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Letter to the Editor
Wednesday, August 31, 2011 • Posted August 31, 2011

When anyone starts talking against Christianity and the America I love dearly and helped defend from 1942 (WWII), Korea, Cuban Missile Crisis and Viet Nam you are treading on part of my turf. Being overly tolerant has gotten America into the mess we are in today. My forefathers left England along with many other Christians to escape religious persecution and excessive taxation. If they hadn't been Christians they wouldn't have been persecuted. Plain and simple. They could not continue to be tolerant under the "status quo." So they - miracleous - came to America in tiny wooden ships and founded a Christian Nation by the Grace of God. They drew up our constitution which is superior to any other in the world. We were known as "One Nation Under God." America prevailed in each and every war when we were so cruely attack - self defense. God gave us victory because we were in the right. Our guide book is the Holy Bible, consistently, year after year the # one Best Seller. Must be some good reason. When you buy a piece of equipment, hi tech product or appliance it comes with an instruction manual. The Holy Bible is mans instruction manual on how to live life properly. If it had no credence why are the laws of our land based upon it. Do not kill, steal, lie and do not bear false witness against your neighbor. Its message is one of love each other - not hatred. It certainly does not advocate so called "honor killings," as we have seen several over the past few years as shown on TV.Josephus was a jewish historian. He didn't believe that Jesus was "The Christ" but he wrote a historical account of Jesus that confirmed the Biblical account from his own view. Logic (reasoning) states that two such permesis can be considered fact.Before you knock Christianity and the Holy Bible when you may not know what it says - why not read it for yourself. God does not force Himself upon anyone - Christianity doesn't work that way. If you want to go to Hell - thats your choice. Beside the spiritual side of the Bible it is the greatest book on history that is - bar none. Good king's, good life for the people - bad/evil king's hard life for the people. It is highly recommended reading - what you do afterwards is totally up to you. But please don't knock if you haven't tried it.This I do know - about rocks, stones, gems and gemstones. God created the genuine gems - man made the fake ones. Sometimes man can be fooled but not God.On another matter of great concern to all American's. While we are dealing daily with extreme heat and drought and criminal gas price's the Supreme Court Justices go on 3 months vacation, Congress goes on a month vacation, and the President and his family are living luxuriously at Marthas Vineyard Resort.And they have the audacity to want our vote and be TOLERANT.Think again.

God Bless AmericaBoone Kemp

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