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Energy Decisions
Letter to the Editor
Wednesday, September 21, 2011 • Posted September 21, 2011

Dear Editors,

Those in control of planning for our future energy needs are making all the wrong decisions.Since all the decisions made by the President and Congress favor the oil & gas industry, it’s my guess that they just follow orders.A more powerful group must be giving those orders.The BP blowout in the Gulf illustrates how disastrous deep-water drilling can be. But our politicians bow to the oil industry and allow them to continue to drill in depths where they have little control when things go wrong. This lack of foresight could end up turning the Gulf of Mexico into a vast dead zone.It has been reported recently that the BP well is still leaking oil and that the sea floor is possibly cracked.The natural gas industry is booming now with the help of new fracturing procedures which inject toxic chemicals and sand into the well bores to allow the gas to be extracted. The gas wells produced with this method are usually short in production life so more and more wells must be drilled to keep the production going. If they continue to inject all those toxic chemicals into the earth, eventually it will get into our groundwater. They say it won’t happen, but they said deep-water drilling was safe until it was proven not to be safe. The massive quantities of sand needed for fracking is a problem close to home. Sand mining could possibly contaminate the groundwater and would definitely add silica contamination to the air we breathe. Fracturing wells exerts explosive force on the underground strata to break it up in order to release the gas. This process is suspected to have caused recent earthquakes in Arkansas and possibly the larger quake in the DC area.Now the energy cartel has decided we need an oil pipeline from Canada to bring the environmentally dirty and expensive Canadian oil produced from oil sands to the Gulf Coast area. Politicians are quick to point out the jobs the pipeline construction will produce. Wouldn’t it be so much better to create those jobs in the construction of solar, wind and wave energy projects which would supply us with sustainable power and wouldn’t pollute our planet? Changing to this form of energy would show the younger generation that we care about their future as well as our own. Unfortunately the extreme greed of a small but enormously wealthy segment of our society won’t allow that to happen.I had always vacillated a bit between International Bankers and oil industry CEOs as to who I thought was most responsible for controlling U.S. energy policies. Recently I found out they are basically the same people. The top executives of the large oil corporations sit on the boards of the largest International Banks. So, there we have it. An oil and banking cartel that runs our energy policy in a manner that enriches them enormously while selling out future generations’ quality of life. I guess they don’t have children and grandchildren or if they do they don’t give a damn about how their descendants will survive on a polluted and overheated planet.

Larry Payne

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