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Too Many Things for Which to Give Thanks!!!
In My Opinion...
Wednesday, November 23, 2011 • Posted November 23, 2011

A couple of weeks ago, the lesson for my high school Sunday school was learning about "the Lord's prayer." We learned about how Christ used it to teach his disciples a method to pray. Praise of God. Acceptance of His dominance. And, thanks for all He has given us.Before our pleadings and entreaties to God for additional blessings, Christ instructed us to be certain to give our thanks for all those things we have already received. And yet, it seems that all too often, we have a hard time acknowledging the many blessings in our lives. We know what we need, we know what we want and desire; but, we don't always remember how blessed we have been in our lives.Yet, it's so very easy to find things to give thanks for on Thanksgiving Day.I give thanks that, though I truly thought I'd never make it past 30, on this Thanksgiving Day I will celebrate my 52nd birthday. I'm a bit worse for the wear and tear; however, for the most part, I'm in relatively good shape. That shape is rounder than I'd like; but, thank God for the genes that gave me 6'4" in height to stretch those pounds out a bit.I give thanks for my family, those that I still have in my life, those that I've lost over the years, and those that are still becoming part of the group. We know each other's strengths and weaknesses, we know how to please and how to anger, and we know, most of all, how to love and support. In a town like Mason, there are multiple levels of family - from immediate to distant. But, they are all still family.I give thanks for my friends. Some are only minutes away, some hours, some a day or more. They know the mistakes we've made; but, they conveniently forget them. They know the tears we've shed; but, they know when to look the other way and when to offer a tissue. They have seen us climb to the highest heights, and fall to the lowest depths, and they treated the journey as an extended road trip.I give thanks for my work. I've been at the newspaper for a dozen years now. I've seen things change, and things stay the same. I've attended more meetings than I can count, and I've sat through dinners, presentations, ceremonies and concerts. And, it was all in order to help share the news about the world I call home. The economy has boomed, busted, boomed and busted once more; but, we're still here. And I give thanks for the subscribers and advertisers that have made that possible. All of them have stuck with us through the best and the worst, and they've had their own roller coaster rides; but, they are as constant as the sun.I give thanks for being an American. I gained this wonderful honor by birth. I didn't have to work for it, or to ask for it. It means that I can participate in the process, complain about it, make comments about it. I have freedoms and privileges accorded to very few in the world. I never take being an American for granted, and I never discount how much millions of people would like to be in my place. I also never forget that being an American means that I see things differently than many others in the world, and I give thanks that God helps me be humble about my opportunities rather than boastful.And, I give thanks for life. For the beauty in a fall morning and the smell of a fresh rain. For how adorable baby animals are, and how God has allowed us dominion over those other kingdoms. Thanks for trees and flowers, for fruit and meat. Thanks for the sky and the oceans, prairies and deserts, clouds and stones. I give thanks for all of it.I give thanks for all of you, and for the importance you've had in my life. And I give thanks that you are still there.

It’s all just my opinion.

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