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Sand Mines
Letter to the Editor
Wednesday, November 23, 2011 • Posted November 23, 2011

Kudos to Allen Eckert for his defense of the oil industry of North America and the mining of sand for use in the fracturing of tight formations to open pores for a profitable production of crude oil and natural gas.I happen to have been in the oil production supply and service industries for 35 years and I enjoyed my work each and every day working with an industry that was American made. Every day was a learning experience and I lived to make a change in what I had left behind, the wood cook stove and kerosene lights, the days without rural electricity. Of course, not many now remember the GOOD OLE DAYS.There are many in our society who never did know what the pioneers of the late 19th century had to endure to accumulate and save for their offspring to enjoy. I retired in 1991 and came back to the Hill Country to restore our old home built in 1901 and was never really finished. I began modernizing it immediately and still in the process and I have installed gas heat, central air for comfort and lighting I can control with a switch, not a match or a coal of fire, something my grandparents did not enjoy and all this was made possible by the refining process of crude oil and natural gas to generate electricity and mechanize the agriculture industry, which is also American made.The United Nations established a plan referred to as Agenda 21 in the 1970's orchestrated by a Maurice Strong, a devout communist, which was the ground works for the abandoning of the sovereign U. S. of the lower 48 states and replacing them with 52 eco-systems. Each system would reserve 33% of the land mass in each system for nothing but animal use and a no man's land. One third was designed for habitation of the wildlife and for human visitation. The last one third of the system was designed for the human to live in villages and each given a plot of land to work with no mechanical means to cultivate and if one was affluent, he might be allowed to have a bicycle to ride to his plot. Does this plan sound familiar as it has been tried and failed? Without the exploration for natural resources of oil and natural gas, Agenda 21 is in our lap.My home is within a half mile of a mining operation and I am bothered by the noise and traffic to some extent. But our neighborhood has accepted the young men operating Erna Frac Sand and I was concerned about the water use but with their closed loop system, they recapture about 90% of produced water. Erna Frac agreed to drill and complete the water wells in accordance to our requirements as we had 22 domestic water wells at 400 feet or less within a two mile radius and with the help of the Hickory Water Dist. and the understanding of Erna Frac, the wells were drilled, cased and cemented down to the Hickory formation, at about 800 feet, thus preventing any communication between zones of water.So, I way be careful in what you are doing, as you might experience the GOOD OLE DAYS yourself and make the words of Al Gore come to past. And I quote his remarks made to a student about to get his degree in Ag and the knowledgeable Gore said "son, you had better think twice about Ag as this will be a thing of the past" That was about 10 years ago and Ag is in and Gore is about laughed out of existence. So, is it sand in or lights out.

Bill Hight

Erna Texas

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