover the cost of the book. You are entitled to your opinion Ms. Armstrong as much as I am or any citizen of the United States. We don’t all agree which is readily apparent in the present political climate. Allow us our ability to enlighten ourselves without so much vitriol. Re: Mr. Zesch. The idea of two businessmen making an agreement over interest in a contract would not necessarily be a Sharia Law application as much as conditions under their contract, so would apply to U.S. contract law. Would you like to see Sharia Law applied to the man who ran over his daughter and family friend in order to save the “honor” of his family? Just where do you draw the line between using our country’s law or the law in another country. Sharia Law would allow this man to get off scot free with no punishment. I have no argument with any peaceful Muslim (please find me one since they are ALL mandated to kill all infidels not peacefully live next to them)—they are not the ones who ran planes into the World Trade Center or the Pentagon or killed 13 people at Fort Hood. As for Ms. Morris - I understand she is a teacher which makes her diatribe the most disturbing. Why would you not want to educate yourself on as many subjects as possible so you can make an informed decision? Since I don’t think Ms. Morris attended this event how can she say that it was anything other than educational? And she said this before the event had taken place! Finally, if this event were put on by anyone but the Republican Women and the Tea Party would the response have been the same? Think about it.

Sabin Nelson

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