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Sand Mines Coming
Letter to the Editor
Wednesday, September 21, 2011 • Posted September 21, 2011

Citizens of Mason County:You need to be aware of a CLEAR & PRESENT DANGER to our physical health, our economic security and our current conditions of life as we know it. The Proppant Specialists LLC has started the process of getting government authorization to build an industrial sand plant right here in Mason County. “Great!”, you say. WRONG! New business, new dollars in the county! WRONG! They won’t be spending their money here, they’ll be spending YOURS! It’s a secret. Like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, Frac Sand Mining is cloaked in the rhetoric of ‘clean energy’ because it assists in the release of natural gas. Frac Sand is used as a proppant to hold open the layers of shale containing gas or oil so that it can be pumped out. Nobody has given much thought to how much sand is required and where it originates. Natural Gas may be a clean burning fuel but, the process required to extract it from the earth is extremely pollutant and expensive to the people even before it reaches the market.It will be your tax dollars that are needed to repair the roads when at least 100 trucks per day are rolling in and out of that plant. It will be your tax dollars that will be used for the additional Law Enforcement necessary to handle that much traffic. Speaking of traffic, do you have any idea the stench created by 100 diesel trucks per day rolling through our town? I do. I used to live in Dallas. Do you have any idea the noise created by 100 diesel trucks per day? I do. I used to live in Dallas. This is not Dallas, thank heavens. My husband and I have recently become permanent residents of Mason County, but my family has lived, worked and played here for more than 5 generations. It’s a great place to live and work and play. It’s considered one of the best places in the world to live. THat will change. Will 5 future generations of anyone’s family be able to live here? They may not want to.In addition to spending your tax dollars, you will have to spend your personal income on health conditions caused by crystalline silica – an airborne, microscopic particle emission that can fly on the breeze, especially in dry weather conditions. It will get into your lungs causing an untreatable disease known as silicosis which can be fatal. Small children especially newborns and older people would be advised to remain indoors - always.Speaking of dry weather conditions, in the manufacturing process this plant could use as much as 2 million gallons of water per year. That’s more than the equivalent water use of every man, woman and child in this county. There is very little done to monitor the dirty water discharge and it could put your livestock and your wildlife (deer) at risk for low birth rate, low weightgain, even death - hence affecting your income in additional ways.These people have not done their homework. They don’t care about Mason County or the people that live here. They have not spent any money to determine the environmental, economic, quality of life impact their plant will have on Mason County. They are NOT good neighbors, you don’t want them here. Don’t take my word for it. Educate yourselves. Pay attention to the newspaper for additional announcements of meetings about the sand plants and other information. Look it up, then call or write to your Congressman (Representative Harvey Hilderbran), Governor Perry, Texas Parks and Wildlife, Texas Hill Country Heritage Assn. and anyone else you can think of that might have the power to stop this before it’s too late.Your neighbor, Cheri Glass

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