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Dream for Rain Fence Project
Wednesday, October 19, 2011 • Posted October 19, 2011

Within 3 days of this post to my website/blog, I received and installed 3 umbrellas on the property. Two days later, we had received 2.5 inches of rain. Now, I’m realistic enough to know that these 3 umbrellas didn’t bring the rain, but it is fun to be a part of a project that continues to Dream for Rain. Keep them coming. How wonderful to hear rain amounts of up to 4 inches in certain areas of county. Thanks Be To God! Before these rains, I noticed that the ongoing heat and lack of rain had reached a new level of frustration and challenged one’s patience and positive attitude.Recently I read a story of an area that was in a drought and they called in a shaman to pray with them for rain. The priest arrived and immediately asked for a private cabin where he immediately walked inside and stayed for 3 days. After three days he came out, spoke to the people that he was leaving. What! Wait, you were invited here to pray with us for rain. He explained that the world is one of balance. And when he arrived he picked up the imbalance of the people for they were all focused on the negative. He explained that it took him 3 full days to pray for his balance to return. Once everyone remembers that there is a time for drought and a time for rain, the rain will return. He left and the next day the rains came. To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven….Ecclesiastes 3.1. There is a time for rain and time to prepare for rain.It makes me proud when I see the ranchers and others in Mason County who are actively preparing for rain and not just sitting around complaining. The creeks and tanks are powder dry, which is the best time to bring in heavy equipment to clean and deepen these rain reservoirs. I have even seen new ones created. Culverts are being cleaned, widened and repaired. Acreage with little to no grass now displays numerous mounds of dead grass, cactus, and dried debris. The mounds are ready to be burned when the rains come and the burn bans are lifted. The dried grass being pushed together also acts as fire barrier or containment areas in case of an unexpected fire. The ground has been scratched to agitate the dormant grass seedlings so at the first big rain they will be able to sprout and grow. And without the tall dried grass in the way, they will be able to soak up the sun’s warmth even as the days are growing shorter.Now is the time to DREAM and PREPARE FOR RAIN. As human beings if we don’t put our fears into a positive action we will go into the direction of whining and complaining. So, I have come up with a way for everyone to put their fears into a positive action….be a part of the DREAM FOR RAIN FENCE PROJECT. I would like to attach umbrellas to my fence line along Wren Street. Who knows? Think big…we could have umbrellas all over the City of Mason. ACTIONS: 1. Place an umbrella on the front porch at 825 Wren and I’ll attach it to the fence. 2. Shift from worrying about the lack of rain to what opportunity is God giving me, which I could not do if it were raining.3. Is there anything I should be doing in preparing for rain? 4. Participate in the DREAM FOR RAIN FENCE PROJECT.5. Send this participation request to anyone in Texas that is worried about the lack of rain.Mail Your Umbrella to:


PO Box 1121,

Mason, TX 76856

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