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Bits of Art
Wednesday, September 21, 2011 • Posted September 21, 2011

Hello all. Bits of Art for the 14th of September ended up in cyberspace not in Gerry’s computer. Thus this week is a combination. Thank you for putting up with this very human constructor of the column. The season is changing ever so slightly. Even though the 100 degree days will not be completely gone according to the weather people, there is a sense of transformation in the air. I for one am waiting to see what happens when ‘Old Man Winter’ and this ‘La Nina’ go head to head. Hhmmm.Weren’t the thunderstorms beautiful! Several people saw a rainbow and there was plenty of lightning. Unfortunately not rain for Art, well at least for this go round. Hopefully lots of other places got measurable rain. Let it rain, oh, Lord.Hope the following people had a very happy birthday, Cole Lloyd (Tad’s great-grandson) on the 14th, Don Baxter on the 15th, Robert Hall on the 17th, and Charlie Thigpen (Susie’s mom) on the 19th. Those celebrating birthdays this week are Kim Jordan and Herman Hitzfelder on the 21st, Michael Durst on the 24th, and Maribell Hoerster and Megan Toone on the 25th (they’re two great ladies). Hoping you all have a special day of celebration! Please continue to pray for our loved ones who are homebound and those in the nursing home Anna Grace Durst, Dick Pierson, Etta Marie Marie Mutschink, Pearl Leifeste, Johnita Bohmfalk, and Deloris Wilson (my mom).Remember to keep our service men and women in all our prayers as they are in harm’s way running interference for us and this our country from the evil that would kill each and every one of us, Stuart Jordan, Josh Calhoun, Taylor Slocum, Kyle Pierce, Amanda Adams, and Matt Krause.Announcements are the Revelation Bible study continues on Wednesdays at 7 p.m., there is a Finance committee meeting on Wednesday, the 21st at 5:30 p.m.; at Art UMC, there is a Lay Speaker conference on Saturday, September 24th, beginning at 8:30, the German Hymnfest is on Sunday the 25th at 3 p.m. and a charge conference on Monday, October 31st at 7 p.m. We will be having a worship service of healing and forgiveness on Sunday, September 25th. Ladies, there is a call for the Art cookie angels to bring those goodies to the church on Friday the 23rd. Please mark for which event the cookies are to be served. Thank you! Prayer requests for last week were for all the people traumatized by the wild fires in Bastrop; several of the people on last week’s prayer concerns received good reports, Maribell Hoerster, Carmen Breckenridge, and Walter Head; continue with prayers for Carolyn Vater, Charlie Morris, Lori Slocum and her son, Taylor Slocum; Marge Boyd for her knee; Bill Cotter’s niece, Vanessa, for complications of childbirth; Gail Sholar’s step-grand-daughter, Lana, undergoing heart surgery(she is 2 years old); Mike Wood as he is undergoing treatment for lung cancer; Steve Marquecho and his son; and the Don Johnson family. Thanks continue for the Mason county firemen.Last week Pastor Cliff began with Luke 10: 25-29 to give Jesus’ view of just who is our neighbor. It’s not always someone we like. Then in Matthew 18: 21-35 is the message of forgiveness. Forgiving others since we ourselves are forgiven of so much. Remember those neighbors? Those that we know will continue to take advantage of us, continue to abuse us, use their strength and might, just because they can, against us; what about them? Well, Jesus said forgive them. Period. Over and over again, seventy times seven. What about Al Qaeda? That drunken panhandler on the side of the road? No matter, Jesus says forgive, forgive like God forgives us. Our loving God works through these situations, these tragic circumstances and does great work. God makes good out of what mankind means for evil. In it all God calls us to forgive, to reconcile, with our families, in our churches, in our communities. It is hard work forgiving those that don’t deserve it. God asks us to forgive the unforgivable, an act of love, which will in turn change us as well. Can we really ever be too forgiving? Too loving?This week Pastor Cliff continued with the message of forgiveness. Starting with Matthew 20: 1-16, Jesus shows us how loving and generous God is when He deals with us. God’s generosity is beyond our wildest thoughts. Sometimes God’s ways seem crazy. Boy that’s sure not how we would handle that situation! But God’s ways are not our ways. We are not to limit God’s grace. There are consequences to limiting God’s grace, we could end up on the wrong side which leads to Hell. God wants us to choose to believe, to repent, and to forgive. Can we not leave judgement up to God? Or can we not trust God to deal with ‘those people’? When we hold on to bitterness and revenge, we begin to loose our human compassion. Think suicide bombers, think September 11th. Envy limit’s God’s grace. When we think ‘they got a better deal than I did’ or ‘why did they get off so easily’, we envy. We are not to determine who is worthy enough, what’s fair, and even if something is deserved or not. We are to love our neighbor like God loves us. How about “since I have been forgiven by God, of All my sins , past, present, and future, how could I Do anything but forgive you”?

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