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Letter to the Editor
Wednesday, August 17, 2011 • Posted August 17, 2011

Whenever anyone has a genuine desire to enlighten other people concerning any matter or sincerely desires to educate, expanding others circle of awareness, their perception should have wisdom enough to not resort to the use of such terms or phrases as “witch hunt.” Other such terms or phrases that merely stops the machinery of thinking are: “being absolutely right in our fear,” and “fear mongering” and “sewing seeds of hysteria.” One needs only one eye and a carnal mind to serve as a critic and critics always fall from a sitting position, for they don’t have far to go. I’m really glad to be informed in one of the letters to the editor that “it’s all just my opinion.” Often opinions are expressed in such a manner (insistence, emphatically) as to be intolerant of any other opinions. Opinions never move into the area of convictions or a knowledge of satisfied conviction, because there is a deficiency of truth or known data. When one is assertive enough, in spite of a lack of revealed truth, their opinion is actually nothing more than dogmatism (opinion with a bad attitude). To be certain or positively persuaded in realms of opinion causes people to take a position that is inconsistent with reality. The truth is, any person should be capable of sustained thinking with anyone or a group of people, about any subject as long as their attitude toward the people and the subject matter at hand is healthy. Allow me now to share with you a recent letter which I received from an acquaintance that well provides a basis for a conviction with clarity:“We have freedom of religion here, but we are not free to build any churches in Islamic countries. Islam is taking advantage of our tolerance to advance their political and religious views…many Muslims do not have loyalty toward any country; they have loyalty only to Islam, which is also their government.The problem is that Islam, a religion, is also a theocracy and as such its government is a thoroughly subversive, fascist, murderous, vindictive organization bent on converting the free world to Islam. True, not all Muslims are terrorists, but almost all Muslims support them. Terrorists, Jihadists, are not just a few misguided zealots. They have been taught since infancy to give their lives to and for Islam. Mohammad put all this violent behavior in his Quran. Non-Muslims either will submit to Islam or die, and if they live they will be persecuted, pay arbitrarily high taxes and never be free from the threat of death. If you don’t believe it, you can read it for yourself in an English translation of the Quran at your library. There is no love in Islam.” In conclusion, Ravi Zacharias, a man who has studied living world religions for a lifetime and is an astute scholar said, “In my opinion there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim who is not one step away from being radicalized.” Tommy Clay

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