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Wednesday, October 5, 2011 • Posted October 5, 2011

Isn’t it so great the way the weather is practicing for the real deal? Lots and lots of rain! Beautiful, dark, swirling clouds, lots of thunder and lightning, and even some rain. Measurable wetness. From what I have heard, very scattered amounts over the county but every drop counts. And thank God, Bastrop county received some rain too! Our trust is in the Lord, not in the weather predictions.Celebrating their anniversary this week are Laird and Beth Palmer on the 10th and John and Kelly Mutschink on the 11th. May you all have a joyful celebration day. Birthdays this week are Ray Jordan and Denis Cano on the 5th, Todd Ashby on the 6th, E. Wayne Jordan and Wayne C. Jordan and Sophia Jordan (Roger & Tyra’s granddaughter) all on the 8th, Nancy Jordan, Elizabeth H. Cano, and Jeff Kingston on the 9th. Yahoo! That is a whole lota celebrating going on! Each of you have a happy, blessed day!Please pray for health and safety for our beloved service men and women as they are in harm’s way defending this our great USA, Taylor Slocum, Josh Calhoun, Stuart Jordan, Amanda Adams, Kyle Pierce, and Matt Krause. Continue in prayer for our loved ones homebound and in the nursing homes, Anna Grace Durst, Dick Pierson, Etta Marie Mutschink, Pearl Leifeste, Deloris Wilson, and Johnita Bohmfalk.Announcements for the week are the Revelation Bible study will continue on Wednesday but will start at 6 pm., get ready to defend our Art Post Office in a meeting on Saturday, October 15th at 11:30 am.(I am quite rabid about this), our church family fellowship dinner is on Sunday, October 16th, and the Charge Conference has been changed to Sunday, October 30 th. More details to come.Pastor Cliff Krcha began his sermon with Philippians 2:1-13, where we are called to be like-minded with Jesus Christ, having love and concern for one another. Jesus being of the Trinity, came to earth to become the Son of God. He humbled Himself and became as a man so He would be able to suffer the things of this world that we all go through. He obeyed God to the point of death on the cross. In His obedience, God was glorified and we were given the means to salvation-Jesus Christ is Lord. Pastor continued in Matthew 21: 12-16 where Jesus cleaned out the temple where there were certain people who kept others out. Those others didn’t fit with who ought to be able come to the temple (church). Jesus had righteous anger without sinning, he upset their barriers, their means of control. They were upset because they thought they were right but Jesus taught them they were not loving those folks in the Spirit of God. They tried to disrespect Jesus by implying who gave you the authority to say these things. Sort of like we would say ‘oh, let’s consider the source’. But Jesus kept trying to get through to them for he loved them too. Then those who were waiting to get in to worship God came in, Jesus healed the blind and lame, and the children sang Hosanna. We are not to put up barriers between those seeking God and God. Jesus told them a parable of the ‘Wicked Tenants’ from Matthew 21:33-46. Where a landowner planted a vineyard and built a winepress then leased it out to some winedressers and the owner moved away. When it was time to collect his lease he sent his servants but the winedressers beat and killed them. And then he sent more servants and again they were beaten and killed. So the owner sent his son thinking they would respect him but the winedressers thought if they killed the son they would inherit the vineyard. They killed him. Jesus used allegory to stand for: God is the owner, the land of Israel is the vineyard and the Jewish ‘church’ is the winedressers. The prophets of the Old Testament were those sent to collect and Jesus was the son. Jesus says when we reject God’s people (all of us) we are rejecting God. We are rejecting that God made them. We cannot control God’s merciful love. Jesus shows God wants the ‘others’, the outsiders, even the ones not like you (us). God has sent Jesus to come for all that would believe. This teaching applies to all of us.

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